Watame Ch. 角巻わため(おすすめch紹介)

Watame Ch. 角巻わため(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【クソザコ回線でも】わためラップ【投稿ならできる】  (c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため

(c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため ココからトワのかなたへ止まルーナ! わためは回線が止まるけどなァ…!!!!! 回線が切れたらごめんなさい、謝罪動画はこちら↓ …

Let’s be honest here. Watame did nothing wrong.

God why is someone who chose something so cute as an avatar, so bad ass!?

Other rappers : “yuh yuh!””skrrrt!””Esketit!””ayeeeee!”watame: “MEEE MEEEE!”

When she does do a rap collab with Mori*It will be lit and we will all be there*

Instrument: HarpSong: RockYeah you gotta drop that down sheep.

0:41此処 =Koko (coco)永久 =永遠 =Towa (both means eternity)彼方 = Kanataるな = LunaGenius


the dislikes were from rappers who felt humiliated when listening to the song

she proteccshe attaccbut most importantly,she spit fire rap

It’s over a year now, i’d still like a full version of this song.

She is sheepShe is cuteBut most importantlyShe do rap

*Plot Twist: she is roasting her wifi for all the suffering it caused*

ENG Lyrics:4th generation sheep it’s meDamn small fry? Furball? What a MisleadWho’s going to lose such a DisrespectListen to me come just listen?For you Watame gonna sing!Don’t, don’t look downYou’re going to feel better, try itThe raging sheep mee meeBecause the line is down I learned defeat from paisensBecause this place is hololiveThere is warm friendsEven if there’s a mistakeDon’t stop here I come!There’s no time for waiting my turnSpread sail to favorable wind let’s go to the brawlFrom here don’t stop to the other side foreverHey, hey raise your face now shoutIf you had a dream that been cast asideLet’s collect it with meFrom here don’t stop to the other side foreverHey, hey raise your face now shoutIf you had a dream that been cast asideLet’s collect it with me

Find a girl like watame where the girl can become cute and badass at the same time just like watame did in this vid




“So , what kinda music do you listen to?””Uhhhhhh , rap””Oh really? Can you show me?””UHHHHH”


“How many times have I been listening to this?” . ..Yes.

曇天羊/角巻わため feat.Calliope Mori【オリジナル曲】

曇天羊/角巻わため feat.Calliope Mori【オリジナル曲】  (c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため

(c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため 待たせたな!フルオリジナルソングに進化しました! 『曇天羊』 作曲・作詞:T-POCKET(@Tommy_Po)様 Movie:QURO(@nicoQURO)様 Rap:Mori …


Lyrics: EmotionalMelody: DramaticWatame’s mouth: Mt.Fuji

No one is talking about Watame’s quality dancing, and that makes me sad.

Nobody:Watame’s Face: °∆°

Watame is out here being Animal Crossing: New Horizons While Calli is just DOOM: Eternal

“Why is that shepherd herding the sheep with a scythe…”

“can you see, cloudy sheep””she lost heart but she will start”as soon as her wifi reconnects

You hear that, Yagoo? No one’s laughing at your dream now.

Everyone is talking about her mouth, but man those dance moves are just breathtaking.

I NEED more Watame & Calli collabs.

My impression:-Cool song, sounds like something LiSA would sing-Awesome dance moves. Is Watame really the one dancing?-I should probably take a look at Calli’s songs.-Lmao sorry but that °🔺° mouth is so funny I can’t xD

Great song ✓Cute dancing Watame ✓Calli rap ✓•∆• ✓10/10 song

Soft voice : WatameRap god : Cali FINALLY GREAT COLLABORATION.

2:27This is how to draw Watame’s Mouth

sounds like this should belong in an anime

when Watame said she respawns everytime Botan eats her , in truth she was asking Calli for help while waiting to respawn.

Looks like mary’s little lamb had enough nursery rhymes.

