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This is Why You Should Travel to GREECE

This is Why You Should Travel to GREECE  (c) Gabriel Traveler

(c) Gabriel Traveler Exploring the incredibly beautiful Greek island of Symi in the Aegean Sea of Greece. Need TRAVEL INSURANCE? Here’s the …

It amazes me how clear the water is in Greece. Even flying over you can see straight down in some parts. Such a blessed and beautiful country. I hope to see as much of the country as you have one day. I’m jealous lol

Beautiful sight in Greek and what a clean water👌👌Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

I love Greece … Great people, Great weather and great food ! Awesome Video!!!

The color of the water in Greece is amazing…beautiful! Can’t wait to visit one day.

Food, lovely people, beautiful landscape, nice islands are all make me to love Greece

Ridiculously beautiful, thanks for showing us around. I do hope that this place does not get the mass attention that Santorini and Mykonos “enjoy” though, for it has totally, and probably irrevocably, destroyed these islands. Both locals and tourists need to understand that the infrastructures of these places are very limited and cannot host that many people. The afforementioned Greek islands started out with immense, wild, natural beauty, and have now come to be full of garbage, traffic and buildings with no respect to traditional architecture whatsoever. It really is a pitty, short term profit comes before preserving natural beauty i guess.

Greece is my favourite place in the whole wide world after seeing this video said my five year old. a must place to see hopefully sometime soon in sha Allah🤷‍♂️ . residing in uk hopefully my 1st holiday. originally from Bangladesh. it would be our first holiday ever…

Love how your signature dive is evolving into fancier and fancier styles. As someone who loves sea swimming and has swum in Greek waters, I can feel every one of your dives. You can make the viewers feel they’re almost there with you. Hope that you’ll explore more new Greek islands for us as often as you can. There’s beauty everywhere you look on the Greek islands.

This is definitely one of my favorite vlogs of yours yet. I really, really want to visit Greece now.

Life is good in Greece and never a dull moment.

Hi! Im from Turkey 🙂 I just wanna say that I love Greece and I just cant wait to visit it one day! peace<3

So peaceful place ,safe , nice food , friendly people, nice music , incredible beaches..What else you can ask for your holiday? Love you Greece and Greeks 🇬🇷 ❤

Hello Gabriel! I think that you are ready to move and live permanently in Greece …To my eyes you are more than a visitor-tourist, you are definitely a future citizen of one of those greek islands. Creetings and many thanks for the joy you bring to us through your videos! 😂😂😂

Greek islands seems to have just the right amount of modernity and technology. Thank you mate, you have inspired me to add Greece to my European travel itinerary next year.

Wow Greece is an endless supplying of island get aways & guessing from the sun and your readiness to jump in the water the weather must be very good . what a wonderful place to stay Symi !

Thank you for promoting my country!!!! Greek tourism Organization should take many lessons from you.

All these Greece vids have been epic man, what a place!

Definitely my favorite Greek Island you’ve shown us Gabriel

Greece is an amazing country. Watching from Barbados🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧🇧

Hi Gabe, I think that the Greek Tourism Organization should give you a medal for promoting Greek tourism abroad and free unlimited access to all Greek islands for the next 20 years, until you end up as a road musician in Mykonos town.

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A Tour of the Incredible Old City of Jerusalem

A Tour of the Incredible Old City of Jerusalem  (c) Gabriel Traveler

(c) Gabriel Traveler Exploring the four quarters of Jerusalem’s historic Old City. NEED GEAR FOR YOUR TRAVELS? Visit Gabriel’s Amazon e-store …

You are doing an important service to those people who either don’t wish to, or can’t travel. Thank you.

I am not a religious person but the history culture and architecture of places like these always fascinate me

God bless Jerusalem. A Holy City in the World..

