Mio Channel 大神ミオ(おすすめch紹介)

Mio Channel 大神ミオ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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「君の名は。」スパークル/RADWIMPS Cover by大神ミオ【歌ってみた/4K】

「君の名は。」スパークル/RADWIMPS Cover by大神ミオ【歌ってみた/4K】  (c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ

(c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ ホロライブ所属の、狼Vtuber大神ミオです 「君の名は」挿入歌、RADWIMPSさんのスパークルをうたいました✨ とっても好きな歌です!!!!!!!!! イラストも、動画 …

Probably my favorite Hololive cover.

I’m from one year later and I’ll still say this:Mio-san, you are the best miso soup in the universe.

ココちゃんの卒業知って悲しむとかの前にぼーっとしちゃってたまたまこの曲おすすめ出来てて聴いたらめちゃくちゃに涙がこぼれてしまった… 少し前に進めると思う


I thought we were never gonna see this beautiful cover again. Glad it’s back :’)

I congratulate Mio, as this cover reaches 4MThis cover hits hard to me, as its something so happy yet so sad. The power and emotion Mio put into it is unmatched, and gives you the feeling that she’s always there for you. I blast this song out everyday and in my lowest times, the song even made me shed a tear, which is really important to me, as iIve never cried from a song before. Mio is always there for you, as she was for me, and I hope you guys can appreciate it more. Hololive is an embodiment of everything good in this world, and even when everyone graduates, we will remember them for the joy they have given us, as this cover along with many other songs/covers from hololive will become a memory of the past, where we laughed, sing and barfed and will sure have a nostalgia value in the future. Mio, you deserve it all, and I wish you well for the rest of your career.Edit: Its now 8M, double then it was half a year ago. Much happened in that time span, the debut of EN GEN 2 and the graduation of a beloved Gen 4 member, and yet this cover still hits hard. I am now learning Japanese to get in touch with these beloved people more, I honestly wonder what will the next year will be for us.

Really would love to see Mio release more MV’s, this is probably one of the best in Hololive, it’s so unfortunate that it doesn’t really seem to be something she’s interested in these days.

This cover still gives me chills every time I watch it.

This is absolutly lovely

At last, Mio’s Sparkle cover returns. This cover was the reason I devoted myself into the Hololive collab in the first place in Azur Lane. I pushed forward and managed to clear all the stages, build and obtain all the Hololive girls, score the trophy too.And now, I’ve married 3 of the 7 Hololive girls, which includes none other than you Mio. You’re an amazing singer!


Mio’s voice is clear & beautiful


Coming back once again…realizing how amazing Mio’s voice is

I don’t watch Mio much outside of collabs, but this is probably one of the best cover a Hololive member has done. Mio’s voice is too angelic that I actually tear up half the time I listen to it. Her voice is full of hope, love and comfort that I sorely need in my darkest times.

This never gets old. It was beautiful the first time, and it’s beautiful on each successive rewatch. The visuals are stunning and Mio’s voice is perfect.



You were as beautiful as the day i lost you.

This song brings me comfort when I’m feeling low, and this specific cover has so much emotion and strength behind it. Its definitely my favorite cover in all of Hololive

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「おとなの掟」 猫又おかゆ・大神ミオ(cover)

「おとなの掟」 猫又おかゆ・大神ミオ(cover)  (c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ

(c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ 大人になるのってむずかしい。 illustrator:泉彩 様 https://twitter.com/AC______​ Mix:淳 様 https://twitter.com/jun40am​ Movie:近所のにーちゃん 様 …


This isn’t just Mama Mio. This is *Mommy* Mio now…

Just realized how badly we need to see every hololive member in a gala dress

Man, their voice so amazing, charming, and seducing in this songThis cover is amazingThat art too

There’s no better way to describe Okayu’s voice than “sexy”

i can only say one word to describe this cover:ELEGANT

Yagoo: *changes to entertainment companyMio & Okayu: Does Idol stuffYagoo: am i a joke to you


