SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル(おすすめch紹介)

SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【侵略されて】エイリアンエイリアン 歌ってみた – ときのそら【踊ってみた】

【侵略されて】エイリアンエイリアン 歌ってみた - ときのそら【踊ってみた】  (c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル

(c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル 年末…夜道を一人歩いてたら急に上から光が…気づいたら歌って踊ってました(๑╹ᆺ╹) ♪♪♪100万再生超え!『太陽系デスコ』はこちら♪♪♪ …

I wonder if her back is okay, she single handedly carry out YAGOO’s dream afterall

Everyone is talking about Sora’s voice or her dance moves, but can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that this amazing MV was all made by A-chan? Sasuga Friend A!

Back when we were all so innocent. We had no idea what was about to go down. We were all looking up at the stars, and not at our feet, where a hole was starting to form…

Me: *Listen to original Alien Alien*Also me: “no human could sing this song perfectly.”Sora:

We rave about the great heights that Hololive has reached nowadays, and sometimes we maybe even take it for granted. With HoloCouncil already becoming a smash hit, it feels like us fans have been so spoiled that we tend to forget that this whole rabbit hole was really just as simple as that: Yagoo and his hopes and dreams.Tokino Sora, is the idol who walked, so that everybody after can run.

So this is the one who carried Hololive in early days. Seems legit.

I know her voice is naturally high but the fact that she can sing it in the original pitch and not sound strained is INSANE

Checklist:✅1M views✅2M views✅3M views✅4M views✅5M views✅6M views✅7M views✅8M views[ ]9M views[ ]10M views


When you remember Hololive is actually an idol company.

I’ve been actually following her prior to the creation of holo gang. I was already amazed with her because she’s still calm despite being overshadowed by her peers, who debuted at the same years. In the end, she did get her deserved popularity. That’s why I’m not surprised to why the holo kouhais respect Sora so much. Even if I meet Sora myself, I would also respect her for being part of the vtuber era boom. She’s one of the pioneers, not just Ai, Siro, Akari, Luna, or Hinata.It’s also thanks to her that the holo family was born and grew to what it is now. Of course, it’s also thanks to YAGOO.

生で歌ってる動画もありますね。本当に原キーで歌ってる。 これだけの高音域で歌ってる中でリスナーとの合いの手もやってる。 他配信でのアイドルとしての安定感も高い。 王道をストイックに進み続ける真のアイドルだと思います。

Tokino, I’m honestly impressed by your vocal range. In just this song, you went from a G4 to a B♭5. That’s an amazingly high range. Granted, I sing bass, so I don’t know a lot about super high notes, but I’m pretty sure that’s a higher range than your average soprano 1 voice. Awesome. Also, this is an amazing song! Great cover.

Sasuga Sora-chan. In today’s crowded Hololive lineup she doesn’t particularly stand out…but she is the original idol. The one who started Hololive. It’s easy to pass her over because she’s not as active as the others, but she *absolutely* deserves respect. I also implore people to check her out because she’s just too adorable. She loves and appreciates her fans, and Sora’s streams are often very peaceful and almost personal. Don’t think for a moment, however, that she’s above shenanigans. She’s been known to participate in a Minecraft prank or two and any HoloGra that features her is hilarious in large part because she’s there.Help Sora-chan hit a million!

I keep coming back to this video for the choreography, no clue why I love it soo much. Always a blessing to hear Sora’s voice

Others has gimmicks and themes like rabbits, tomboys, tsundere, etc, but Sora has one simple theme: THE Idol, yagoo’s strongest creation.

I can’t stop listening to this masterpiece. 🎶❤️

I never thought she could sing this in live karaoke, but she actually can lol. She did it on her stream yesterday!

Once you listen to this you can’t stop.

I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on Hololive for so long… Sora you truly are amazing! The bears are cute too! <3

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【5人で】Alice in N.Y.【歌ってみた/ホロALICE】

【5人で】Alice in N.Y.【歌ってみた/ホロALICE】  (c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル

(c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル 5人で「Alice in N.Y.」歌ってみました! みんな衣装似合ってるかな? ~素敵な本家様~ 【ボカロ10人 / Vocaloid 10】Alice in N.Y.【オリジナルPV / Original PV】 …


外国人ニキの意見を拝借すると、ALICEA–Angel Canata 天音かなたL– Leader Sora ときのそらI– Idol Suisei 星街すいせいC– Captain Marin 宝鐘マリンE–Elf Flare 不知火フレアという感じ。

Headcanon: Marine is on a throne to avoid getting exhausted as the others dance

Can we talk about how good Suisei looks with big hats?And Kanata with that dressEveryone looks super cute on this video!

