Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり(おすすめch紹介)

Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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白日 / King Gnu (Covered by 夏色まつり&律可)

白日 / King Gnu (Covered by 夏色まつり&律可)  (c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり

(c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり 歌:夏色まつり 律可 YouTube→ …

Between the memes and the internet personalities is a group of talented voice artists

One of Matsuri’s best covers. The song really matches her and Rikka’s voice. I still listen to it often, Let’s get it to 1M views!!Edit: We did it!!!! \(^▽^)/

There is so much potential in HolostarsThe problem is that, Hololive is so famous that people have never/rarely heard of Holostars.In case nobody understands,Holostars is another group made by the same company that made Hololive. But in Holostars, they’re mostly just focused on boy VTubers. There are 2 gens at the time. They are really outshined by Hololive resulting in them ranking below popularity.

YES ITS FINALLY BACK! Feels like it has been forever since I last listened to this masterpiece.

I can honestly say after listening to the original by King Gnu and this cover – this cover is the BEST version of this song! Excellent vocals! Matsuri, you are such a star! And Rikka, you are extremely talented, as well! Love from America!

This song gives me goosebumps, every time. Love it.

It was only a matter of time before this masterful cover hit 1 million views. Matsuri and Rikka really make a powerful combination.

My fucking god, when the music cuts out at 3:34 and just Matsuri is singing, just hits so hard… And when Rikka cuts in at 3:44, I don’t even know what to say, just, perfect. And then when they harmonize at 3:53 and the music comes back in… Just, GAAAARGH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Matsurikka is one of the best duos in all of Holopro, their voices just match up so perfectly, IT’S TOO DAMN GOOD!

This cover is so beautiful I’m just lost for words 🧡

I don’t get how people can dislike a video while premiere

God this is one great songI legit can’t stop listening to it

Oh wow, i think the vocal range for this song is really hard to replicate, and you nailed it!


I only learned about the Holostars guys today, and I can’t stop watching their videos. This is incredible.


Great song and interpretation, I can’t get enough of it. Love how your voices intertwine.And good job on the video, not easy to make something with a static character image, some pictures of Paris and Tokyo and CGI…

Now I’m 90% convinced that Matsuri really is an Idol.Men, she’s a package. She can dance and sing so good.

3.5M views おめでとう!Still the best duet and best cover of hakujitsu no matter how many years has passed

I actually love this cover so much! Amazing voices~

I keep coming back here almost everyday to listen to this masterpiece. It’s so good 👍

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空色デイズ Sorairo Days / 中川翔子 (Covered by 夏色まつり&Gawr Gura)

空色デイズ Sorairo Days / 中川翔子 (Covered by 夏色まつり&Gawr Gura)  (c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり

(c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり ぐらちゃんとずっと歌いたかった空色デイズ歌ったよ~!! 歌 がうる・ぐら(Gawr Gura) 夏色まつり …

The fact that Gura can do this without actually speaking Japanese will never not amaze me.

What the fuck? Gura’s pronunciation is getting better and better each time. It’s actually amazing to think that she can’t actually speak Japanese yet. She literally sounds like a native speaker.

man so no one is gonna talk about how beautiful matsuri’s voice is?

Welcome back, we know this isn’t your first time here

Gura said that they did this back in October. Crazy that they kept this hidden and secret for 6 months. Makes you wonder how much they got going on they have to be busy and to not even say anything but just drop this then they both have to have more in the works.

14 years and this song still makes me want to pierce the heavens

I love how everyone treats Gura’s bottom teeth as a face reveal

I accidentally clicked on this song and it was really good this is one of the best I heard so far

I love how Hololive is bringing English and Japanese communities together over their mutual love and support for anime and idols.I love even more that Sorairo Days and Gurren Lagann is something of an anthem for Hololive at this point.

I still can’t get over how good matsuri’s voice is she sounds amazing

The cover that will pierce the heavens.

as a hardcore gurren lagann worshipper and avid vtuber viewer, this is a masterpiece to me

I absolutely love this. It’s been replaying in my mind all day!


I love Matsuri’s covers so much. She has such a lovely voice ^^

Thank you Matsuri for being Gura’s first official HoloLive cover collaborator.

we need more collabs of these 2 with songs. the singing is beyond amazing.

Matsuri and Gura’s cuteness can pierce the heavens without using drills

I absolutely love Gura’s Japanese singing voice! She has great pronunciation!!

