Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN(おすすめch紹介)

Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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[DEBUT STREAM] SHAAAAAARK #hololiveEnglish #holoMyth

[DEBUT STREAM] SHAAAAAARK #hololiveEnglish #holoMyth  (c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN

(c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN a [Hashtags] #GAWRGURA [Twitter] ========================= [Mori Calliope] □Channel …

Gawr gura: AEveryone: *SHE IS THE MESSIAH!*

“Favorite Food: Octopus and Chicken”Ina and Kiara: Im in danger

3:42The beginning of everything

now I understand why she’s the fastest growing. she was already a legend in her past life…

She’s so cute and awkward. Can’t wait for Gura to rewatch this today and cringe a tiny bit

21:12 A-AA-E

I just notice now that there was a fading cowboy in the background…SHE WAS TELLING US ALL ALONG FROM THE START

I just realized there is a transparent cowboy in her thumbnail

Oh i get it now, she covered the screen everytime she changed her appearance because she was afraid she would accidentally show up naked.Deepest lore.

“A”Man what a word of wisdom and she has such a way with words


Jake Paul: 1 million in 6 monthsGura: 2 million in 4 months

I sometimes imagine what if the anime girl filter suddenly turns off and all we see is a man in his 40’s staring at the camera in dead silence

Debut Gura : aPresent Gura : AAAAAAA WHYYYY


Shark girl: aOver one million people: Yeah, I can get behind this.

she’s gonna reach 2M subs sooner IM GONNA CRY《EDIT》 *OMG SHE REACHES 2M SUBS**Now Our next goal is reach 3M subs for gura*

Me:Vtubers aren’t that different right?Gura:aMe:Okay I am taking back my words and going to commit haragiriTHIS SHARK IS SO DAMN CUTE

4:45 “You’re half human you stoopid fish”

Once a cowboy, always a cowboy.

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[PLUG & PLAY] FACE GOES WHERE? #GAWRGURA #hololiveEnglish #holoMyth

[PLUG & PLAY] FACE GOES WHERE? #GAWRGURA #hololiveEnglish #holoMyth  (c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN

(c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN 1 2 3 I will become a centipede #gawrgura #gawrt #chumbuds This game is being streamed and monetized after confirmed with � All Rights by Etter Studio Ltd, …

To be honest, I used to be skeptical of overseas fans enjoying Korone and Pekora’s stream because I thought, “Well, they can’t understand the Japanese she speaks.”But this was a complete misunderstanding on my part, as I was the Japanese person who doesn’t understand English watching Gura’s streams and enjoying them as usual.It became apparent to me that understanding of a language is a minor factor in why things move me.I’m exaggerating, but I even think I got a glimpse of the essence of things.Sorry for the misunderstanding and my poor English, and best regards from now overseas fans.big kusa

I began watching her to learn English.It’s like killing two birds with one stone, I can learn English and heal my heart.

“It looks like an elephant”Yes Gura, an elephant.

Gura: “Hug me”The entire gura community: YES YES YES!!

27:03 the mature giggles 😳

Friendship ended with dolphin, shark girl now my best friend.

3:40 “your stuck with me for the next hour “Me: LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOO

“I love you.”“I think you don’t love me.”Gura: yes I do! I just told you I love you so that means I meant it! That’s what humans do. Ah. Such innocence. Giving us so much credit. We must love the shark.

I’m japanese girlI can not speak Englishbut I love sheEnglish is very difficultI can write very little English(From here I will use a translator)I can only understand her little EnglishBut I want to share her cuteness with youSo I watch her broadcast a lot and study EnglishIt was also very courageous to comment hereBecause I can hardly speak EnglishMy English is very poor, but I want to be able to speak English quicklySo I have a question for someone whose native language is EnglishIf you find this comment, please tell me what kind of study is bestI also do my best.Thank you for watching

28:25 Comedic timing from her is perfect

Gura: “Simp? Did you mean shrimp?”Me: “Guess I’m a shrimp now”

46:00 at that moment humanity knew the true meaning of life.

