Laplus ch. ラプラス・ダークネス – holoX -(Youtube 動画 pick up)

Laplus ch. ラプラス・ダークネス - holoX -(Youtube 動画 pick up) Youtubeおすすめ紹介
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(c) Laplus ch. ラプラス・ダークネス – holoX – エデンの星に住む人間達諸君! 吾輩は holoX 総帥 ラプラス・ダークネスだ!֊ ̫ ֊ 貴様らの住む星は吾輩が手に入れるぞ!吾輩を敬うのだ~~~!!!!!! The …

She sounds so confident, and her voice really fits her character


YMD! This debut is so f***ing clean, can’t wait to see the other members debut.

I’ve rewatched the opening like 10 times already. It’s such a banger. Listening to it at 1.75x is definitely the best speed. Would love to see Cali or even Laplus Darkness-chan herself put some rap lyrics to the music

0:00 opening 13:06 opening 2🛸はじめに💜3:55 開始4:59 パパママ紹介6:09 ラプラス・ダークネスってナニモン?会議6:41 草7:47 holoXとは7:55 6期生紹介 ↳7:59 鷹嶺ルイ ↳8:10 博衣こより ↳8:22 風真いろは ↳8:33 沙花又クロヱ8:43 おかえり🛸改めまして 8:53~💜9:34 初めての命令9:59 かわいい12:06 ご満悦12:36 プロフィール13:48 かわいい🛸質問コーナー 14:56~💜15:17 広告16:05 かわいい17:47 犬のまね19:36 草20:53 トレンド1位23:48 パパって呼ばれたい人用24:21 サンプル再生27:05 山田28:00 終わりのあいさつ28:20 ed29:33 cパート

So the lore is basically a Laplace demon that can predict anything and everything inclusing future but got caught by YAGOO and shackled to became an idol for hololive. YES MY DARK!

There is a turning point where the chat goes from chaotic and random, to singular and united. YMD!I find this beautiful.

I like the fact that she has a navy fleet

I knew it was god-ish by PinocchioP right away, her singing voice is so amazing and she sang it perfectly


Omg love how confident she is! She’s amazing holy cow that was a smooth and clean debut

I got to say the presentation here is absolutely phenomenal! Defiantly one of my favorite debuts! YES MY DARK!!!

damn she debuted while I’m at work… Kinda tempted to watch the stream at the office 🤣YES MY DARK!

She literally sounds like one of the Voice actors I heard in an Anime. Her voice and especially the way she talks.

ラプ様配信初日にして既にポンコツ感満載でww 今後が楽しみです!

Jesus less than a day after her debut and she already has over a quarter of a million subscribers!

I love her confidence, she’s really comfortable in the spotlight.. 165k viewers live.. no problem. Love her singing voice too.

That background music is a banger and she sounds almost like a professional voice actor! Sugoi :O

Forgive this fool (me) for not being able to attend such an amazing debut while it’s live. My past actions are really saddening and disappointing. I’ll take any punishment and will move on to support you.This was really an amazing debut. Laplus-sama is so freaking cute and entertaining. Take my support 🌹💓YES MY DARKNESS

I think everyone here agree that her opening/theme bgm is a bop.10:19 Yes My Dark13:36 ppl saying loli got called out17:19 the chat almost became a wall of YMD20:53 #1 trending reaction23:53 we are all papa and mama to la+24:28 reveals a teaser song27:06 Ya Ma DaAn amazing debut, La+ sama! Looking forward to your streams!(Anyone why the end kinda cut off?)

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(c) Laplus ch. ラプラス・ダークネス – holoX – そろった かんぶ 鷹嶺ルイ はかせ 博衣こより …

The scuffedness of this stream really added the Hololive™ flair to it, absolutely perfect.

Thank you 6th generation, Yagoo, and all the staff for this wonderful gifts for us

among usをきっかけにホロライブにハマって、holoXのデビューを見ることができてよかったです。組織メンバーが増えていくごとにいろんなやり取りが見れて面白かったです。これからの活躍に期待しています。

At last, all of Gen 6 is here! Hope these new girls have long and prosperous careers and be good friends with everyone else in the Holofamily 🙂



49:22 いろはちゃんとクロちゃん一緒にゆらゆらしてんのかわいい

6期生に、ありがとう YAGOOに、さようなら そして、すべてのホロライブファンにおめでとう


love how the scuff runs through every single one of them


Congratulations For You Debut Iroha San! Now Holo X Is Complete!!


I love PonX Generation!!! They’re all cute!9:20 Start! …?10:45 “Yamada!”17:00 Holo X logo made out of an element of all members18:56 No no no no, notto ninja!22:23 Answer-Matching game! If they don’t answer the same, they won’t do the announcement!23:55 LOL Rui drew YMD…31:15 Pon Chloe fixes her camera lol31:55 Chloe asks what is everyone’s favorite sleeping position and YMD says kimoi lol37:35 lol Only Rui likes spicy food38:25 Rui with the simple question in case they never end up matching all answers. “What is this society’s name?”39:32 Chat spams that they are PonX, not HoloX. Big Kusa 47:54 Ikebo Closing Words with Nenechi’s favorite tongue click48:00 cute blushing Chloe49:38 “Next!。。。Chloe dayo”50:04 Cute grumpy Chloe lol51:51 草 awkward, unsure silences lol 52:1752:32 Cute bye byes







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神っぽいな / ラプラス・ダークネス Cover

(c) Laplus ch. ラプラス・ダークネス – holoX – 吾輩、神っぽいな ﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏﹏ 本家│ピノキオピー PINOCCHIOPさま …

this is so GOOD ! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I actually can’t believe she’s this good, it’s crazy. Her rap was already insane and now this. Definitely good candidate for my new favorite musician in HoloLive.

This song fit her character well and her voice make it perfect , basically this is ASMR for my ears!

I’m actually extremely impressed by her singing ability. Great, deep-ish voice.

This is the pure strength and talent right there!Incredible voice, range and singing skills, Laplus! Beautiful cover! Well done!

this gen is really spoiling us right after their debut! all their covers so far are soooo amazing and im super excited for the future collabs with the other holomems already ✨

My friend doesn’t really like vtubers but when he heard this cover even he said “this is really good”. YMD 💜

Those high notes are so clean that I can’t believe it’s Yamada who’s singing. The difference between her smugness and the singer in her is just so vast lmao That’s definitely a proper adult singer moment right there, the kusogaki just went out

Her voice is amazing, I’m blown away by this cover. Those high notes are out of this world!

Shion’s version is more mischevious. This one has a darker, sexier edge.

Just listened to Shion’s cover earlier, didn’t realise this is what she’s gonna cover. So I’m surprised not only Laplus covered this, by her cover too. It’s so good….. Yes My Dark!

Never heard other covers of this song but I believe this one of the best 👌Edit: I’ve listened to other covers and this is indeed one of the best!

I like her vocal quality, and I think this was a good song to start with! Nice job, Darkness!


I love the song and her voice is amazing. Also older Laplus is always a plus.

God her voice… Absolutely another level

I already knew her singing will be amazing but this is beyond my expectations 💜💜💜

Geez, it hasn’t even been *_A WEEK_* and she’s already doing a cover.

Professional. I would be more surprised if you did not have a history of hit songs, with a voice like this.

Her professional sounding singing voice vs her regular vtuber voice and everything shocked me so much 😭 I was wondering who would be my fav out of holoX but Laplus secured the deal with this wow 👏👏👏