Their voices harmonize really well! I like this pairing a lot.

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カタオモイ(Aimer) / 夏色まつり cover

カタオモイ(Aimer)  /  夏色まつり cover  (c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり

(c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり 君にいつもカタオモイ… …。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。 歌:夏色まつり(@natsuiromatsuri) MIX:ごず様(@_gozu777) イラスト:せら …

I was here last week, but I cried so hard till a point where I can’t even use my keyboard.I came back here today to tell you that you are wonderful, thank you so much for everything.

*This song gets unprivated*Me: _You look as beautiful as the day we lost you_

This song will remain here in our hearts, from that one guy we called “legend” o7


【 歌詞 】例えば 君の 顔に 昔より シワが 増えても それでもいいんだ 僕が ギターを 思うように 弾けなくなっても 心の歌は 君で 溢れているよ 高い声も 出せずに 思い通り 歌えない それでもうなずきながら 一緒に歌ってくれるかな 割れんばかり の拍手も 響き渡る 歓声もいらない 君だけ 分かってよ 分かってよ Darlin’ 夢が叶ったの お似合いの 言葉が見つからないよ Darlin’ 夢が叶ったの 「愛してる」 たった 一度の たった 一人の 生まれてきた幸せ 味わってるんだよ 今日が メインディッシュで 終わりの日には 甘酸っぱいデザートを 食べるの 山も谷も 全部フルコースで 気が利くような 言葉はいらない 素晴らしい 特別もいらない ただずっと ずっと側に置いていてよ 僕の想いは歳をとると 増えてくばっかだ 好きだよ 分かってよ 分かってよ ねえ darlin’ 夢が叶ったの お似合いの言葉が 見つからないよ (ゆ)Darlin’ 夢が叶ったの 愛が溢れていく 君が僕を 忘れてしまっても ちょっと辛いけど それでもいいから 僕より 先に どこか 遠くに 旅立つことは 絶対 許さないから 生まれ変わったとしても 出会い方が 最悪でも また僕は君に 恋するんだよ 僕の心は 君にいつも片想い 好きだよ 分かってよ 分かってよ 分かってよ Darlin’ 夢が叶ったの お似合いの言葉が 見つからないよ Darlin’ 夢が叶ったの ねえ darlin’「愛してる」0:01 0:01 0:01 0:010:01 0:01 0:01 0:01( ͡ ͜ ͡ )ツカッテネ…

Matsuri singing: pure angelMatsuri anywhere else: chaotic energy My spirit animal 

I found this beautiful Cover by Matsuri-Chan due to Kelanduo.And I couldn’t be more thankful for him and the amazing Art he did for the Hololive Girls.Now this Song will have an even more special meaning too it now because of him.Rest In Peace, Kelanduo.

never though her voice would be this beautiful

It’s a one-sided love because the other girls ran awayJoke aside, this cover is so damn nice

Kelanduo reached his oshi. I’m sure he’s dancing right about now. Rest in peace king.

Waking up and see Matsuri tweet that this song’s back is such a good feeling, WOHOOO IT’S BACK BABY!!

I didn’t know i would cry more than beforeAfter seeing kelanduo’s message for Matsuri, this hits much more to the heart T_T

What a great cover. Since I dont know japanese and seeing the lyrics translated in English gives so much more emphasis on how heartbreaking this song can be.Legitimately teared up on the 2nd half of the song, a whole song about unrequited love and how you’ll follow them throughout eternity no matter where they go because you’re so in love with them that you always want them to be with you.The part where the lyrics go that they won’t forgive them if they go off on a journey to a faraway place (pass away) really hit hard.This song works extremely well with Matsuri’s voice, i’m becoming even a much bigger fan of her work.まつり、がんばって!🏮

Who’s here again after this song is unprivated?

1 million views! We did it people, she deserves this

Matsuri’s voice is really cheerful so when you put it on a sad song it really shines!What I feel from this song is like saying “See you later tommorow” but from the original it’s more like a farewell or missing someone. Amazing cover!

