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INSIDE NORTH KOREA (Surreal experience)

INSIDE NORTH KOREA (Surreal experience)  (c) Indigo Traveller


Watch the rest of my North Korea videos here: you for watching! 😍

Nick, this video is going to be the turning point (for the better) for your channel! Keep up the good work!

I love my country much more after watching this

I Feel like im breaking the rules by just watching this video.

it’s so sad that if one person breaks the law, their immediate family are also imprisoned. they have schools inside the jails for their children who are forced the be raised inside as well. prayers from canada. i hope to see freedom in this country

Every time I feel my life is boring I watch one of these videos and feel greatful immediately

Watching this after listening to Yeonmi Park on Joe Rogan’s podcast, you realize that this is just all show. You really can see just how fake it all is, they want foreigners to leave with a feeling like “see it’s not so bad here” but when you hear an actual North Korean’s account of what it’s really like to live there, the facade just fades away. You can even tell the natives didn’t want to make eye contact with the cameras. Ugh the oppression is sickening. I hope Rogan’s podcast episode with Yeonmi really opens more and more eyes up to what’s actually going on there. Absolutely disgusting.

Keep in mind he went to the TOURIST parts of North Korea. You CAN NOT enter actual North Korea, and if you do you CAN NOT exit

I’ve been to South Korea and it’s so peaceful and amazing, comparing it to North Korea is like comparing nothing to everything

fun fact, he was only allowed to capture the good parts, the soldiers would not let him capture anything bad, trust me.

So many restrictions in North Korea, I even feel like I’m breaking the law by watching this video. LOL

Thank you for sharing your experience, i hope people understand how brave it was for you to make this trip.

I can imagine what visiting this country would be like. It would be interesting, but also terrifying knowing you could make a mistake and end up dead because of it. And of course it’s never somewhere you’d want tae live

My dad was North Korean, my mom is Canadian. My dad met my mom in sk… had me and my older brother… but he passed on in 2008 😞

When you walk around Seoul, you have the ⛰ behind the city landscapes, which are just so pretty and there’s greenery all around! It looks cold in N.Korea (not in temperature) but in emotion 😱

This is the kind of video I like to see in my recommended. Superb production quality!

This is the most viewed video in your channel, and I think you passed 100K subs while you were absent in North Korea. This was the start of a more adventurous and risk-calculated travel that boosted your channel further.

Just curious, what was your biggest takeaway from the trip? How has it changed you?

He is very careful, you can see he is really careful not to break any rule or cause any trouble. Smart.

Thank you for sharing your travel experience as well as sharing what is inside North Korea.

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1 DAY IN NORTH KOREA (Overwhelming Experience)

1 DAY IN NORTH KOREA (Overwhelming Experience)  (c) Indigo Traveller


*Thank you for watching Ep#2 of my Inside North Korea Series!* 🙏-Last episode (Arriving in North Korea): Korea Video Playlist: photos of North Korea:! Leave me a comment with your thoughts below ✌

He is so careful to not say anything negative or critical. Must have been scary knowing how much trouble you can get into for a perceived wrong. Fuck that man, you’re brave. I’d never go.

If this place wasn’t completely depressing and insanely strict I imagine it would be a really good place for tourism

This video was on a whole new level of eerie and terrifying, the positive talk gave me shivers

I’m not completely fluent in korean but I do understand it a bit. It gave me chills because I hear the little girl say “He’s an American man (Miguk namja)” and they pretend to shoot him… idk if I’d call it a fun interaction. I feel bad for the brainwashed kids 🙁 @7:40

I understand loving to travel, I understand wanting to get the footage of this place, I totally get it, but it kills me at the same time because you can forget to bow at a certain point and literally go to jail. You can be just like this kind young man, and think you’re doing everything right but all it takes is one split second. These videos are not worth your life. Please please don’t take this chance.

It’s important to remember all his content was reviewed by the government to ensure it was ALL positive.Edit: the voiceover is under his control, however the footage was likely all reviewed and wouldn’t show anything bad.

Noticing that every single woman there was wearing the same exact style really made me realize how much controlled everything is. I’ve read about it online casually but never actually saw it. Really unsettling

The fact that no one was smiling expect for the kids with the guns is the scary part..