0:01 歌詞【フレア】かつて 惨めな アリスは涙の 海で 溺れ【マリン】0:04Personality で殴り合う Survival Game に負けた【かなた】転げ落ちた ウサギの巣穴の その先で【すいせい】白ウサギが 嗤(わら)って 言った【そら】・・・・・・Chase me,Fashionista【かなた】0:28白ウサギ 追いかけてNY(ニューヨーク) 摩天楼誰も 彼も うそぶいて ナンボのメリトクラシー【マリン】0:36自信ない、冴えない、イモい少年デザイナーしたいなー、みたいな衝動で安スケッチブックにIdentity 詰め 飛び出した【フレア】0:43そう Runway Walk はBattle Stage!!「綺麗なだけ」はお呼びじゃないリザードのようにタフに?キャッツアイで惑わせて?【そら】0:50Dress up, Make up, S★x up, キメてPose1, Pose2, ドラスティックに・・・・・・尖った アイディア を ファインダー に 焼き付けて【すいせい】近道は 往々にして 恐々【マリン】ワガママ Queen は「Bad Taste」を 許さない だろう【すいせい】ねえ、ここが スタートライン なら【すいせい】【そら】なんやかんや 悩んでいないで1, 2, 3 で 飛び込め【 大 集 結 】1:11迷い込んだ Alice inモード時代の Wonder landPersonality で殴り合うSurvival Game をしようぜModesty なんてNo, No, No!!「好き」を「好きなだけ」やっちゃって?Normalで なんていられないさあ、Boys, Be Pioneer!!【フレア】1:32白ウサギに 憧れ覗く ショーウィンドウ偶然? 止まったロールス・ロイス【すいせい】「・・・・・・君、モデルにならない?」【天使】「えぇっ!?」【かなた】【フレア】1:38自信ない 冴えないイモい少女をスカウトって本当? 【かなた】え、ありえーなーい!【かなた】【フレア】って驚いて 戸惑っても【かなた】【フレア】【すいせい】『Caterpillar & Co.』でモデル採用?【船長】1:45『Mad Fashonista』の お茶会はエキセントリック・ファッションショー?【すいせい】いかれ帽子 冠った トルソーは今日も March Hare Style!!【マリン】1:53「ねえ、トレンディ・コメディー・スタイル はどう?」【すいせい】「いやいやいや、ロスト・モダンで いきましょ!」【マリン】【メテオ】1:55眠り Mouse の Mouth 大開く『So Big!!』なインスパイアはまだ?【そら】寄り道は 往々にして 上々?【すいせい】『Mad Fashonista』は「Safe Taste」を許さないだろう【そら】2:07ねえ、ここがターニングポイントなら【マリン】【そら】なんやかんや 悩んでいないで1, 2, 3 で 飛び込め【 大 集 結 】2:13迷い込んだ Aliceはモード時代の messiah?Personality で 殴り合うSurvival Game をしましょうModesty なんてNo, No, No!!「好き」を「好きなだけ」やっちゃって?Normalで なんていられないさあ、 Girls, Be Influencer!!【マリン】3:03帰り道は 往々にして 早々?【姐さん】鏡に映った Identity が 爪を立てた【すいせい】ねえ、ここがFinal Stage なら【かなた】【原点】【フレア】3:13なんやかんや さらけ出して誠心誠意 ぶっ飛ばせ【 大 集 結 】3:17【Alice in N.Y.】に選ばれるのは 誰?逃げ出した 白ウサギのtail 追う tale 描いてModesty なんてNo, No, No!!「好き」を「好きなだけ」やっちゃえば「Normalか?」なんて くだらないさあ、Girls, Be Historia!!鏡合わせ Alice はモード時代のSuccessorpersonality で殴り合うRevenge Game を制すModesty なんてNo, No, No!!「好き」を「好きなだけ」やっちゃって?Normalでなんて いられないさあ、Boys, Be Pioneer!「「「 Is” He” Influencer? 」」」「「「 Is” She” Historia? 」」」「 ・・・・・・Chase me, Fashionistas!! 」もっと早くこのお歌の存在を知りたかった。上記の歌詞に間違いありましたら指摘を願う所存なのです。このお歌覚えるの難しい…★★★★☆

Now Watame needs to start a rap group with Towa and Korone

I think the reaspn why Yagoo is fine with whatever they do is because when they do Idolish things, its a hit



Everyone: “lmao what is this combination”Sora: “It will work.”It worked.

