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Eating GIANT KOREAN ICE CREAM! [아이스크림: Biggest Ice Cream = 32CM!] in Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea 🍦🇰🇷

Eating GIANT KOREAN ICE CREAM! [아이스크림: Biggest Ice Cream = 32CM!] in Myeongdong, Seoul, Korea 🍦🇰🇷  (c) Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel

(c) Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel In this travel video from Seoul, Korea we visit Myeongdong to eat giant sized Korean ice cream cones and enjoy wonderful …

Thanks Katty! We’d love to try eating those cones in Mexico as well. Are they sold all year long?


It looks like very delicious (: i want to back to Korea. Enjoy Korea!

OMG I wish i could travel like you guys… 🙂 wonderful 🙂

Mexico also sold ice cream so long. The flavor is the same and they are very cheap, less than $1! Thank you for sharing your experiences, I want to visit Korea!

Yes, love the ice cream in Korea!

I love that ice cream. truly amazing for sure.

I wanna try that ice-cream!!

What time do the street foods come out in myeongdong? This is my first time in Seoul! ^^

It’s very refreshing on a hot day!

I’d like to have it again soon!

T�rk dondurma Kore’de ger�ekten �ok iyi!

I want to eat it>_<

Thank you! We do love to be on the road 🙂

감사합니다, 우리는 모든 식사를 즐겼다. 슈퍼 맛있다!

me encanta

No, it was really cheap actually. We could have ate more if we wanted to 🙂

We often speak some Korean in our videos but not this time around.

Hi guys. I liked this ice cream in Seoul. Who knows the name of the manufacturer of this machine in China or Korea? Have the opportunity to find out?

Come to Balkan !We have the best burgers in the world.Located in SerbiaWe have food called “Ćevapčići” They are located in the capital town of Bosnia and Herzegovina(Sarajevo)We have “Pljeskavica” on the whole BalkanBest food in the world!☺

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40 Asian Foods to try while traveling in Asia | Asian Street Food Cuisine Guide

40 Asian Foods to try while traveling in Asia | Asian Street Food Cuisine Guide  (c) Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel

(c) Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel 40 Asian Foods to try while traveling in Asia | Asian Street Food Cuisine Guide: When it comes to delicious food around the world …

Food food and more food! Let me try it all!

I love that this is 2:44 hours long. You guys truly put in so much effort in this!

Steamed sticky rice, bbq pork buns… my mouth is watering. I wish I could find that Tamarind drink here in Toronto. I like how you also featured rare, or local foods that I would not find at a dim sum here.

I loved watching this video! They don’t allow street food here in Arkansas so I specially enjoyed the vibrancy and variety of the markets.

Wow!!! you guys I wish I was there! I’m so jealous all that exquisite food and awesome places! I hope one day I get to travel like that.. haha 🙂

Amazing, so delicious! Memories of the places I visited myself. Subscribed! (And I really liked your calm style and the background music that did not disturb the video. No exaggaration and acting, very natural!)

This video is great! My father’s family is from Luang Prabang which I visited as a teenager and spent an entire summer in Laos traveling. I’m planning a Southeast Asian trip with my bf next summer and you’ve given me so many restaurants to visit!

You guys are awesome, thanks for sharing your experience! Love the videos, makes my mouth water and now I have a great idea on what to eat when I am in Asia.

Taiwanese foods are amazing, you should visit Taiwan at least once!!especially our night market 🙂

I really enjoy this video.Thanks for sharing it ! BTW, please visit Taiwan, we also have very beautiful nature and delicious food in the night market.

Love ur videos! The food sure looks delicious cant wait to ever travel over sea for all the yummy food!

You both are charming. I just subscribed. I can’t believe you kept my interest for the length of the movie AVATAR. Did not like telling us you hated rice. Did not like that you wouldn’t taste the raw octopus (that would have been the first thing I gobbled down). Loved the Henna hand tattoo. Love that you both taught English in Korea. Is that where you met? Loved the occasional translation of a food name (I like linguistics), it was informative. Again, you are very engaging. I look forward to more Food Vlogs.