I find the idea of going there really terrifying, because even if I come back without causing trouble, I feel as if I’d still be in danger. So I essentially just don’t want North Korea knowing I exist. I honestly cannot imagine how restrictive it is there, and especially how kids are taught the wrong things. They’re not only disallowed from leading a fair and good life, but they don’t even know there are places beyond North Korea that allow that. Is seriously horrible for the government to do that…

you can just see the sadness on everyone’s faces. that places gives such an off atmosphere.

Very weird seeing an entire country held hostage

Every time I get a glimpse of the society these people live in I thank god every day I was born in the U.S. South Koreans are super lucky they were born just a few miles south.

The saddest part of this video is looking at the children and knowing they’ll spend their whole lives never really living it how they want to. The upside is, perhaps, they’ll not even know how different life could be for them if they were given the opportunity.

The second he said “they shot me with fake guns it was super cool to interact with the kids” is when you can tell it’s gets really uncomfortable to not say anything bad

“The statues have to be completely in frame”*immediately moves to a frame without the bottom half*

It’s sad to know that all those kids are growing up in a horrible country

I was born in East Germany, and I remember there was a kids TV show on Sundays that had different schools (2 or 3 per episode, can’t remember) from the country compete in skill events, like what we see after about 6 minutes into the video. I believe it used to be a great pride for the kids if your school from your town was selected. So, this might be a similar thing. Or maybe just a international children’s day thing. (June 1st)

Ah yes international children’s day, forcing kids to clap in the sun for 3 hours

“You all should see it for yourself” 😀 that’s a hard pass

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DHAKA, BANGLADESH | The Most Densely Populated City in the World

DHAKA, BANGLADESH | The Most Densely Populated City in the World  (c) Indigo Traveller

(c) Indigo Traveller INSTAGRAM – Book AIR-BNB through this link for $40 CREDIT Free: …

He is my last video, my first impressions of Dhaka(Crazy):

This channel is amazing, he never insults the country and just finds everything fascinating even if it’s bad and makes everything seem interesting 😀

I love Bangladesh , it’s a beautiful country. Greetings from M�xico!

I love Bangladesh because Bangladesh is the hometown of the one I love. Love you from Viet Nam ❤

I would really love to visit Bangladesh someday. The people seem so kind. Much respect from Denmark to the Bangladeshis 🇧🇩 🇩🇰

Holy cow! The city looks like an incredible mess, but people’s eyes are very innocent. I sincerely wish people in there live a better life today.

This guy represented Bangladesh Positively without any prejudice! RESPECT!

Great video and amazing footage! I rode my bicycle across Bangladesh a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the country’s warm people and vibrant culture. Any visitor will be treated with the utmost hospitality and come home with new perspectives on friendship and humanity. I am happy to see you sharing your experiences about this little-visited gem of a place!

Your vlogs are amazing, Bangladesh is the home of my motherland and I’ve been there many times however I learn something new each time. So your video is a deluge of memories, the people are very welcoming to foreigners and are always pleased to see westerners visiting their country. Yes Bangladesh has worked extremely hard to overcome its economical adversities and now is the second largest exporter of garments manufacturer after China I think it’s like 40%, of its gdp. Correct me if I’m wrong . The locals don’t mean harm and are completely harmless. They are fascinated to learn what intrigues westerners to appreciate their country. Yes manners are controversial as what they think is ok to stare at you whilst you’re eating and highly likely to have never met an Caucasian man at their local cafe, its also a lack of education of foreign affairs too so they are oblivious to what is otherwise slightly intrusive to a westerner chomping away as they haven’t ever seen a different complexion sitting in their local eatery perhaps…🤷‍♂️😁🤣 it happens to me when I’ve been to Isle of Mull Off Oban Scotland where the local population is about 3k and you’re meandering in their cafe , they’re astounded to see a well spoken Asian group of Asian man who stick out like a sore thumb.. maybe the exotic tone thrills them perhaps, so its kind of the same for you in that sense perhaps… tell me otherwise guys 🤷‍♂️😉🥰😊😁🤣💜

You were just in my locality, Sector#06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Proud to be a Dhaka dweller. It was a nice blogging but your total filming was revolve around a tiny place of Dhaka, though you tried to represent the whole Dhaka. Hope to have a bit more details blogging on this Great City.