Wow! I miss Jerusalem. I had an amazing time here. I was exactly in all of these areas. If feels as if you took me there again. He did an amazing job covering action. Thanks so much for sharing it made me feel like that was there again. This is a fantastic footage 😊

Was there last week. An amazing City, full of Rich History. Highly recommend 💯

Thanks for the video! Brings up a lot of memories. Never new that Jerusalem was such a wonderfull city, especially the old city 😍 Im thankfull to God that I had the oppurtunity to visit this holy place. I prayed in the Al Aqsa mosque (next to the Dome of Rock), went to the Western Wall and the Holy Sephulchre. ☪️✡️✝️ Beautiful experience and it really openend my heart and eyes, ma sha Allah ❤️

Wow for the first time while watching a video of Jerusalem I felt like I was finding my way around, knowing what the city is really like. Great video.

My daughter took me there in November 2019 – a Christmas gift. This makes me want to go back for another visit.

This was a great video of the Old City. It brings back so many memories of when I went in 2017. Of course the markets were way more packed than in this video. A lot of places were shoulder to shoulder, lol. I would love to be able to visit again someday. It’s really an experience everyone should have if they are able.

wow! what a great tour. makes me want to go there. great job Gabriel!

This amazing!! Phenomenal walkthrough and background/historical information!!! I know next to nothing about Jerusalem but became interested after watching the horrific war going on between Israel and Palestine at the moment. Thank you so much!! Subbed!!

FYI: When he entered the Arab Quarter, there were paintings on the wall with the Dome of the Rock (which means they are the “protectors of the Dome of the Rock” and will die to protect it. There was also a painting of a Black Cube called The Kaaba which means that the person who painted it went on pilgrimage to Mecca to the Kaaba. I learned about this on a tour of the Old City.

Made me feel as though i was walking through those streets and see those sacred sites… Thank you 🙏

May God Bless you Brother. It is a good opportunity to build an awareness on how Jerusalem look like, for the people like me. Thank you once again.

I walked through the same paths in this video. I visited Jerusalem 2x in the last year and I still can’t get enough of this holy city. Each time is a new experience, a new moment and spiritually speaking it enlightens you a little bit more. A travel story of my visit is up on my channel.

Oh how amazing this place is! You can still fill presence of God even by only watching the video. Its a holiness of this place!

I love it, hopefully one day I could visit the beautiful Israel

I visited Jerusalem for the first time in 2019..its on my bucket list to go back I loved the places I visited..

I’m just amazed more and more at each video I watch. It’s really beautiful to see all of these places. I’m so amazed also at how polite everyone is to you. So nice to see that. Love seeing all these places I’ll never see in real life myself. Thank you !!!

You really did a great job capturing what it’s like walking around there. I lived there for two years anf watching this makes me feel like I’m there again

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ONE DAY IN MALTA | Tourist Heaven Or Hell?

ONE DAY IN MALTA | Tourist Heaven Or Hell?  (c) Gabriel Traveler

(c) Gabriel Traveler Exploring the beautiful island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. But is it too touristy for its own good? NEED GEAR for your …

This is just one side of Malta, which is an incredible country with a lot packed into a small area. I made five more videos during my time there. Here’s one that shows much more of this fascinating island nation, as well as the prices of things:

i loved this video and i liked how Gabriel showed us France real quick with a day trip

This seems to be a nice place, I hope I can visit sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much! And please keep up the great job!

Gabriel, I know that the fictional seaside village of Popeye (1980 starring Robin Williams) was filmed in Malta and it is still there. Btw, I’ve researched, years ago, that the Maltese vocabulary is comprised of about 50 Italian/Sicilian and has an Arabic syntax. When I heard the Maltese language it sounded Arabic with a twist of Italian.

I’ve been in Malta three times and every time I admire its magnificent limestone cliffs and ancient cities like Valletta. Every time I stayed in cheap hostels in St.Julians. The price for the night was around 18 euro per night as far as I remember. And I bought all the food from nearest supermarket and prepared it in hostel’s kitchen. Also the nearby island of Gozo used to be my #1 to visit when the famous ”Azure window” was in tact.

You`re absolutely right! Some places are touristy for a reason. This is absolutely gorgeous! And it has some of the oldest man made structures in the world. So much history there! Weird animal fossils, and the mysteries of human evolution all packed on one tiny group of islands. Amazing!

Malta is beautiful, and that sea-tunel is amazing…

If no one has ever thanked you for being so polite on your journeys… thank you. You make the rest of Americans look better by treading lightly.

