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Jurassic Park Universal Studios Orlando Florida ARCHIVED

Jurassic Park Universal Studios Orlando Florida ARCHIVED  (c) TheTravelingClatt

(c) TheTravelingClatt Jurassic Park Universal Studios Orlando Florida ARCHIVED. Today we go on a bit of a Jurassic Adventure to Universals Islands …

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Such a shame universal would just destroy such a franchise in this way. Thank you for at least making a tour so people like me can remember what it was like before universal ruined it.

Went to Universal Orlando on a couple different holiday’s years ago, and as a kid obsessed with Jurassic Park and it’s structural aesthetics, it was incredible to see the Discovery Centre replicated in person and all those great original Jurassic Park vehicles with those lovely red, yellows and greens. By the next time I go I’d assume it’ll be all Jurassic World, be a shame to see the original trilogy stuff gone but can’t wait to see where it goes in the future all the same!

Orlando’s universal is 1 million times better than Hollywood’s, it’s a shame I can’t see this before it changes. Was that King of the Vlogs next to you on the river ride

As a HUGE Jurassic fan in London, UK who hasn’t yet made it to Universal…THANK YOU for this. Amazing stuff 🙂

Dude, I loved this archival type video. Gives me some ideas to do things here in Canada. Also, I love how you managed to get 10 ads into this video! $$$ Get it buddy!!!

Nailed it Tal, that was really good, I normally switch off after a while watching longer videos but it didn’t happen this time, loved every minute of it. I am however glad they aren’t roaming around here on the Jurrasic coast.

Dude whoever edited this has some major skills 👌🏻

I’m happy you did this. I’m big into theme parks, and your detail in covering the various theming bits was superb.Congrats, as well, on the DoubleTree sponsorship! Great chain!

I just stumbled upon your video and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in universal in 2016 and was extremely excited to get my JP fix but unfortunately had health complications so I couldn’t stay in the parc for the day and explore it all. Your video has given me the in depth walk through I needed, and now I can look forward to the new iterations of Jurassic World.

brb going to find a kid so I can ride the Pteranodon Flyers

Not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss the hell out of the Jurassic Park branding.

JP is one of my all time favorite movies, and I’ve been to Islands of Adv several times over the past 19 years. I’ll be going again in October and it’s bittersweet to know it could be the last time before they change it to JW. You did a phenomenal job capturing the magic in this video, made me cry a few times!!

I don’t usually say this but.. Great vlog! It really gave me an idea of what this place looks like since I cannot visit myself. I’ve been on this Jurassic Park nostalghia train recently and this was perfect.

Awesome video! Universal Orlando still has the E. T. ride which is so nostalgic which is a classic ride. Do you know if Universal has plans on removing that ride? Hopefully not.

The splash mountain type ride seemed pretty cool. I didn’t get to do the Islands of Adventure my last Universal Trip.. Nice send off !

One of the best trips I have been on. Went early this summer. Went on the new VelociCoaster. Definitely one of the best rides. I miss it already. Definitely want to go again.

Great video! When are the renovations scheduled? How much longer can we visit this as Jurassic Park? Also I thought there was a T-Rex poking out of the jungle somewhere but didn’t notice it in the video. Is it gone now?

absolutely love this video! thank you for making it! 😊

Thanks for making this video. It was great to see it again. Building this ride was one of the best experiences of my life. It will be missed.

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FILIPINO MALLS ARE INSANE! – Mall Of Asia, Metro Manila The Philippines

FILIPINO MALLS ARE INSANE! - Mall Of Asia, Metro Manila The Philippines  (c) TheTravelingClatt

(c) TheTravelingClatt FILIPINO MALLS ARE INSANE! – Mall Of Asia, Metro Manila The Philippines. Today we go to a FILIPINO MALL! In the Philippines …

Wanna watch my entire Philippines trip! Playlist begins here:

man i should have been in the Philippines for christmas!

The feeling when you’ve been there for a million times😂😂😂

Try to visit some of our humble Island in the country.1. El Nido Palawan2. Coron Palawan3. Siargao Island4. Boracay 5. Camiguin6. Puerto Princesa7. Batanes A lot to mention.. I hope you enjoy it! 😀 😀 😀

Mall is asia is nuts! They even have summer concerts there along with boxing matches 😂

im going in 2019 to philipines to manila. so im super excited

even it’s not Christmas season, Mall of Asia is always crowded. I always chill there 😂😂😂

Malls in Philippines are basically tourist spots 😂😂😂😂😂

Most important seasons in the Philipines:ChristmasHoly weekSemestral Break

Christmas in the Philippines started in September and ended in February.