I watch you guys every show. I wish I can go visit everywhere, anywhere and eat everything like you two.. please take me to visit laos, and Thailand too…anyway great video.. I would like to see more of the country or mountain side of the hmong people in laos, and their traditional clothing…also the laos sinh, or you can call it hand make traditional skirt…

I am so hungry right now your warning came too late 🙁 Thanks for your videos I allways search for good street food vids from around the world and you two are just very sympathic and down to earth doing it. Would love to see more 😀

that’s really a great collection! but you must visit subcontinent in search of street food! here you can find 400+ unique food items!

I especially want to try some of the Cambodian dishes featured in this video.

Amazing �, it �is �to �die �for. It is always so nice to see Samuel a bit comical , and Audrey always friendly and sophisticated.

Great Job covering Asia BUT you still only covered a small part. How could you skip Japan and mainland China?� HK and Macau can not be held as representatives of all of China when they are both only tiny parts of Guangdong.� There is SO SO much diversity of foods in China!� Personally, I don’t care for the bland ‘delicate’ tastes of Cantonese (HK/Macau/Guangdong) and I lived there for years and years.� You need to visit and try the foods of the North east – DongBei, LanZhou, Sichuan, Hunan, ShangHai, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Fujian, YuNan, XinJiang, HaiNan… � I’ve been to 66 places in China� the tastes are different everywhere!� Yum!

I really love your guys video. I just wished the countries were grouped together and was more organized. But great job!

These foods look crazy. I’ve never been outside of the U.S. but I’m going there as soon as I can. The snow ice stuff looks good.

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Things to do in LAS VEGAS Travel Guide

Things to do in LAS VEGAS Travel Guide  (c) Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel

(c) Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel Las Vegas! Vegas, Baby! With a weekend to explore Las Vegas we arrived hitting the ground running wanting to pack in as much …

Thank you for the fantastic video, looking forward to our visit this September!

Stunning video, guys! Photography, editing, comments, variety . . . everything! I’m a Las Vegas veteran visitor and this is among the best vids I’ve seen of My City!

Looks like you guys had fun! Love the chemistry you two have. Ever thought about doing the Amazing Race??

best place ive ever been, i went at the end of October/start of November 2014 and on one day it was hot, other days it was sunny but cold. I loved it, shows, amazing food, nice people, theme park, shops, stratosphere, grand canyon, the list is endless. Cant wait to go back in March.

LOVE your traveling videos! Hopefully one day i can traveling the places that dreaming about with someone i love 🙂 Just like you guys haha

Enjoyed the video! I’ll be there in 30 days for the first time as a solo traveler, so this was a great presentation of things to do!

Vegas is on my travel list for this fall! Thanks for the suggestions!

Man I enjoyed this the first time and I enjoyed it again – can’t think of time when you guys looked happier either – though in general you do seem pretty content – 🙂

I love Las Vegas and this video blog is excellent. I can’t wait to go back!

I love living in Vegas 😍

I’m from Dubai, but I really love Las Vegas, beautiful to visit 🙂

Awesome video! I’ll be going to Vegas after Christmas, thanks for giving me some ideas of what to do on my trip! Cheers! 🙂

Very informative. I wanted to know more than just stereotypical Vegas style gambling and shows. Love that I can tour around Vegas for sightseeing in a heli.

love the helicopter rice and the luxury car driving in addition to the casino Vegas shots!

I was born in las Vegas and I have half of my family there I’m visiting the in june-july I’m so happy to see all of the beautiful this in Vegas once more!!!

Great video guys! Really need to go to Vegas one day!

Love this vid. Glad you liked our crazy city. 🙂

Great Video Man! Im going to Vegas later this month, definitely trying some of these things out !

Thanks for posting this video on showing the wonderful things Las Vegas has got to offer

Planning our trip next year in May, looking forward to it!

Things to do in Istanbul Turkey | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Things to do in Istanbul Turkey | Top Attractions Travel Guide  (c) Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel

(c) Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel When traveling to Istanbul, Turkey these are the Top 8 things to do and see including the best attractions and most wonderful food …

Istanbul is absolutely the most fascinating city in the entire world! Peace from the U.S.

Thanks for visiting our country man ! We’re happy to see you guys in Istanbul :).But Turkey is not only limited to Istanbul.You should visit cities like İzmir,Ankara,Antalya,Samsun.They’re as good as Istanbul believe me.Cheers from İzmir!