33:35 “Come on work with me”After that, Gura’s expression had me dying. That moment of silence though xD

Gura: “So I picked a game called Plug n Play”first comment my eyes land on: “oh no”

So this is the legendary “Shrimptember” stream



me when it’s 2 am and I’m trying to plug my phone charger into the demons point of view. 10:48

me: trys to skip loadinggura: eeeeeeeee awww

“I like shrimp”The simp: “oMg sHe LoVEs mE, she’s obviously talking about me”

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[2MILLION PARTY] HOLOLIVE KARAOKE!! #gurats2M  (c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN

(c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN CELEBRATION SINGING!!! #gawrgura #gawrt #chumbuds [Twitter] [Thumbnail Art] [Emote Art & Gura …

Here are some english and japanese time stamps / こちらが英語と日本語のタイムスタンプです 00:01:02 ★Start 00:06:23 1. Kirameki Rider☆ / hololive IDOL PROJECT (Sora, Roboco, Fubuki, Aqua, Noel) 00:14:48 2. HINOTORI / Takanashi Kiara 00:22:31 3. Live Again / Calliope Mori 00:30:38 4. NEXT COLOR PLANET / Hoshimachi Suisei 00:37:12 5. Red Heart / Akai Haato (Haachama-chama) 00:43:20 6. Ahoy!! Warera Houshou Kaizoku-dan☆ / Houshou Marine 00:52:44 7. BLUE CLAPPER / Botan, Lamy, Polka and Nene 01:00:54 8. Ochame Kinou / LamazeP 01:04:32 9. Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT -Encore 01:11:00 10. Live Again / Calliope Mori 01:16:32 11. Ahoy!! Warera Houshou Kaizoku-dan☆ / Houshou Marine 01:25:55 ★Super Chat Time 04:22:59 ★ED 00:01:02 ★開始 00:06:23 1. キラメキライダー☆ / hololive IDOL PROJECT 00:14:48 2. HINOTORI / 小鳥遊キアラ 00:22:31 3. Live Again / もりかりおぺ 00:30:38 4. NEXT COLOR PLANET / 星街すいせい 00:37:12 5. RED HEART / 赤井はあと 00:43:20 6. Ahoy!! 我ら宝鐘海賊団☆ / 宝鐘マリン 00:52:44 7. BLUE CLAPPER / ぼたん ラミィ ポルカ ねね 01:00:54 8. おちゃめ機能 / ラマーズP 01:04:32 9. Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT -アンコール 01:11:00 10. Live Again / もりかりおぺ 01:16:32 11. Ahoy!! 我ら宝鐘海賊団☆ / 宝鐘マリン 01:25:55 ★スーパーチャットタイム 04:22:59 ★ED Extra 00:26:50 Thank you letter / サンキューレター 04:18:30 NEXT COLOR PLANET / Hoshimachi Suisei – 星街すいせい I don’t know Japanese at all, so if I made any mistakes please tell me so I can correct 日本語が全く分からないので、何か間違いがあったら教えてくださいそうしたら修正できます

I am Japanese. So I understand only a little English, but I love Gra-chan. I will continue to support you in Japan!

After finding out about gura and amelia and korone, I got back the ability to feel

For those that don’t use twitter and are wondering why Gura hasn’t stream in 2 days she is feeling sick this is her message on twitter: “Hi guys , I took medicine hoping it would help but it hasn’t. I feel really terrible and I don’t think I would be much fun on stream like this. I want both of us to have a good time during stream. 🤧🤒No stream today, I hope you understand.” Best wishes to the poor shark ,also for anyone reading this have a nice day.

My brain: How many times are you going to rewatch this?Me: Yes

Legendary StreamKirameki Rider: 6:25Hinotori: 14:49Live Again: 22:32Thank You Letter from Gura: 26:50Next Color Planet: 30:40Red Heart: 37:12AHOY: 43:20Blue Clapper: 52:45Ochame Kinou: 1:00:54Shiney Smiley Story: 1:04:35EncoreLive Again: 1:11:01AHOY: 1:16:33 Super Chat Reading: 1:23:00 Next Color Planet: 4:18:30

01:02 開始 06:23 Kirameki Rider☆ / hololive IDOL PROJECT (Sora, Roboco, Fubuki, Aqua, Noel) 14:48 HINOTORI / Takanashi Kiara 22:31 Live Again / Calliope Mori 30:38 NEXT COLOR PLANET / Hoshimachi Suisei 37:12 Red Heart / Akai Haato (Haachama-chama) 43:20 Ahoy!! Warera Houshou Kaizoku-dan☆ / Houshou Marine 52:44 BLUE CLAPPER / Botan, Lamy, Polka and Nene 01:00:54 Ochame Kinou / LamazeP 01:04:32 Shiny Smily Story / hololive IDOL PROJECT 重唱 01:11:00 Live Again / Calliope Mori 01:16:32 Ahoy!! Warera Houshou Kaizoku-dan☆ / Houshou Marine 01:25:55 念SC 04:22:59 結束

Can I just say what a statement this is to Gura’s work in Hololive? Imagine the amount of practice it must have taken to learn all of this, especially as a non-native speaker of Japanese. She is very talented, and deserves every bit of her success. It’s probably why she already got another 70k subscribers in the time since she hit 2M, and why this video has over 1 million views in less than 24 hours! And the fact that she chose to dedicate her 2M celebration to her senpais and genmates that helped her get here is really touching and shows how much she cares about them.