Need to get out of Manila to go to the province areas to really see the beauty of the Philippines. Mang Inasal is a pretty good Filipno chain to eat at. Try Balut, Pancit canton, Lumpia, Leche Fan, Kare-Kare, Chicharon, Sinigang. Retiring in the Philippines in August / September 2018 I have been traveling to the Philippines for the last 20 years. You won’t find a more beautiful place or a nicer people.

Years ago (Early 90’s) I backpacked around Thailand and then went to the Philippines. I only went to Manila and Puerto Galera which was a shame as I had planned to see many more islands. The problem was that compared to Thailand getting around the Philippines was much more challenging as its an archipelago. I think people need to be very organised when travelling in Phills. The upside is there are many hidden gems to be discovered.

Thank you For Loving Everything here in our Country Bro!!!! Hope you all had a great experience!!! Peace, Take care and Enjoy!!! 🙌🙌🙌🤓👍🇵🇭🤗

The redhorse bottle at the background is my favorite thing about this video and I love how people from other countries are shocked about how much Filipinos love Christmas. LoL. Have the best time here in the Philippines man. I have no doubt.

Just got back from Manila 🇵🇭 and went to the amusement area. A lot of amazing eateries, late nite shopping and loved it all. I think those security guards are just there to pay people’s butts. The traffic is kaos don’t you think?

Filipinos celebrate the longest christmas season. When “ber” months arrive everybody is excited. The poor and rich, children and adult, as in a very merry and joyful season to all. You can hear christmas song In the middle of September. That’s part of the culture…

awww i miss philippines sooooo much 😭 theres really no place like home 💗

We truly are serious about our malls, especially when it’s the Christmas Season.

I have been to the Mall of Asia. Absolutely gigantic full of extremely fine restaurants of many different cuisines at amazingly great prices and stores.

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The WORST Subway Stations in New York City!

The WORST Subway Stations in New York City!  (c) TheTravelingClatt

(c) TheTravelingClatt The WORST Subway Stations in New York City! today we explore the worst subways stations in NYC. So today we head off to …

Watch the BEST Subway Stations in NYC HERE:

I’ve never been able to understand how they left Chambers Street station so rotten if it’s literally under the offices of the Departament of environmental protection at the Manhattan Municipal Building… 😂

I mostly ride trains in South Korea and Japan.In comparison, these stations look like they’re from a post-apocalyptic world.

New Yorkers, you guys know that you deserve better than this, right?

The tunnel on 191st; imagine being a female walking through there after 12am by yourself with someone following or stalking you . . .Hell yes, that’d be creepy!😨

Moscow & Kiev Subway Stations are underground palaces, literally

When I visited NYC for the first time, I was really surprised about the condition of the subway system. I thought I would visit the largest city of one of the richest countries in the world but the subway was like in a third world country.

I love the history of the Subway. It’s how NYC was built.

Watching this in 2020 and cringing so hard every time you grabbed the turnstile.

you know quarantine got us messed up when this video made me *want* to take the subway again

I remember the first time I went through Chambers. I was absolutely DISGUSTED. I wish people knew how bad it was before they begun construction. It looked like the scene from a horror movie. It was absolutely terrifying and I do NOT scare easily. Whew. Thank God they finally decided to fix it.

I’ve always wondered about the allude of living in NYC. I get that the food scene is supposed to be amazing, but after about a week, I’d be ready to go

As a New Yorker, I knew it would be Chamber street train station before clicking on this video lol😭💀

I can’t believe that people pay such high rent to live in a place like that

I just wanted to say that this video is great and was amazingly shot and actually showed us parts of the city

I love how creepy Chambers st station is in Chinatown…. they recently permanently closed the bathrooms at chambers st station. One of the last bathrooms that were open all the time and had a mirror.

Interestingly, these are actually the stations that I want to visit the most. The way they look and the vibe they give off fascinates me, and I want to see what it’s like in real life.

