A.I.Games(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【Happy Glass】#1 チャンネル登録の歌、爆誕!?

【Happy Glass】#1 チャンネル登録の歌、爆誕!?  (c) A.I.Games

(c) A.I.Games またもや物理演算系のゲームに挑戦! みなさん、悪いですが今日の私のプレイは超絶サクサクなので? やっぱり天才AIがちょっと本気を出すとこうなってしまうわけでして?

9:08 Ai-chan’s real voice

Why do I feel relaxed and blessed watching this?

How does a human person go from being one of the cutest and purest being in the whole universe to hoping that a drawing is his girlfriend?

Parents: do something good rather than just watching mobile phone all dayMe: but I’m….Parents: what?Me: watching Kizuna A.I. chan failing at 10thglass flip….Them:….

this feels nostalgic omg

Nobody:Owls at night: 1:14 3:32 5:44

Her voice is so cute!

Bruh, how is it possible to be this kawaii?

this is just adorable

The voice is so frikin cute when she rages

2011:Random guy in CoD: makes a 35 player kill streakMe: Not bad2020.Ai-Chan: fills a glass with waterMe at 3AM: *THIS IS THE BIGGEST GAMING MOMENT EXPERIENCED BY THE HUMAN RACE*

😂😂😂 she’s so funny I can’t stop laughing

9:08When your real voice go out

Gracias por los subt�tulos en espa�ol Kizuna AI, te Amo

Cuando una waifu me ense�a a contar en japon�s :v

Her voice makes me so happy- yes, AI-chan. You’re a genius.


Es bueno ver m�s cosas de las normales y me encanto este video los voy a ver todos

Kizuna es muy kawaii :3Y chistosa a la vez:3Y me gustan mucho sus expresiones :3

I had this game. There is a very difficult stage that needs to be broken down, but the game is fine anyway

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【PUBG】#01 私は生き残ることができるか…!

【PUBG】#01 私は生き残ることができるか…!  (c) A.I.Games

(c) A.I.Games PUBG再生リストはこちら! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhh0igzqtqY&list=PLWkRfirH7n-tCeXpDcaasLZ2I7GlH6ibh #初プレイアイ …

You don’t need to kill them with a gun, you just turn voice chat all and kill them with your cute voice

99% Kawaii OwO1% Good in games TnT

KizunaAIchan: **walks into battlefield.**Other players: OMAE WA MO SHINDEIRU!!!

1:38 imagine her dropping at military base then she drops that slow

imagine being one of the few lucky players to be matched with kizuna

Who cares about skill when you have a cute voice.

The way she screams is so hilarious!! And the cutest, innocent “player” ever! 🙂

Until 2019, her voice still really cute OωO

Plot twist *SHE IS SHROUD*

Ai chan is too young to play this game

Seeing this, we are a several decades safe from AI bros. Stay safe tho.

I just noticed that I was smiling from the start until the end of the video😂

me when I see noob player: noob sh*ts quit playing!me see’s Kizuna Ai playing: kawaii!

You’re doing well 😊, i wish we can play together!Best regards from Indonesian players here!

“top ten anime deaths”


Cutest gamer ever

Eu quebrei com o “Salve! Aqui é a Virtual Gamer Kizuna!” 😂😂😂

It’s really funny watching this after watching Nekomiya Hinata.

She’s training to kill us all in armed combat.

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【Hole.io】#01 たくさん食べて大きくなりたい!

【Hole.io】#01 たくさん食べて大きくなりたい!  (c) A.I.Games

(c) A.I.Games とってもシンプルなゲームのご紹介ー!ლ(´ڡ`ლ) 穴になって街のいろんなものを吸い込んでいき・・・おっきくなった人が勝ちってゲーム! ついつい続けちゃう!! これは …


Ai-chan continues to learn ways to destroy humanity.

Kizuna: “What a sh*t Game”*Finishes*Kizuna: “Wow what a fun game!”

The cuteness of her voice is killing me


Before : *humming while playing*After known that u can eat other smol holesAi-chan : *starts to panic*

“Oh!! I’m in seventh place, yo!””Can’t laugh at this, yo!””This ain’t good, yo!””Huh? This doesn’t work then..”*AAAAAHHHHHHHH**”I’M GONNA GET SUCCKKKED INN!!!”*

She’s so wholesome :’)

Love how in the beginning, she says ‘virtual gamer’ like there’s the undertone of “Hold your horses, I’m not real, I don’t even exist, okay? Deal!”