When she read her letter… Dang it, I’m crying. I’m 29 and I’m crying. I know it seems silly but this shark and all the other silly Hololive girls truly made the last year bearable for me, and i shall be forever grateful.Wish you all the best Gura and everyone else who reads this. Take care of yourselves.

This is where you say “I’m glad that I’m alive”

Just a reminder; This all started when Shark Waifu said “a”.

Holy moley Gura killed Next Color Planet. Thats a tall order to do considering its in Suisei’s vocal range


Woah, 1 million views on this vid already! Congrats again Gura, this stream was so fun and I’m so glad you sang these Hololive songs to celebrate with all of us!

cutenes lvl 99999 , i love her voice

I can’t wait for Gura to get her own original song someday.


wanna learn English harder to understand entire words Gura says߹꒳߹love ya~~~♡

Any Hololive members visit Gura’s for 2m celebration.

Gura: I’m not good with wordsAlso Gura: wrote a poem for Kiara that some of the girls had trouble reading, prepares a short speech to show her thanks


[MINECRAFT] BUILD ATLANTIS #GAWRGURA #HololiveEnglish  (c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN

(c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN We will build the underwater city of Atlantis, AKA my home! #gawrgura #gawrt #chumbuds [Twitter] This game is being streamed and …

Gura:”This will go as smooth as shark skin”Me:*searchers up “is shark skin smooth?”*Google:”Shark skin feels exactly like sandpaper.”

Because I am Japanese, I understand only a little English, but this person is watching every day.Because I love hollive.I support it from now on.

Joergen literally got isekai’d in a minecraft world of a cute anime shark.

She got a chill and relaxing voice that sounds absolutely beautiful to me

Gura: awwee it’s a kitty Villeger: hmmmmmGura: SHUT UP

Breaking news: adorable shark destroys local ecosystem

ADHD shark runs in circles for 45 minutes.”Follow the river!””That sounds good!”Follows the river for all of 1 minute.

Its adorable how she thought she would jump into a new server with a new character and almost no knowledge of the game and easily build an underwater city.5 months later and not a single block of Atlantis has been placed XD

I am Japanese.I’m not good at English. But I want to understand your words. So I’ll study english.

So… I heard everyone talking about Vtubers lately, especially Gawr Gura, so I decided to check her channel out, this is my first video so far and 3 minutes in and I already see the appeal.

Gura: “I like Joergen”Chat: *goes brrr*Me: Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time

I don’t care how cringy she is, she can make everyone happy when they are down and all she needs to do the tiniest laugh and can make everyone smile


“Move it, Squidward” is the greatest line Gura’s ever said.

Joergen: diedPewds: mourned his deathJoergen: Chillin witha shark girl

The bois are right, once you watch one you’ll be stuck in this rabbit hole

Let us all pray for this Joergen so that he does not suffer the same fate as the Joergen we all once knew and loved. May history never repeat itself.

Fastest things in the world:LightCheetahNew Horizons SpacecraftGura’s subcount increase rate

31:13 that was the cutest meow I’ve ever heard


[OUTLAST] oh no.. oh no no no.

[OUTLAST] oh no.. oh no no no.  (c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN

(c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN where is the easy mode button #gawrgura #gawrt #chumbuds [Twitter] This game is being streamed and monetized after …

Just a cute anime girl playing a cute anime game.

Top 3 Shark Squeaks of 20202:04:501:03:393:01:55

I doubt you will read this Gura, but the reason your avatar’s eyes keep fluttering really fast and blinking uncontrollably is because your webcam doesn’t have a fast enough framerate and the software is trying to interpret blurred frames. Played enough games that uses a similar technology to notice it right away.

Gura in the beginning: “I can’t read”Gura at 2:47:00 – “Yeah! I can read!”Talk about character development

“Do sharks get scared”Gura:NOAlso Gura: where is easy mode?

Every other playthrough I’ve watched has had the camera nightvision up for 90% of the run while Gura goes in blind. Absolutely fearless shark.