Going in those subway stations is the equivalent of having to unclog a toilet that someone just used in taco bell

All of the stations in NYC are dirty 😂 I honestly don’t really pay attention to how dirty it is. I’m not at the subway station to have a good time but to get from point A to B

Starts video series on worst food in NYC = eventually gets food posioning. Starts video series on the worst subway stations in NYC = eventually gets murdered?



(c) TheTravelingClatt This is your ultimate guide to traveling by container ship! MY CARGO SHIP PLAYLIST: IMPORTANT LINKS: …

Let me tell you, I work on container ships and the standard of food varies enormously depending on the galley staff you have onboard. If you are lucky and you get a chef who loves to cook and prepare delicious meals for the crew then that is a bonus. Unfortunately, my last ship I had an absolutely terrible chef who did not care one bit what he served to us and most of the time we just went hungry as the food was so poor. For example he once served fried chicken and we thought mmm delicious, then when we bite into it the chicken is completely raw! The chef makes all the difference to the atmosphere and work environment onboard. So don’t expect awesome food on every ship!!

Did a container ship run between Sydney and LA with stops in NZ, New Caledonia, Samoa (both Samoas), Hawaii and finally LA, now bear in mind this was 1988 (I was a spry 21 year old). Definitely not for those who are partiers and get bored easily, nor for the queasy (STRONGLY suggest getting your sea legs before setting off). Prices quoted are strictly for 3 squares and a bed, they do not include air fare back home, spending while ashore (and the time ashore can be very brief), insurance, Visa costs (which can be very price, especially nowadays). As mentioned, depending upon the cook, the tucker can be first rate or rubbish you would not feed your dog, both experiences with cargo ship food were fairly good from my experience. Most of those that travel those way tend to be pensioners (retirees for you Yanks), few youthful travelers, save for the occasional backpacker, in most cases, you might be the only passenger aboard. If you have a flexible schedule, few responsibilities ashore (family, job, bills) and a sense of adventure and can entertain yourself, definitely worth it. This video has re-piqued my interest in this form of travel, might just have to look into it again..

I’ve travelled on many cruise ships, but usually on the budget deck with no portholes and minimum space. However, on a family trip from Sweden to the UK, my wife was delayed by travel document problems. Me and the kids went ahead in our tiny cabin in the bowels of the cruise ship, with little spare time to enjoy the entertainments on offer. My wife followed a day or two later on a DFDS freighter, great big cabin all to herself, windows and all, and lots of friendly advice from the crew. To be honest, if you don’t want a booze cruise, but just want to travel, why pay the extra?

It was very easy in the 90s. I travelled extensively in the 90s by container ship…But then again I was friends with several merchant navy captains and the regs were much lower.

I have read the book ” Running Away to Sea” by George Featherling, 3X !. Interesting story about around the world on a tramp freighter. A long time ago when I was in College, my prof used to tell story about his yearly cruise on a tramp freighter in the western Pacific. So, I am all primed to go. Before the internet I used to get copies of Freighter Travel published by a travel agency in Pasadena. Oh, I miss those copies.

Unless you’re doing it for the adventure, $1700 for a one way across the Atlantic is about twice the ticket of a.flight.

Thanks for the info! Never heard of travelling like that before :0 It’s definitely worth a try 😀

Ive always wondered about making a self sustaining container apartment and having it shipped.

Nicely done. These videos give me a very good idea of what the experience would be like. My wife and I have taken 9 cruises together and are about to embark on our 10th. In short, we love cruising. BUT, we have become a bit jaded, especially where the Caribbean is involved, so this might be a great way to re-discover cruising.

I loved your videos. One question. How much does it cost me overall (trip fee, insurance fee, evacuation fee etc) to be on the container ship for 20 days?

Thanks for the video dude, I was always looking for more info on how to travel this way. What kinda shocked me though is that it is actually quite expensive. I thought this might maybe be a cheap alternative to flying, but I guess it is more about the experience. I would love to travel by ship but it seems to be very hard to find a cheap way.

i love it…the fact you got to see the ocean you have flown over makes you respect it all that much more, the power, the beauty, the fierceness of the ocean is intoxicating…i however get sea sick so i have to live vicariously through other peoples adventures

Great job on the video and such a unique and interesting idea! I just subscribed to your channel but I was still left without understanding the steps I would need to take if I wanted to travel by cargo vessel…who do I contact? what questions do I need go ask? what companies allow this, etc.?