Mio and Okayu singing together was literally beautiful. Loved it to bits

English lyrics, enjoy:”Otona no Okite (The Adult Code) – Doughnuts Hole” In the pitch black, I release a single vanishing sigh The cold dark night swallows my hope and hides it What shall I sing with my pure white breath and pure motivations with my voice numbed by the cold? A lie or the truth Love, hate, want They’re all just words to make us feel good Ah, it’s appropriate to make things black or white ..Although it’s the spell of destruction.. I thought if I just memorize a brand new children’s textbook I would just choose between the right answers and the wrong I’m living by the stage directions I’ve got this habit of not getting used to adlibbing The things I want to say are overflowing, it’s a madhouse ..Although it’s just when I’m in front of you..I want to let go of this knowledge I hold between my hands I wonder how light I’d feel The armor and curse of my words, everything If only I could tear it off and remove it, then once more the two of us could meet Love, hate, want If I could just blurt it out I wonder how it’d be Ah, I dread making it black or white ..If only I could live sincerely.. That’s right, life is long, the world is wide We that have found freedom are grey Becoming happy, becoming unhappy Only the inside of our confused hearts in panic ..Adults keep secrets..

I can’t wait for this cover! since a lot of time haven’t seen a Mio video-cover, and since Mio’s voice is beautiful, I’m really happy she’s doing one with Okayu finally I really hope one day FAMS/OKFAMS releases a song together, that would be so beautiful I won’t watch the song live because here it will be at 6 a.m, but I will be always cheering for Mio! Ganbare Mama!


1:40 ここの「癖」の言い方すき

Thank you Izumi Aya-sensei for this glorious artwork! With the beautiful voices of Mio and Okayu, this cover MV of Shiina Ringo’s “Otona no Okite” is going to be legendary.Edit: WOW, that was beautiful! Thank you Miokayu for this wonderful cover!

From their voices, to the outfits, to the video editing. Everything about this cover is perfection.Thank you Mio, Okayu, and Izumi-sensei for such a beautiful video!!


Just checked out the original because of this cover, both slap really hard. Also Mio and Okayu are best girls change my mind.

The song, the art, their voices, This is what perfection looks like

Woah so excited for this. The contrast of their voices would be so perfect together.


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ホロライブ幼稚園 ~新しい園児もNo,1になりたい!~

ホロライブ幼稚園 ~新しい園児もNo,1になりたい!~  (c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ

(c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ 出演者✨ 先生 ◇しぐれうい Twitter:https://twitter.com/ui_shig YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt30jJgChL8qeT9VPadidSw ◇白銀ノエル …

本日の幼稚園の行事(誤差があります)01:05 開始のあいさつ 01:40 先生の自己紹介 04:00 園児の自己紹介 12:28 お絵かき対決 13:20 兎田ぺこらの作品 15:41 ロリういママ先生のコメント 17:37 さくらみこの作品 19:15 今回の作品のテーマ説明 20:27 ノエル団長先生のコメント 21:46 宝鐘マリンの作品 22:45 船長墓穴を掘る 25:10 ロリういママ先生のコメント 27:00 姫森ルーナの作品 29:43 ノエル団長先生のコメント 30:42 夏色まつりの作品 33:50 ロリういママ先生のコメント 35:00 犬山たまきの作品 38:25 ノエル団長先生のコメント 40:05 ぺこらの得点発表!! 42:00 みこちゃんの得点発表!! 43:40 マリン船長の得点発表!! 45:39 ルーナちゃんの得点発表!! 47:33 まつりちゃんの得点発表!! 49:00 たまきちゃんの得点発表!! 51:19 昔ばなしリレー 52:46 くしゃみ助かる 52:45 いっすんぼうし 54:03 お話スタート! 1:06:18 次の物語(はなさかじいさん) 1:16:25 得点発表!! 1:19:40 船長漏れてますよ? 1:21:04 最後の対決! 1:21:25 先生、あのね? 1:23:30 ルーナちゃんの先生あのね? 1:26:37 ぺこらちゃんの先生あのね? 1:30:55 みこちゃんの先生あのね? 1:34:45 マリン船長の先生あのね? 1:38:40 まつりちゃんの先生あのね? 1:42:05 たまきちゃんの先生あのね? 1:46:11 結果発表!! 1:48:14 告知!! 1:49:50 居残り教室 1:50:30 先生会 1:51:00 たまきちゃん入室