1:54:51 ya all lads who watch one of the scene where “it’s all right, people said lightning doesn’t strike twice” here it is

It’s somehow funny to me when vtubers go to drink water or something and their avatar is just 😀

Me: “4K please”My WIFI: “please god no I beg you”Me: “did I stutter”

“if sharks aren’t smooth, then how did you steal my heart”Lmao

02:25 Bum bum~(start 02:39 hello~ 03:11 readly for 03:35 horror game a day….. 04:50 Old game:OUTLAST 05:24 let the bodies hit the floor 05:46 SHARK question: 05:50 What color is the blue shark 07:28 Membershrimp this week ==================== 09:09 Game menu (Game Set) 10:36 where is easy mode! 12:42 Game start 13:14 Car don’t crash(? 16:02 Let me in!!! 17:08 vlog(X 18:43 Knock Knock 19:25 PARKOUR ! 22:17 carbon PC 24:10 COLA! 25:58 Jump scare! 26:56 take deep breath! 28:17 PANIK 28:25 Hello darkness my old friend 28:38 Miles! 29:44 awww! 30:44 let the bodies hit the floor! 33:05 KALM! 34:25 HAAAAAAAAAAAA

I want to see a compilation of Gura getting scared that starts with “Do sharks get scared? No.”

Fun Fact: Gura can actually frown, which means she literally just smiles this much and that is so wholesome.

She just can’t bring herself to use that camera, this expose’s gonna be like a 10 minute local news story.

39:32I tagged it for y’all. You’re welcome

3:01:53Here ya go lads. The blessed squeak

Plot Twist:The guy who sheared the fingers off was actually Korone

2:32:45 “these are the water fountains, right?”I mean, kinda…

Gura: *Reads Rhythm game notes and patterns with inhuman reactionsAlso Gura: * Can’t read sentences fast

2:32:45 “these are the water fountains, right?”I mean…anything can be a water fountain if your brave enough.


[MINECRAFT] TIME TO ENCHANT #GAWRGURA #HololiveEnglish  (c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN

(c) Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN Buckle up, we got work to do! #gawrgura #gawrt #chumbuds [Twitter] This game is being streamed and monetized after confirming …

If you watch this stream on reverse, she actually made progress .

So she;-Got lost,-Set up a pen and put cows in it,-Made sure those in the chat are hydrated,-Got lost,-Died a lot,-Built a door.I count this all as great success.

chat: gura what’s 9+10gura: 11??2:02:14

2:37:47 writes “I’M WET” **stops for a second**…”I’M COLD WET”

22:52 Gura: What’s half of 12? 5.. Ok 5 and 7 there we goQuick maths

Out of the three things she had on the to-do list, she made a door. Never change, Gura.

1:41:39me : “last time i check you can’t smo-“Gura : “stop and delet”me : “understandable, have a great day.”

My family: “Who would watch 3 hrs of a virtual girl playing Minecraft?”Me: *• _ •* *• _ •*

Hey shrimps. We can all love and enjoy all the streams! But please be polite. People were watching Ame’s stream and started spamming “I’m leaving to watch Gura” That’s really rude and violates their rules. Also, don’t spam “Gura RAID” in the chat. Also really rude. Finally, please chill with the back seat gaming unless they ask for help. Kiara is really good about asking for help and seems to enjoy the help from chat, but others don’t like it as much. Let’s just watch the stream we want to watch, laugh, love, and vibe. It’s all about building a great community. Let’s not become toxic.

At this pace Atlantis is gonna need like 5 HoloEN generations to be completed.

One day she will have a crafting table in her new home.I want to believe.

2:33:16 idk why but she giving that random fact out of nowhere is so cute

Gura really needs to talk to her viewers about stream etiquette… bunch of people were being really rude in Amelia’s chat when Gura started streaming

hi, im Japanese. I like Shark and Gawr Gura💓 anyone too?!!?

Gura: I made a door.Everyone: What did it cost.Gura: Everything.

3 hours = 1 doorNow that’s what I call progress.

Minecrafts professionals “let’s try ending the game in one hour!”Shark professionals in one hour “ok we did….”

PSA: Read the rules in the description! Please do not spam about Gura in Amelia’s chat without mention! Report the spam.Gura’s accomplishment this stream: 1 door. Very nice.

Gura: “How far we have progressed?”Comments: “…yes.”

The whole scene of gura trying to find ame while ame tries to desperately and properly communicate with her has the same energy as a mother using that mall speaker to find her child who’s too busy panicking while being too fascinated by the various shiny things in the toy section.