You are a very unique youtuber, you content has a wide variety sometimes and you show your personality. I love your channel and insta, keep up the great videos!! ❤️

That was pretty awesome my wife and I fish out in the Indian Ocean and quite often see the cargo ships coming and going. Always wanted to go on one now I know the possibilities are there. Look forward to checking out your channel some more soon if you get time you can check out my channel if you like. Take care my friend!!!

This was amazing!! Something I always wanted to do and plan to do it now that I have seen your videos. Thanks for sharing with us !

Good stuff. I’ve considered traveling this way. Spent a year total fixing jets on an aircraft carrier, which for us was 12 hours of work per day…my free time was spent sleeping…lol. Not sure how I’d manage to pass the time not having to work.

What an amazing video! I’ve never even thought pf a cargo ship vacation but cruise ships don’t really appeal to me.Thank you for the idea!

Very informative! Years ago I thought about a freighter cruise but with work and family it got pushed back. You have rekindled my interest. Only a few more years until retirement and my daughter will be in college.

I get sea sickness 😀 it’s awesome to see what other explorers are up to that I might not ever do myself! Very cool! 😀👍🔥⛺️🌳

EATING IGUANA – Catching and Cooking Invasive Green Iguanas in Florida

EATING IGUANA - Catching and Cooking Invasive Green Iguanas in Florida  (c) TheTravelingClatt

(c) TheTravelingClatt CAN YOU EAT IGUANA?!? – Catching and Cooking Invasive Green Iguanas in Florida. Eating Iguana might be a taboo but in …

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! ♥️

Florida. ….the Australia of America.

Really enjoyed watching this video. Took me back to my childhood days and seeing my grandma cook them up. I’m from Michoacan Mexico and iguanas are a delicacy. The problem is that its highly illegal to hunt them, you get huge fines and possible jail time.

Damn man I wanted to see the WHOLE process, from the dispatching to the filet, to desensitize myself from it, one day society will collapse and we’ll be forced to catch and cook our own meals, it won’t be pre-cut and wrapped in plastic like grocery stores

I’m a practical person and I like to eat, so I think this is a great way to combat the problem of an invasive species. And that looks SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!

That food looks delicious! Now one of you two need to make a video on uncle willie’s ingredients recipe for the curry!

It would be helpful to see the cleaning process in detail. I do fish regularly, so probably similar, but do you scale or skin them?

30 seconds in and I already like this guy! Come to Louisiana, you’ll find plenty more strange, invasive, tasty foods.

the iguana hunter dude is like a game show host, great presenter, hilarious

Raj could become a millionaire if he exported iguana to trinidad

In all said and done .. I salute you on such a video well done… I guess it’s all in the way you look at it .. To some it might not look so appetising.. but for me i would love to try it .. it looks really.. good… especially if you help nature keep its balance.. GREAT VIDEO .. WELL DONE AND GOOD LUCK .. 👍👍👍👍

The iguana looks very eatable, Uncle Willie cooked it up good. I would love to try some one day.

Dude I would love to come out there and catch, cook, and eat some iguanas great vid and I’m also agreeing with with MC on the comment about a huge cook out for the homeless it would reduce iguana population, feed homeless, you would be doing Florida a huge service and Iguana man you’re dope bro keep up the great work

Way to go guys great job I really appreciate the message that you are sending out, I would love to taste it but I live in Baltimore Maryland and I think it would be fround on as we look at them as pet’s, but if we where over run with em bess believe it would be a nice dinner as uncle made them look so tasty 😋 I wish we had smellevideo cause it looked as if uncle made it smell great as well great job, keep up the good work guys you nailed this one 🤗😋🤗😋🤗

A huge cook out for the homeless once a week could help reduce the problem.

Do iguanas in the South Florida wild get parasites that we would need to be careful about? If so, what is a good way to spot it?

Ok, I’ve just subscribed to you both. I’ll take a gander at your vlogs. I’d really like to see you do something with the iguanas. I thought it pretty funny/sad that one of the comments below said they aren’t hurting anything. I lived in Fl. for 19 years and saw the destruction. Good luck.

I would have liked to seen the dispatching & processing, so I can try it. It looked tasty to me

Looks good! I like the idea of eating invasive species.

I’ve been subscribed to the Iguana Man for awhile now! I think he has a really innovative solution to the overpopulation of Iguanas. Tweeted this!