Thank you for your good review of our Island mainly Gozo and Comino. It was much more beautiful before but now its being turned into a concrete jungle

A good walking tour along the streets and ways of Malta. 3:20 – an amazing place for the relax.

Best time to visit Malta is October, which is still relatively warm. By then most of the tourists have left with the exception of the over 65s who chose to spend the British winter months in sunnier climes. We hired a car and seen everything we set out to see and do in the 10 days we were there. Loved Malta ♥️♥️ My favourite place was the small and picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk where we watched the fisherman bring in their catch on their small Luzzu’s ( boats) Hope to return very soon.

Thank you for visiting us, and hope you really enjoyed your stay in Malta. Hope to see you again on our island, and hope you enjoyed the Maltese dishes.

Just WOW, Thank you Gabe. How can anyone give your videos a thumbs down.Gorgeous! I like how you tell the prices,show your food,warnings of certain things.I love my front row seat to the world !!!

I used to be mad when tourists would storm Zadar, CROATIA. But now during covid-19 I welcome everyone to my town over the summer, fill the streets and let us have a normal year like it use to be.!

looks very touristy..non the less a awesome island to explore! thanks for all the great content

Malta is amazing. Just come back from two weeks there. Main Malta is busy and lots of building works going on. Lots of agricultural produce with tomatoes, greens and strawberries. Malta is very green in February with the weather being a nice 20 to 25 degrees and in high season is turns brown and dusty. Gozo now is what main Malta was 20 years ago with very quiet roads and amazing buildings and views. We would not recommend getting a hire car in main seasons as Malta has a big car problem and parking is allowed in a white box but it’s hard to find one.Hire car, goto to the Gozo ferry and travel around Gozo by car as much quieter and no white box restrictions.Good is expensive on Malta generally due to most things being imported but the local Pasizzis are only around 80 cents and come in two flavours of cheese or pea.Would recommend the green or red bus tours as they are very good to see alot if Malta can give you and off season they tend to discount these tours due to less people. Also we get the €22 Tallinga bus ticket which allows you unlimited bus travel for seven days (day and night) and this card also works on the Gozo buses 👍Highly recommend Valletta, Madina and Gozo.There are lots of coastal walks around, off the beaten track if you like walking Malta can accommodate you.All in all, Malta is a beautiful island and a ton of history. Loved it.

Dear Gabriel, for the reader’s information that old building which is a small fort is called ‘It-Torri ta’ Santa Marija’ in Maltese or also known as the Comino Tower , which is a large bastioned watchtower on the island of Comino in Malta. It was built by the Knights of St.John in 1618, the fifth of six Wignacourt towers spreaded around the Islands of Malta and Gozo. More recently it was also in the film the ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ in 2002 as the ‘ Chateau d’If’ . The film was directed by Kevin Reynolds and starred Richard Harris, James Caviezel, Dagmara Dominczyk, Guy Pearce and Luis Guzman…..

I’m from Malta, and I can tell you with all honesty that we have some awesome places to visit ,we are generally very friendly and kind but beware not all are the same character, arrogance is increasing with some people, traffic can be literally HELL with some disobeying traffic rules completely, concrete tower monsters with cranes all over are a common site ,we have restaurants to be proud of but choose wisely before deciding to dine. Do not miss GOZO our sister island which is less hectic but in summer can be a hellish place due to people visiting it. Comino is awesome but again expect overcrowding in the summer months. Hope you enjoy if you decide to visit the island.

I totally LOVED my time in Malta for the sheer history, ruins, catacombs, cathedrals and local food!Luckily the tourist hordes stay in certain areas of Malta for the most part. I still recommend staying in the St. Julians area tho just for the fact that there are more budget friendly food options and that it’s one of the best areas to get on and off the bus to Valletta or pretty much anywhere else without running the risk of the bus not stopping because it’s already over capacity.I highly recommend the St. Paul’s Catacombs in Ir-Rabat, much more impressing than the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum which is rather underwhelming compared to many of the other sights in Malta and hunting for a ticket and then being their for your time slot takes up an entire day. I saw you walk past the St. John’s Co-Cathedral in Valletta, definitely worth visiting! For food I can’t recommend Maxokk Bakery in In-Nadur on Gozo enough for the Gozo style Ftira, a traditional Maltese style pizza that starts at 5 Euros. I made a condensed video with lots of ‘how to’ and other practical info + of course filmed the whole thing. Btw. if you go down where all the people were lying under the umbrellas at the Blue Lagoon you can actually wade through the water and get to the rock formation on the other side. I’m 6’1″ and just held my stuff over my head. On the other side there is even a stretch of sandy beach where you can chill and relax.