This is one of Aimer’s greatest songs. Matsuri sang it really well damn.

this makes me think of the future me. that will eventually grow old. being a grandpa that listen to j-pop songs everyday. a weeb grandpawhat a blessingedit:it’s been a year since I entered this hole. still not regreting it

Kelanduo will be remembered. His love for Matsuri is unparalleled even till the last moment. Rest In Peace

This song melts my heart every time I listen ❤️

君の知らない物語(supercell) / 夏色まつり cover【アコギver】

君の知らない物語(supercell) / 夏色まつり cover【アコギver】  (c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり

(c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。 【お借りした音源様】 『化物語』 君の知らない …

I got her in AzurlaneI listen to her story about using a bandage in winterNow i had a crush on her voiceSuch a time to be alive

Congratulations on finding this, you sort by new and here’s the translation and Romaji. Yes I sent the captions for review and nope they aren’t approved yet and I don’t think they’ll ever get approved unless somehow Matsuri goes back to her older cover videos every so often. The best you can help me is to leave a like so it doesn’t get buried like my previous comment. If you spot mistakes let me know, I’ll rectify it. EDIT: If you want to see the captions, you have to be on PC. Go to CC under settings then “Add subtitles/CC”, I already left my captions there but just haven’t been approved.Itsumo doori no aru hi no kotoKimi wa totsuzen tachiagari ittaKonya(kouya?) hoshi wo mi ni ikou(yukou)It was a day just like any otherSuddenly, you stood up and said”Why don’t we go stargazing tonight?”————————————–“Tama ni wa ii koto iu nda ne”Nante minna shite itte warattaAkari mo nai michi wo”Say something nice once in a while!”You said in front of everyone and laughedWhile there wasn’t any light along the way————————————–Bakamitai ni hashaide aruitaKakaekonda kodoku ya fuan niOshitsubusarenai you niYour idiotic attempts to make merry as we walkedYou tried to bear my burdens like my loneliness and insecuritiesWell, I hope you don’t get crushed by them————————————–Makku na sekai kara miagetaYozora wo hoshi ga furuyoudeItsuka darou kimi no koto wo oikakeru watashi ga itaI looked up from this pitch black worldAmong the seemingly cascading stars in the night skyI wondered “Since when… …did I start taking an interest towards you? ” ————————————–Douka onegaiOdorokanaide kiite yoWatashi no kono omoi woSomehow, I beg of youPlease don’t be surprised when you listenWhen you hear, these feelings of mine————————————–Are ga denebu arutairu begaKimi wa yubi sasu natsu no daisankakuOboete sora wo miru”That’s Deneb, that’s Altair and there’s Vega” You point at the Summer TriangleAs I recall us gazing at the sky————————————–Yatto mitsuketa orihimesamaDakedo doko darou hikoboshisamaKore ja hitori bocchiAt last, I found the star of VegaBut hey, now where’s the star of Altair? I felt so left out because of this————————————–Tanoshige na hitotsu tonari no kimiWatashi wa nanimo ienakuteHontou wa zutto kimi no koto woDokoka de wakatteitaIt feels so pleasant being the only one next to youI couldn’t say anything at allReally, all this while, this thing I have for youSomewhere, at some point, I realized what it was————————————–“Mitsukatta”tteTodoki wa shinaiDame dayo, nakanaideSou ii kikaseta”I found out what’s up(with my feelings)” But I can’t get through to youThis is bad, I don’t want to cryWhen these words finally reach you————————————–Tsuyogaru watashi wa okubyoudeKyoumi ga nai you na furi wo shiteta dakedo…Mune wo sasu itami wa mashiteku”A souka suki ni naru” tte kou iu koto nanda neI act strong despite my cowardiceI pretended not to be interested, however… A stabbing pain built up inside my heartAh I seeThis is what falling in love feels like————————————–Dou shitai, ittegoranKokoro no koe ga suruKimi no tonari ga iiShinjitsu wa zankoku daWhat do you plan on doing? Please try to say somethingListen to my heartfelt emotionsIt’s nice to be by your sideBut sadly, the truth hurts————————————–IwanakattaIenakattaNido to modorenaiI didn’t say anythingI couldn’t say anythingI’ll never be able to return back————————————–Ano natsu no hiKirameku hoshiImademo omoidaseru yoTo that summer’s dayThose brilliant glistening starsEven now, I still remember it————————————–Waratta kao mo, okotta kao moDaisuki deshita, okashii yo neWakatteta noniKimi no shiranai watashi dake no himitsuThe face when you laughed, the face when you were crossI loved them all. How laughable, huh?If only you understood…The thing you’ll never know… This secret that only I will know————————————–Yoru wo koete, tooi omoide noKimi ga yubi wo sasuMujaki na koe deAs I went through the nightA distant memory of you resurfacedOf you pointing with a fingerAmidst a voice of innocence

This song cover is actually so beautiful Im so glad I found it

Oh my god this song…I’m now at a point where I love her so much it hurts.