I just came across today. I can understand why Marine cried about all her hard work during July during one of her anniversary stream. All of her hard work and effort is shown in this video to her collab with Noel and Flare for her anniversary stream that was loved by everyone across the world was loved by everyone whether watched it live or clipped on youtube. Lets go for a Million subs for 2021 anniversary.

Everybody else’s silhouette: *normal*Marine: *”Haha I am c h a i r”*

I would like more groups like this are created within Hololive just for fun and there would be something like a mini idol group competition


Kanata as Alice, Marine as the Red Queen, Sora as White Rabbit, Flare as Cheshire cat, and Suisei as Mad Hatter <3 i wonder if people have already made fanart of these ^^ i cant wait for these~



I need more ALICE songs in the future, Sora-senpai is a GENIUS(0:58 ngl, Suisei’s voice gave me goosebumps)

kanata vocal range is something else.


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【MMD公開】太陽系デスコ/ときのそら【歌ってMMDで踊ってみた】  (c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル

(c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル ナユタン星人さんの『エイリアンエイリアン』も歌いました!♪♪♪ ☆新しいプロジェクトがはじまりました!☆ 【ときのそら × 40mP】未練 …


Sora: the camera angles in anime can be a little weird, good thing this isn’t an anime, isn’t it?Cameraman: oh yeah definetly no weird camera anglesAlso Cameraman: 0:20

Yagoo be like: can you guys try to be like sora-senpai even at least once in a year

3:02 – Despite having to move like that, I still can’t get over the fact that the spartan is a freakin’ legend! The literal definition of a ONE MAN ARMY.

Once again she reminds us of her abilities that sometimes may be overshadowed. BUT IT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. Her way is only up even beyond the skies!

Came back from hearing her new cover album. She improved so much.


It’s really interesting to go back to the older videos Sora made just to see how much her model has really changed, it’s interesting. And oh my GOD she had a lot of them

Ah…. the moves, the vocal. everything is just too good! Should’ve found it earlier. This is the best thing in 2020.

Yagoo’s shining light in the dark that is the coffin of his idol dream, lol.

Glad to Have Another Cover is Back….The Ascension of Goddess Sora is Imminent, Nothing Can’t Stop Her \O/

Thanks to Azur Lane collaboration more Western people will know about this amazing virtual YouTuber 😍

After few months watching this, it came back again in my recommendation, it’s remind me how great Sora is.

I really like the movement tracking on Sora’s videos, specially on this one. Kinda like it isn’t smoothed or with less post-processing so the outputs feels more “raw” and sharp, makes it feel more real.

I’m very confused about the Hoplite and the bear, but Sora’s old model is still incredibly cute. I think I’ve gotten to a point where I’m immune to the degeneracy of the other Hololive members and just want to see them doing more idol stuff.


Top tier dancing and singing from a top tier idol. It all started with a single random picture of a smol shark girl for me but now I’ve grown to love all of Hololive even if I don’t understand Japanese. Some things just transcend the language barrier. Huge respect to you Sora-hime, you were the first and you helped build Hololive into what it is today. I have smiled and laughed more in the past short few months of discovering Hololive than I have in the past few years and I can’t wait to see what the future of Hololive has to offer. I love this rabbit hole called Hololive.



i love the dance, my favorite part is when the two soras are dancing changing outfits it looks amazing makes me want to learn the choreography


【ときのそら&ロボ子さん】リモコン【歌ってみた】  (c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル

(c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル 『リモコン』 Music:じーざすP / Jesus-P (@WAN_OPO)様 素敵な本家様 Instrumental:もやしん様 Mix:けったろ(@kettar0)様 …

ロボ子ちゃんと一緒にリモコンー!✩°。⋆⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝ふたりともしっかり高性能だよねっ(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و✨

I actually really like Roboco’s singing voice.