You are a damn daring lone explorer, be on land or water. You enjoy traveling to places where one would hesitate to go. I adore that. Hats off. Plus you manage to return back in time. I enjoy watching your videos 👏👏👌👍♥️

A Tour of KUALA LUMPUR | This City is Amazing!

A Tour of KUALA LUMPUR | This City is Amazing!  (c) Gabriel Traveler

(c) Gabriel Traveler Exploring around Kuala Lumpur, the exciting capital of Malaysia. Check out the album by Curve: …

It’s only been a year and sumn, alrdy misses this area. Almost 6yrs studying in Slangor, I especially love to just chill and walk around the city areas. I don’t mind walking, sightseeing but I’ll make sure to rest enough the next day haha. Idk when I’ll be going back to these places again with my friends. We’re frm the Borneo btw. Hoping the pandemic will go away soon so that the holiday trips can be arranged nicely haha.

My 1st experience in KL Malaysia was an awesome ubber driver who took me from the airport to my hotel and gave me a lengthy free tour of the city and all the attractions. I insisted to pay him but he refused. Malaysians are really decent people!

Malaysia negara bagus, pecinanya tertata rapih, semoga indonesia boleh mencontohkan tata kotanya macam kuala lumpur, mohon doanya ya… Salam damai dri indonesia..

I could say it’s one of the most beautiful country, great people and delicious foods! 😍

I lived in Malaysia, mostly KL with a few years in Langkawi, until I was ten years old. My dad was part of the team that opened the KLCC convention centre. There’s places I’ve forgotten but seeing KLCC and the convention centre (I spotted Aquaria there!) made me tear up. I remember watching the fountain shows and New Years fireworks, and rolling down that man-made hill behind the fountains. I used to spend hours in a bookstore on the top floor of the shopping centre, though I’m not sure if its still there. My family always used to go to Chiles and the cinema in there too. I went back back eight or so years ago for a visit and it’s still got a large piece of my heart.

One thing Malaysians are always very proud of is that Malaysia has the best STREET FOODS in the world! I have been to many countries… and none can offer the insane variety of crazy good delicious cuisines that Malaysia has.

I first purchased Rambutan by mistake thinking it was lychee, for my wife. I took a bite and finished a 2 pound bag. wow!!! I show it to people and they think it is a sea creature. More for me!

Bersih banget sih kotanya, jadi pengen kesana. Love from indonesia🇮🇩

I love that city. It is so clean and quiet. Love all those trees. And all the food looks delicious. Would love to go there. Thank you for sharing this.

What a cool city…huge like NYC, but feels vibe is completely different…welcoming, I’d say. 👣

I used to think Malaysia is one of the Middle East country and all people are caucasian and is Muslim country but I was wrong. Now I know it’s a country in SE and people have Asian looks and is a Muslim country. Beautiful city tho I love it. Love from Pennsylvania.❤️

I have been to Malaysia for 4 times. I really like Malaysia. So I decided to go to a college in Malaysia last year, however, due to the pandemic, I have to stay in my home country to have online lessons. I really do hope I can go to Malaysia this summer to go to university on campus.

Crying right now cause I miss my home country.Lots of love from a malaysian student in Germany.Hope you had fun in Kuala Lumpur

thoroughly enjoyed this while in lockdown, here in Australia. I go to Kl at least 4 times each year and you took me on a very sentimental journey to all the places I know so well.thank you.

After watching this amazing video, I want to visit Kuala Lumpur sooooo much! I love the variety of cultures and how cosmopolitan the city seems. Greetings from the United States!