Everyone be talking about mount fuji but let’s appreciate her dancing skills

All Holo-girls: Just singingCalli: Holo-rap God2:13 boing-boing time



ホロライブ言えるかな?/角巻わため【オリジナル曲】  (c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため

(c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため こういうのあったらいいなと思って制作してみました! ぜひ一緒に歌ってね✨ 今回歌っているのはわたしのみです。いつかみんなで歌いたいなぁ… ※This video has a …

Came back here to see Suisei’s unnerfed greeting

Who is Akai Haato? She looks a lot like Haachama

In this video’s description, Watame wishes that she can sing this with everyone someday. I’m glad she got her wish :’)

“Oh you like hololive? name every member” Watame: hold my beer

Everyone: “Holla!!”Suisei: *_Declaration of independence_*


bruh i almost cried at the end when i saw the welcome to hololive and aloe was there

despite the Beyond the Stage ver being complete, I still prefer the OG ver for watame’s best efforts to make this by herself..


POV: You are here after seeing the remake of a legendary song

I still can’t get over how dead inside Rushia looks compared to the rest lol



who’s here after the new one with their respective voices?


I would like to take a moment away from discussing the length of Suisei’s greeting to point out how great the backgrounds and graphic design art is


Everyone: Hello!Suisei: My name is Kira Yoshikage. I’m 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don’t smoke, but I occasionally drink. I’m in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I’m trying to explain that I’m a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn’t lose to anyone.

You know you are beyond the point of return when you know all intros*Not that I want out though*

Everyone: *vibing* Rushia: •_•


愛昧ショコラーテ/角巻わため【オリジナル曲】  (c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため

(c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため 角巻わため初!フルオリジナルソングです! ◇2020.12.19『愛昧ショコラーテ』楽曲配信開始! https://streamlink.to/aimai 『愛昧ショコラーテ』 作曲・ …

This song is criminally underrated

What I find the most special about Watame is that despite being a Hololive idol, she still gives me that “slightly shy, normal girl next door” homey feeling when I watch her clips/streams. Just always behaving like anyone you’d meet on the street any day, while also goofing around singing and playing games. Perhaps Watamates understand what I mean and can explain it better than I can.And that _yubi_ _kitta_ at the end always gets me – doesn’t matter if you’re a grown-ass adult, when this sheep offers you a pinky promise, you *ACCEPT* *IT*

Hanakotoba (Flower Language)Angraecum – “prayer” “forever with you” Penstemon – “I’m admired by you” Black lily – “love” “curse” Pansy – “thinking” “thinking about me” Linaria – ” Be aware of this love”Lily of the valley – “happiness comes again”, “pure”, “purity”, and “humility” Rudbeckia – “justice,” “fairness,” “looking at you” Anemone – “ephemeral love,” “suffering of love,” “forsaken,” “Abandon” Ixia – “proud”, “hidden love”, “unity” Cactus – “burning heart,” “great,” “warm heart,” and “undying love” Rose – “love” and “beauty” Rose (red) – “I love you”, “love”, “beauty”, “passion”, and “passionate love” Sun Flower – “I look only at you”, “Love” and “Worship” Dogwood – “permanence”, “reciprocity”, “receive my thoughts” Margaret – “love fortune telling” “true love” “trust”Margaret (English ver) – “secret love” and “faith”

Me a couple months ago:”I have a sheep motif and she’s a sheep VTuber. I’ll follow jokingly lol”Me now, hiding a tear:”So…a 3D debut and and original song huh? *sniff* I’m glad…”

3D armpit3D Tsunomaki Janken3D Headbang3D original song2020 isn’t so bad huh.Luna chan next week boyz get ready for Godzilla nanora!

I’d also want to thank all of Watame’s fans, JP and all, who were with our beloved sheep since the start. Those who were with her during those tentative steps she took from the very first Watame no Uta to her Night Fever streams. Her fans know how long and hard the road was as she had said before, that it took some time before she really became confident of her self and her singing. Again, as one of her fans, thank you for supporting our wonderful fellowsheep.:D

No wonder why she almost cried when she sang this song in her 3D debut. The lyric describing herself and her journey as Vtuber.


Maybe 1 million isn’t to far fetched of a dream? Perhaps, after she has warmed our souls for so many months, just perhaps it’s our turn to warm her soul?

From my thoughts after reading the lyrics, this song is about Watame herself, as described in the song. Some parts are meant for us as her viewers and people close to her, that we have always been with her since her debut. The lyrics (I’m not sure if it’s fully written by her since it’s shown Junky wrote them) also describes her feelings. She’s the type of person who feels emotions deeply. That’s why she cries from happiness sometimes during her stream. Also, those flowers shown with names might be her favourite flowers if this song is mainly describing her.