I’m glad this is public again as well. Her cover of this and Kataomoi reveals a side I rarely see of her in clips.

I didn’t even know Matsuri did a cover of a Monogatari ED, you have done well YT recommendations.

Well, this was particularly pretty. Matsuri’s voice is amazing <3

This guitar arrangement is quite a thing, and Matsuri’s flawless performance goes perfectly along it.

To this day, this still remains one of my favorite covers any of the Hololive girls have produced. Matsuri’s singing voice is just wonderful, the song itself soothes my soul, and the acoustic sounds and FEELS nice. To think it’s nearly been a year since I first heard it, too…

Hopefully she continues to sing calming songs like this.

Just got into this community and omg she’s covering most of my favorite songs! <3 Love it!

Such a nice and soothing voice ❤️❤️❤️


It’s 2020, and i never bored to hear this cover. What a lovely sound~

2 years , and got recommended by this blessed song, I really love this , this is just really beautiful



Her voice is so perfect in this kind of song i hope she can cover more chill songs like this. Nandemonaiya, Michishirube (Violet Evergarden ED), or Inochi no namae come to my mind.


Damn, this is such a good cover of such a great song from such a great anime made by such a great studio. If you can’t tell, I think that this is great

心做し / 夏色まつり cover【オリジナルPV/4K】

心做し / 夏色まつり cover【オリジナルPV/4K】  (c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり

(c) Matsuri Channel 夏色まつり 独りにしないで─── …。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。oо○**○оo。…。 歌:夏色まつり(@natsuiromatsuri) MIX:ごず様(@_gozu777) イラスト:泉彩様 …

Remember gamers, the flatter they are, the closer you are to their hearts when you hug them.

I’ve been listening to this song for over a month now, it just never gets old. Definitely my favorite song.

Its finally back!!! i missed this cover a lot!!! Let’s hope we dont lose it again!


Thank you for being so wonderful.


I am shocked by the fact that I somehow missed this beautiful cover for so long, one of my favorite vocaloid songs and Matsuri sang it absolutely amazingly!

..It’s back… *are these tears?*Matsuri, you never fail to impress me


i’m here to discover the idol side of matsuri and i’m just falling in love with her singing voice

歌詞ねぇ、もしも全て投げ捨てられたら 笑って生きることが楽になるの? また胸が痛くなるから もう何も言わないでよねぇ、もしも全て忘れられたなら 泣かないで生きることも楽になるの? でもそんな事出来ないから もう何も見せないでよ君にどれだけ近づいても 僕の心臓は一つだけ酷いよ 酷いよ、もういっそ僕の体を 壊して 引き裂いて 好きなようにしてよ 叫んで 藻掻いて 瞼を腫らしても まだ君は僕の事を抱きしめて離さない もういいよねぇ、もしも僕の願いが叶うなら 君と同じものが欲しいんだ でも僕には存在しないから じゃあせめて此処に来てよ君にどれだけ愛されても 僕の心臓は一つだけやめてよ やめてよ、優しくしないでよ どうしても僕には理解ができないよ 痛いよ 痛いよ、言葉で教えてよ こんなの知らないよ 独りにしないで酷いよ 酷いよ、もういっそ僕の体を 壊して 引き裂いて 好きなようにしてよ 叫んで 藻掻いて 瞼を腫らしても まだ君は僕の事を抱きしめて離さない もういいよねぇ、もしも僕に心があるなら どうやってそれを見つければいいの? 少し微笑んで君が言う 「それはね、ここにあるよ」

I straight up sobbing when listening this cover. The art is splendid, and the song quality is outstanding. Thank you for putting so much feeling to this song. ❤️❤️❤️

I find myself listening to your cover songs more and more. Love your voice Matsuri.

This is the same person who made a beer animation into her peeing in a middle of a stream.And I think that’s beautiful.


Came because of the band-aid storySubbed because of memes and quality content*Stayed because Natsuiro Matsuri is best girl*

This is…. So… Beautiful

All of her covers are coming back and I couldn’t be happier This is one of my favorites~

Emotions really do pop out when you sing this one.Well done Band aid gurl

I’ll be honest with you all, fellas….I think i fall in love with Matsuri..❤️❤️❤️