Malaysia not about the neon light at night 🌃 and tallest building and the grand shopping mall at the middle of the city in Kuala Lumpur. If you explore more to states such as Melaka, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pulau Pinang, Kedah, N9 you’ll find more of the culture, street art, foods and beautiful underated beach and islands. Here you can find more family like citizen with multicultural mixture.

Ha! I love KL!… Spent several months there. Great food, people and atmosphere. I like it better than Bangkok because it doesn’t feel like a “concrete jungle”. If you want some breakfast type food, get some roti or even better and go to Selengor Mansion and get the Roti Special. They are well known for it and always serve it except during lunch. And are open 24hrs. And there as always their national dish, Nasi Lemak!

Wow, Kuala Lumpur is fascinating and full of diversity. Great street music too. Super video👍

Fabulous tour, of my favorite city/country on earth.. KL, Malaysia…. I’d love to see Putrajaya as well.

Kuala Lumpur looks awesome! Can’t wait to go there in December.

Walking Through the Streets of Reykjavik, Iceland

Walking Through the Streets of Reykjavik, Iceland  (c) Gabriel Traveler

(c) Gabriel Traveler Exploring the center of Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. NEED GEAR FOR YOUR TRAVELS? Visit Gabriel’s Amazon e-store for ideas: …

Curious about the prices of things in Iceland? See this video:

Iceland has always been my favourite country in the world to live in. Its temperature is cold, the skies are mostly grey but nonetheless I love cold and grey clouds and rain/snow… Its massive quantity of environment is stunning and overwhelming, the fact of not having crowded/clusted places is fascinating either and there (with the pure air and plus), we can have a heathy and restful live. Also hearing their language is pleasantly gorgeous

Being born in iceland is the equivalent of winning the lottery in life

the lack of tall buildings really soothes my mind

Im an Icelander but currently live in Asia, but i cant wait to go back to Iceland to experience snow and this gloomy weather and just walking in the streets!!!!

It looks beautiful, so clean and hardly any noise from traffic👍

Thanks for doing what I planned to do my whole life, walking around in Reykjavik and showing it unedited. Unfortunately my back got old at a very young age, so I am not able to travel anymore. Stuk in a (very comfortable) suburb in the Netherlands, I guess. Reykjavik looks like I could have lived there. Very cosy and well maintained.

I really appreciate this opportunity you’ve given us to see Iceland from the capital’s streets!! Thank you!!!

I’ve visited Iceland once and just loved♥️ there so much, beautiful nature and beautiful hot springs!! But it was freezing cold in the end of September, for me. 💕💖💕✨💕✨🌈

I am a born and bred South African. HOT HOT temps in summer!! Too hot for me. I started to get obsessed with Iceland and Scandanavian coutries. Clean, dissiplined populations, not overcrowded, everything works, education and good working health system, etc…..Not in Africa, the opposite! Love to Iceland from SA!!❤❤❤

I just recently made the trip to Iceland. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Beautiful scenery and a calm atmosphere. I enjoyed seeing all the places I had been in this video.

This country is a paradise,wonderful,I hope visit there soon

I badly want to live here. Cheers for this gorgeous walk you have shared!

I love that type of gloomy weather. The constant hot sun is getting on my nerves. Hawaii is hella expensive too almost like Iceland. That pisses me off even more. 😂

I really enjoy the walking through streets videos. Its so interesting to see the different buildings and people out in the street! you get to see things you wouldn’t normally see as people usually make videos of attraction sites and popular places.

I can feel the coldness of Iceland just by watching this video 🇮🇸Greetings from Indonesia 🇮🇩

Iceland……one of my favourite countries. I want to go back and this time in winter to catch the Northern Lights. Absolutely stunning country.

What I really love is the cold weather and beautiful landscapes. Iceland is a paradise for me 💙

Reykjavik looks line a really nice city to explore on foot or by bicycle. I hope to visit it someday.

So nice to see how humans were able to settle in such a diverse range of regions. It makes me happy to see societies flourish in these kind of regions (just like on those little islands in the Pacific). Greetings from Bogot�, Colombia, South America, and God bless Iceland.