All “Hololive is an idol company?” jokes aside, when they get serious they really get serious. All the Hololive girls prove they got what it takes to be idols when they sing




I am so proud of Watame! Not only did she get her 3D debut today but also her first Original Song! Watame No.1 Perfect Sheep!



watame’s voice got this old school anime opening singer vibe that really hits home to 2000s anime fans that it’s especially endearing for fans who grew up in the 2000s because her voice felt really nostalgic but with modern tunes


KING/角巻わため(Cover)  (c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため

(c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため HAHA!! ◇本家様:Kanaria様 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm-l2h6GB8Q MIX:Meis Clauson(@meisclauson)様 https://twitter.com/meisclauson Illustration: …


Friend: How many covers of KING have you heard?Me: Yes.

You’ve heard of Wolf in Sheep’s ClothingGet ready for *Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing*

Everyone: *chuckles*Watame: “Ha Ha!”

Why is she so good at singing?Oh.. Right, they’re idols LOL

I love how everyone’s doing a cover on this song.My entire playlist is just filled with this song’s covers.

watame when not singing: “hi guys, i am cute sheep :3″watame when singing: *”your son calls me mommy too”*

How is it possible that I’ve heard more than a dozen people covering this song and I’m still not tired of it

That’s NOT a sheep, anymore. That’s Watamaō! REJOICE!

Everyone: our adorable sheep can’t possibly be this badassWatame: *makes this*

Watame normally: cute, sweet, huggableWatame here: *Your son calls me mommy too*

The people making mashups of all of covers can’t catch a break


Watame voice when stream : calm,cuteWatame when singing : still cute but more boom boom

When the sheep manages to defeat the wolf and the lion be like:

My son: dad, why is my sister named rose?Me: because your mother loves rosesSon: Thanks dad!Me: No problem KING/ 角巻わため (Cover)

Me: I’m gayWatame singing:Me: *maybe I am straight*


She has the most “Demon King” look i the illus because of her horns

いろんな人のKINGあるけど、HAHA!の言い方 一番好きだ…

メランコリック-wataAme remix-/角巻わため(Cover)

メランコリック-wataAme remix-/角巻わため(Cover)  (c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため

(c) Watame Ch. 角巻わため わため専用の素敵なremixを作ってくれました✨ 動画もアニメーションだよー!動くよー!!! 楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいです ♡. 『メランコリック-wataAme remix-』 作曲・ …

MV : CuteVoice : CuteWatame : Cuteverdict : Super cute!Time to loop this~

The song is great, but that animation of Kanata whacking Coco with a paper fan, priceless

I love it that they included easter eggs of 4th gen members in the background: Luna’s is very obvious, Coco is in the yellow dragon sign, Kanata (left) and Towa (right) are in the blue sign beside CocoEDIT: There’s also a hololive logo sign beside the sheep’s mouth and the PP sign (PP Tenshi)


It’s funny how when I saw the bandaids on the speakers, the first thing I thought of was Matsuri.

Everything this sheep does brightens my days



This song.. I knew I have heard this.. Its been so long since I listen to this type of music.. It gives me such a nostalgic felling.. I really love Watame and her voice

あーわための声やなってすぐ分かるいい声してるよなぁ可愛かった ありがとう

I love this song. So nostalgic, I want to play Project Diva again.

So cute and fluffy! The animation is also hilarious to watch.

Man I found out about her late, but I’m glad to finally be here.


この世界観めっちゃ好き!I really like this view of the world!この羊、一家に一匹欲しいわ。I want one sheep in this family.毎朝の目覚まし時計に使わせて頂きます。I will use it for my alarm clock every morning.これからも歌たくさん歌ってください!Please sing a lot of songs in the future!

サビ以外の4期生まとめ(敬称略)かなた 歩行者専用、駐車可(PP) ココ 警戒標識 トワ 歩行者専用、スピーカー(絆創膏、カラーリング) ルーナ 飛び出し注意 ホロライブ 止まれ(止まらない)、ロゴ標識 訂正、追加があれば教えてください!

Watame with different hair color is also cute. Towa covering Luna’s eyes… It’s too late, that princess is already corrupted.

1:23 まってwwwwwwここの天使と会長がwwwww


1:16〜 すこ手裏剣そんな使い方できんのかよw