27:39 「タコさんの足は8本」→ 姫「そんな決まりはないのら」28:40 「お友達を食べるの?」→ 姫「食べたらまた(友達を)作ればいいのら」29:15 「おいしい以外で友達になりたい理由は?」→ 姫「おいしいだけなのら」は草






1:10 「はーい、じゃあ皆さん」\オッパァイ!/「こんばん なん・・・誰だ今オッパイって言ったやつ」のテンポすき






Miko is a real tropper, taking a tumble down some stairs and still showing up to this collab.





Monster – 嵐/OKFAMS cover.

Monster - 嵐/OKFAMS cover.  (c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ

(c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ 原曲 Monster / 嵐 https://youtu.be/JedKBJVHhiE ◇OKFAMS Member @フブキCh。白上フブキ @Subaru Ch. 大空スバル @Nakiri Ayame Ch. 百鬼あやめ @Mio …



The parts at 0:59 and 2:10 are my favorite! Especially Mio and Okayu’s bits. They sing so good!

I have been waiting for absolutely e v e r for an official Arashi cover, and I’m very glad, but I wonder if there would be more, Suisei has sung happiness on a karaoke stream for Coco’s grad (crying), but I wonder if other members will ever do more official covers of arashi songs


What a Cool and Beautiful Collab Cover by OKFAMS Got Goosebumps listening to their Beautiful and Amazing Singing Voice~Love it~

I’ve been listening to this cover every day for the past 2 weeks, it’s too much of a bangerMore people need to listen to this




That was a great song and an absolute MONSTER of an MV. The art and the voices are SO GOOD; what a great Halloween treat! OKFAMS forever!!!






The cover is so good! All your voices work awesomely together, and the illustrations were cute.



I’m speechless. This is one of the best advanced Bday gift I’ve ever had.

【Original MV】Howling【ホロライブ/大神ミオ】

【Original MV】Howling【ホロライブ/大神ミオ】  (c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ

(c) Mio Channel 大神ミオ 静寂に響いてよ、My Howling 8月20日24:00~ 配信開始! https://mio.streamlink.to/howling 作詞: ZAQ (TaWaRa) 作曲: ZAQ (TaWaRa) 編曲: KanadeYUK …

The visuals, the music. Truly an epic original for Mama Mio.

歌詞です静寂(しじま)に響いてよ My howling滔々(とうとう)と流れていく風景刹那的な日々の中で差し伸べられた手は優しく鼓動に滴る微熱の予感風に逆らう そう生きてきたから君に会って気付く もう独りじゃない遮光 瞬きは弧描き月と響く爪弾く道 金狼の群れ 共に嘆く夜慟哭 伝播する思いは心強くする着いておいでよ 後ろに君がいるから私は迷わない 光射す道へ無力だから仲間を求め凍えるから 火を灯して変化とともに 進化してくこの顛末は誰も知らない君を信じる そう決めているからどんな異常非常も 乗り越えられるよ月光 この闇に唯一凛と咲く花恐れなのか 憧れなのか 向かい合う夜空大地を 駆け抜ける私と君が作り出すこの物語 単純な未来じゃない沸き立つ情熱 この声に乗せよう空飛ぶ羽無くても 手は繋げられたからこの運命を選んだ連動する遠吠えは 静寂(しじま)に響いてなんどもなんども その絆を確め合った嗚呼 瞬きは弧描き月へ響く爪弾く道 金狼の群れ 共に嘆く夜慟哭 伝播する思いは心強くする共に行こうよ 隣に君がいるから私は迷わない 光射す道へListen to my howling…狼は止まることはない