I have watched a lot of vlogs about bangladesh.bangladeshi’s seem so nice and genuine.can’t wait to explore bangladesh and experience the hospitality of the people

Hey there! I love how you’ve done your research on things. Bangladesh isn’t portrayed in as much of a positive light as we’d like it to be. I’m currently studying in the US so watching your video made me feel nostalgic haha. I hope you get a chance to visit again! ❤️

Was in Bangladesh 5 years ago and was followed by kids non stop, They loved seeing there face on video. The people are so friendly and will let you taste any food to see if you like it. Bad points is the litter and holes in the pavements and some of the stray dogs have attitude issues. oh and if flies bother you avoid going…but do consider adding this place to your bucket list.

It’s great you’re able to visit all these countries. Truly seeing the world. Great commentary. I,ve been binge watching. Subscribed after the first one I watched. Stay safe thanks for sharing

Love from Mumbai, India to Bangladesh ❤️🇮🇳

Appreciate the positive presentation of the reality and facts on the grounds. Very difficult recovery after long colonial explorations , natural disasters and tough neighborhoods. We are scattered all over the world as expatriate workers and members who send home money as well as working in the sweatshops. But I am satisfied that we are making the best of all of the circumstances. Love to all the people from Missouri USA. We are fortunate to have a decent cohesive population and adequate rainfall. We did not invade any lands so we stayed in the delta! Appreciate the friendship of the world and buyers who buy our products. Regards.

You were just in my locality, Sector#06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230. Proud to be a Dhaka dweller. It was a nice blogging but your total filming was revolve around a tiny place of Dhaka, though you tried to represent the whole Dhaka. Hope to have a bit more details blogging on this Great City.

Love how you portrayed my city so truthfully, thank you!

I’m from Philippines. This makes me wanna go to Bangladesh because of the people. They are too friendly.

“Chaos but chill” – having grown up in Dhaka, I agree completely, and that is one of the things I miss the most about home <3

1 DAY as a TOURIST in SOMALIA (Extreme Travel Somalia)

1 DAY as a TOURIST in SOMALIA (Extreme Travel Somalia)  (c) Indigo Traveller

(c) Indigo Traveller Exploring more of Somalia and travelling to the coast! -My Instagram for photos of Somalia: …

Somaliland has been eye-opening to say the least, I just posted a new photo to my Instagram from this day, I think you’ll find it interesting. Check it out here:

I dunno how I got here but damn I’m glad I found our videos. What an extreme place to be

I have so much respect for those who travel to these areas. I learn so much about other cultures and it gives me a lot of perspective. These videos are so interesting. Very grateful to the travelers.

Love from México 🇲🇽 brothers viva Somalia Unida ; paz para ella 🇸🇴

Sad part about these war torn and corrupt countries is that sometimes the locals are just overall great people and yet they still have to deal with something they didn’t deserve, the harsh reality of our world

Wonderful country and amazing people, big LOVE and respect from Egypt to Somalia ❤️ 🇸🇴🇪🇬🇸🇴🇪🇬🇸🇴🇪🇬We love you our brothers ❤️

“All humans – Brothers” what an awesome statement to have in a country.

Peace and prosperity for my beloved country Somalia 🇸🇴

My respect to Somalia from Australia 🇦🇺❤🇸🇴

I really appreciate bro Nick..He is really so humble with every person whom he meets on his journeySign of a good human being 👍👍We all must be gentle with everyone as we all are humans,…Doesn’t matter where we live,,what’s our lang,,,what’s our customs ,We are equal🙌🙌🙌🙌

God bless Somalia 🇸🇴 from Aden Yemen 🇾🇪 🥰😘

This is one of the best series not only that you have done – but seriously honestly this is one of the best series I’ve seen on YouTube period !! Thanks for doing this Indigo !!! Love ya bros

Love from Tanzania to every Somali out there😍

Looks absolutely amazing😍I miss traveling so much, used to travel at least 3 times a year so I had to watch some traveling videos and put up my own as well 😱✈️