I can’t stop watching this video! You guys did a great job making it! Love the facts behind the places you’ve gone.

Great video, very helpful, I’m currently in Istanbul and I want to know if you can share the name and address for the Turkish Delights place, I’m guessing based on the brand displayed on the video “Koska” that is the Koska store in Sirkeci, but I’m not 100% sure.

Just love it!! I plan to go in March. I am originaly from Bosnia but live in the states and It was very interesting to me how much of the culture is the same or similar in Bosnia as is in Istanbul! I know I’m gonna love to see that aspect of Istanbul in person. Looks like such a wonderful place. I have always been drawn to diversity and Istanbul is such a great mix of the East and West! BTW Sarajevo and Mostar are great places to see 😀

Great Job you guys have been doing….I’m from Brazil and next year i’m going to europe, so… I have spent some time watching travel guide videos. Visiting Istanbul is a kind of Biiiiiiigggg dream… Really nice video. Keep it up! Cheers!

wonderful trip!

I really enjoyed this video!Both of you are down to earth and I can relate😚You covered a lot of places I want to visit there, and the cute cats was such a nice surprise too😁Thank you so much!💟

I was there in May. I loved it there and can’t wait to go back. I’m glad you two enjoyed your time there. Thank you for the video as well. It brings back some of my memories from when I visited. :)�

Thank you for the video, very well done and very informative!

just added turkey to my bucket list destinations

hello…I am from India and love Turkey and Istanbul! I would really like to congratulate both Samuel and Audrey as their style of presentation is very viewer-friendly…

I lived there for 6 years but now I live in Sydney Australia

I love turkey!!

nice video 🙂 i wish i can go to istanbul too, it’s very nice place 🙂

Hi Samuel! I’m traveling to Istanbul next month and I was curious where i can find the museum passes you mentioned and about how much they cost? Thank you in advance! Love the videos you guys make!

great city one in my top list i wish i could live, settle and marry there InshaAllahlong live Turkey!

I love all your travel vlogs Audrey and Sam. They are so helpful. I’m travelling to Istanbul soon

The Turkish Delight is called “Lokum” in Turkey.

So amazing!! Really want to come there 🙂

Pen�nsula Vald�s Wildlife Tour in Patagonia | Chubut, Argentina

Pen�nsula Vald�s Wildlife Tour in Patagonia | Chubut, Argentina  (c) Nomadic Samuel - Travel Channel

(c) Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel Join us for a visual cinematic tour around Peninsula Valdes as we focus on spotting wildlife such as penguins, huanacos, …

beautiful animals and scenery. beautifully captured

Un vídeo con imágenes hermosas, espectaculares, belleza total y absoluta en Argentina…alguna vez visitaré. Un abrazo🤗

Que lindo ser�a que hagan una juntada en buenos aires! Estaria no?

Simplemente hermoso. Perfecta edici�n!!

Hace mas de 30 a�os que no visito Pen�nsula Vald�s, que lindos recuerdos, gracias por el video, muy lindo!!!!

Qu� lindo que es mi pa�s de punta a punta orgulloso de ser Argentino!!

� Te gust�? as� es todo en Argentina : HERMOSO. INOLVIDABLE. Como en todo el mundo.

Que hermosa es la península de valdes 👍👍👍

really nice video beautiful scenery………love the penguin

Que lindo disfruten de todo y pasenlan bien saludos 😀

Mucha ansiedad por los videos de Argentina, ahora se esta poniendo un poco fresco ac� pero lo van a disfrutar mucho!

Q bello lugar! Gracias por compartir

Me encantó!!! 😊

Hermoso mi pais saludos

Mi ciudad!! Saludos desde Puerto Madryn !!

Nada m�s incre�ble que la Patagonia, ojala bajen un poco m�s y crucen al otro lado del alambrado, as� aprovechan a visitar Magallanes, la Patagonia chilena tambi�n… Saludos…

Demasiado hermosoooo

Hola chicos qu� alegr�a me das que estuvieron en m� pa�s!!!! Una consulta. Tienen videos hablando franc�s?

Lo hiciste otra vez Samuel muy lindo el vídeo!! 😸

Est�n en mi zona!!! Me encantan los videos de ustedes con el pap� de Audrey!!!