Mio Original Song 「Howling」English Translation:Resonate in the silence, My HowlingScenery that flows steadily, in the midst of ephemeral daysThe hand that was held out to me was gentle, a slight heat drip on my heart I’ll defy the wind because that’s how I’ve been livingWhen I meet you, I realize I’m no longer alone Shading the lightBeyond the blink of an eye, echoing to the moonThe clawed path, the pack of gold wolves, the night we mourn togetherWailingThe feeling that radiates makes my heart strongCome and follow me, because you’re behind meI won’t stray, to the lighted pathBecause I’m helpless, I’ll seek my friendsI’m freezing, so I light a fireI’m evolving with the changesNo one knows how this will endBecause I’ve decided to trust youNo matter how hard it getsI’ll get over it Moonlight, the only flower that blooms in this darknessIs it fear or longing? The night sky as we face each otherYou and I, running through the earth, we createThis story is not a simple futureLet’s ride on the boiling passion in my voiceEven though we don’t have wings to fly, we could hold handsI chose this fateThe interlocking howls echo in the silenceWe confirmed our bond over and over again Ah…Beyond the blink of an eye, echoing to the moonThe clawed path, the pack of gold wolves, the night we mourn togetherWailingThe feeling that radiates makes my heart strongLet’s go together, because you’re by my sideI won’t stray, to the lighted pathListen to my howling…The wolf will never stop



I’ve always applauded Mio for how much passion see puts into her singing. You can feel the impact of the lyrics, the earnest desire to put her all into the music. Thank you Mio for this amazing song!!

Mio: I’m not really confident with my own singing.Facts: You sing like a pro and your voice is just too beautiful for this world.

100万回再生おめでとう!狼が止まる事はない!Congratulations on 1 million views!Nothing can stop the wolf!The lyrics always reminds me on how much our support meant for Mio. Although she might be lost from time to time, our support will always give her confidence to overcome any issues!

I just realized why was she running in the MV. Then I rewatched her miso soup vid.”Even though my pace is not as fast as the others, or not the best, I’ll still keep on running.””Listen to my Howling, the wolf will never stop.”

I’ll never get tired of saying it, she has an incredible voice, we love you Mio!!!!




歌詞Howlingvocal:大神ミオ静寂に響いてよMy howling滔々と流れていく風景刹那的な 日々の中で差し伸べられた手は優しく鼓動に滴る微熱の予感風に逆らう そう生きてきたから君に会って気付くもう独りじゃない赤光 瞬きは弧描き月へ響く爪弾く道 金狼の群れ共に嘆く夜慟哭 伝播する想いは心強くする着いておいでよ後ろに君がいるから私は 迷わない光 射す道へ無力だから仲間を求め凍えるから 火を灯して変化とともに 進化してくこの顛末は誰も知らない君を信じる そう決めているからどんな以上非常も乗り越えられるよ月光 この闇に唯一凛と咲く花畏れなのか 憧れなのか向かい合う夜空大地を 駆け抜ける私と君が創り出すこの物語単純な未来じゃない沸き立つ 情熱この声に乗せよう空 飛ぶ羽無くても手は 繋げられたからこの運命を選んだ連動する遠吠えは静寂に響いて何度も何度もその絆を 確め合った嗚呼 瞬きは弧描き月へ響く爪弾く道 金狼の群れ共に嘆く夜慟哭 伝播する想いは心強くする共に行こうよ隣に君がいるから私は 迷わない光 射す道へListen to my howling狼は止まることはない



Absolutely amazing, Mio’s singing voice is lovely as ever

Idk how many times I replayed this, its just too good


This just hits visual-wise, music wise and just story wise. Like seriously HoloLive MVs are getting better n better.And for some reason i can see this mv as an anime opening(This cgi is way better than a lot of those shitty cgi animes)