Somali people are very nice and friendly peopleLove and respect from Afg❤

Love Somalia from turkey stay blessed

Love and respect for my Somali brothers and sisters from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇸🇴🇧🇩🇸🇴🇧🇩🇸🇴

Algeria 🇩🇿 always stands with 🇸🇴 Somalia United and amicably

Waaw this was an amazing tour iam really proud to say iam somali and this beutiful city and people you are watching they are our brothers i hope somali land can get the announcement they want 🙂

Much love to our Somalian brothers from USA 🇺🇸

EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)

EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)  (c) Indigo Traveller


Want to see how I got into North Korea and how much it cost me? Watch here:

Looking for a vacation with deserted beaches you know where to go.

Beautiful country, beautiful people, ruined by politics, what a shame.

For all its downsides, North Korea is actually pretty beautiful in some places. Thanks for sharing a part of the country which most people don’t hear about.

i actually got nervous when you insulted the roads. THE ROADS. imagine your country being so fucked people are worried theyll die for *hearing someone else insulting your roads lightly*

Enjoying the North Korea 🇰🇵 series. You had fewer restrictions on you than I would have expected. Nobody checking what you’ve filmed or taking away memory cards.Btw, if you plan to go to Bangladesh 🇧🇩 in the future, let’s see if we can make it coincide. I’m from Bangladesh but based in the UK. Look up “Sylhet”, you’ll love it.

The host is speaking in a suppressed tone, everywhere he goes. The message is well received by the audience on how to film in NK. In addition to this, reading between the lines is crucial; although it is complemented by footage of Empty hotels, roads, workers at the bridge.

this is unimaginably upsetting. such beautiful nature and such lovely people that don’t get to live freely and explore the beauty of even their own country. the more i look at north korea’s situation the more devastated i feel. these people really deserve so so much more. i cant believe they have to live brainwashed under such an oppressive regime and i hope so much that they are freed within my lifetime. how lucky i am to have such easy access to information and the outside world

The scenery is beautiful but I can see how drained and uncomfortable you seem. It’s so sad to see how extremely controlled this country is 😔😔😰.

I love how they spend the little money they have to build some stupid bowling alley or something that like 10 tourists will use the entire year

It’s so eerie and creepy. It’s almost like a post-apocalyptic country. Everything empty

Love how open and honest you are in your vlog series in North Korea. Always grateful for your travel insights.

I was in the same mountain range (Kumgang) back in 2005 when it was possible to cross the DMZ by land from South Korea.The crossing was already an experience on its own.We were parked with the South Korean tourists in a camp of prefabricated buildings surrounded by military fences and camps. There was a local village next to our camp that look straight out of mad max with command and conquer-like propaganda towers screaming slogans all day.We would travel by bus for pre-planned and mandatory tours each day with total interdiction to take any pictures while in the bus. Needless to say the villages we passed were utterly poor was well.Guides would freak out if you’d do anything just off.A funny anecdote was that we asked our guide what the text carved on a boulder was about. He said it was a military song and proceeded to sing it. It went on the tune of “O Christmas Tree”…He was very surprised we knew that air :)The nature was very beautiful but the 3 days we spent there are by far the weirdest of my entire life for many reasons and anecdotes.I have since traveled to other weird countries (like Turkmenistan) but none compared to the spine chilling eerie feeling of North Korea.

much much love for you my guy <3 you do traveling amazing and are so respectful about cultures. thank you for sharing your experiences with the world!!!!

You had one of those creepy radios in your room. 😱 Other youtubers have found listening devices under and behind them. I was more nervous for you in the hotel than on the tour

It is the emptiness of all of the places and atteactions where there SHOULD be people that are creepy… But the sites are incredibly gorgeous.

I don’t get why everyone is complaining about the scenery. I think the farms and old Soviet-style buildings are in fact pretty fascinating.

You know that room was getting ransacked every time he left.

There are definitely mics and hidden cameras in your hotel room. Be very careful about what you say.

I think a lot of you are missing the point. Really just think about what he says in his videos. I believe there are messages behind it. He has to be careful as I’m sure he doesn’t want to get into trouble