I never knew Robocos outfit looks so… *Lewd*

I still can’t get over Roboco’s pants after all this time xD

roboco’s lower register sounds like that boy character in animes that’s voiced by a girl and honestly i really love the way she sounds


I can’t get over how nice Roboco’s lower register sounds, and it pairs really perfectly with Sora’s higher tones in this song

かっこよすぎて鳥肌がすっごい…そらちゃんの正統派高音ボーカルはいつも通りの安定感で、そこにロボ子さんの低音ハスキーボイスが合わさって音の厚みがすっごい…。そらロボの相性の良さを思い知りました…これはかっこいい…!地味に全編フルダンスなのもいいですね!無限リピートしてしまう…( ˘ω˘ )

Them: “we tried to sing”It was a success

Love Sora so much, she’s one of the few that just looks like a real Idol, her singing style is amazing! 👍👌

I made it a routine to come back to Sora-san’s songs every once in a while. It’s my 9th round rn.

Oh my god I didn’t know Roboco could produce such a heart throb voice.

Everyone’s talking about Roboco’s pantsChill. it’s just *B o n e l e s s P a n t s*

I can’t stop listening to this everyday. It always shows up in my recommendation


Sora really is talented. She deserve more sub.

This is one of my favorite Project Diva songs, and you two NAILED IT!


Classic vocaloid song, nostalgic…

I played this song during my exam and I managed to pass it. . . thanks for the song~


【ときのそら】彗星ハネムーン【歌ってみた】  (c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル

(c) SoraCh. ときのそらチャンネル (๑╹ᆺ╹)アハハ–ン♪ (๑╹ᆺ╹)アハハ–ン♪ (๑╹ᆺ╹)アハハン♪ 『彗星ハネムーン』 music:ナユタン星人(@NayutalieN)様 instrumental:もやしん(@moyasinn)様 mix:けっ …

to be honest. I think this one is the best cover she has ever made. How come her voice fits the song perfectly that make me completely forget the original ver. Also, shout out to the one who creates this amazing choreography.

It’s harder than I’d like to find translated clips of Sora, but hot damn she is amazing at singing.

I wonder how Sora feels like, she’s been extending YAGOO’s Life spanEdit: as Of now, January 11, 2021Azki has officially fallen a few days agoWill YAGOO survive? What would happen to the team? Will Sora go back to the light or will she remain in the darkness, find out in the next season of Hololive Bulshittery!

She’s just going on a honeymoon with Suisei, nothing to worry about here.

I love how she adds I tried to sing in all of her covers; as if she doesn’t slay every song she sings already.

Gotta say 2:05 that “I can’t move!” made me shiver. That line was beautifully delivered and your voice just perfectly fits the song. YOUR VOICE IS SO PERFECT!!!

I really wish we had more Sora clips translated but luckily for us most of her best content is music that can be enjoyed without translations. So even though i hardly ever watch her stream and I don’t have membership or superchat, I still probably support her more than any other vtuber because I buy all of her CDs and always show her cover songs to my friends. She’s one of the few that I think of as a singer / pop star instead of streamer as her main work. And I mean that outside of the “Yagoo’s dream” meme, it’s seriously cool that she’s a music artist that lots of people watch and listen to without ever partaking in the streaming side of things. If she ever graduated from hololive she would easily have a succesful IRL idol career but she’s worked so hard to build hololive and truly loves it so thankfully she’s not leaving any time soon. I know I’m super late to these comments but I really love this cover and felt the urge to simp lol. Sasuga Sora-chan!

First I was addicted to her Alien cover, now it’s this lol

Sora, Allow me to correct something about your video title. You didn’t “try” to sing. You outright sang it perfect!

I don’t know Japanese but I really like the way she pronounces when shes singing

Amazing choreography and singing as always, but I really also just love the song choices.

i cant think of how many times i play this song weekly.. but i just wanted to say Sora-chan i love your music and i cant wait to see you live!

I keep coming back to this, Sora sang so beautifully! ❤️

Whenever I feel down I listen to this cover, there is something about Sora’s voice that lifts up my spirits

I keep coming back to this song everyday. That’s how great this cover is


Goddamn, that part where she does the laugh and at the end her head pops up from the bottom is so cute.That dance move with the drum roll before the “hah” part is so addicting to watch, incredibly satisfying

The choreography is some of the best i have ever seen…… This is High grade Cover here. Love you as always Sora-San!

Best cover for this music imo, the feeling is just right, especially that Ahahaan~ part.

Wow she makes the best songs in Hololive. Very impressed.