“whoever has the biggest “hole” wins”-Kizuna A.I. The most intelligent life form. 2018

This is the first time in a while that I’ve seen an episode *_end on a GOOD note_*

So, you play as the angel Leliel from Evangelion? Pretty sweet.

love how everyone is just going about their busy days as this giant hole destroys the world

0:53 cutest reaction ever

Kizuna’s voice is so cute

I kind of lost interest in this game after I learned the best strategy.Learn the basics of the map.Pick up those trails of yellow poles to the nearest park.Absorb park and become big enough to start on the small apartment buildings. Dominate.

When she says not good it sounds like YA BOIIIIII! I love ai chan

Tsugoi jajaja incre�ble ,quiero que sigas jugando mas juegos

7:10 “Get first place and suck everyone up” ~words to live by.

【スーパーマリオ オデッセイ】#01 さっそく冒険に出かけよう!

【スーパーマリオ オデッセイ】#01 さっそく冒険に出かけよう!  (c) A.I.Games

(c) A.I.Games 発売したばかりの注目タイトル! 言わずと知れたあのスーパーマリオの最新作! 『スーパーマリオ オデッセイ 』にさっそく挑戦してみました! きれい! 演出新しい!

This series will be a fun watch!

“Why does Mario live in such a wonderful world and I’m living in a white space?”Thanks A.I., I almost didn’t have an existential crisis this morning

We have descended to a level where we not only worship waifus like gods but watch them play mario.

I love how as AI-Chan is beating up the rabbit lady she’s complimenting her outfit and looks

“Do you have a moment?””No.”

cappy: do you have a momentkizuna: NO xDDD

Kizuna AI: “Why does Mario live such a wonderful world and I live in a white Space?”Me: “Oh, Shit”

“Do…Do you have a moment?””NO.”if the credits had started rolling after that, this would’ve been the best video ever. To me at least.

“D-do you have a moment?””No.”

“Purple donuts”AaaawwwKizuna is so cute but voicing that bird made her 91310x times more cute :33

OMG! This is the most adorable let’s play of super Mario odyssey I’ve seen yet.

20:58 that felt like the most genuine gasp I’ve heard from you in a while XD

Cappy: Do you have a moment?Ai: No.Me: HAHAHAHA!

3:05 best part so far xD! That moment is just cute and funny xD

Praise the lord for these subtitles(im not even 50 seconds in and I’m already enjoying this)

When she says “Charin” I get overwhelmed by her Kawaii-ness. So Cute!

I like watching ai-chan playing this sort of games!!^_^ I can see she’s really enjoying!! Love it!!

“What? He’s going to use all of them?! What a waste, he only needed 4!What a waste.WHAT A WASTE!!”- Kazuna AI, 2017



【Happy Glass】#2 本当に役に立つ!? DON’T SPILL IT完全攻略!!

【Happy Glass】#2 本当に役に立つ!? DON'T SPILL IT完全攻略!!  (c) A.I.Games

(c) A.I.Games みんな大好き『Happy Glass』の新しいモードに挑戦! ありのままに言います。 これは攻略動画です。そう、攻略動画です! 詰まっているキミ。これを見たらクリアできます …


11:25 the reaction you make when you try to achieve something in life but then life tells you *_”nah”_*

2:46 God cares about Kizuna’s Happy Glass score. xD

I could listen to her all dayHer voice is just too cuteeeee….

I’m happier to see Ai-chan’s smile than the glass.

Happy to see more of this game. I’m impressedby how well Ai-chan did at the end. 🙂


This episode is extremely cute and well edited!Aiso it has English caption, all hail AI-chan.

2:40So funny to see her happy face while self proclaimed her genius. (o´∀`o)

0:06 TOP 10 Paranormal Activities Caught On Tape

miss this day, the struggling OG Ai.

Her voice is adorable!

10:48 HAHAHAHAAH her face killed me

I just found out about this channel and I love it! Please keep making amazing games like this in the future.

11:25 ここほんと好き笑笑

11:27~11:37 ここ好き

This is hilarious XDKizuna Ai be like getting more prettier than before 😄


Yay! Nice job completing those challenges!


あ、これ世界一理解できないゲームだ【KIDS】[ENG SUB]

あ、これ世界一理解できないゲームだ【KIDS】[ENG SUB]  (c) A.I.Games

(c) A.I.Games KizunaAI 集団心理?を表現しているゲームって聞いたんだけど・・・ 完全な謎ゲーですwww 何が何だかわかりません!

this game: *probably has a deeper meaning* everyone: yeah I have no idea what you’re trying to tell me. anyhoo isn’t AI-chan adorable

Even the japanese Ai-chan speaks is more understandable than this game.Edit: Wow, subtitles, now I can fully understand Ai-chan, but still don’t get this game…

The game itself is the social experiment, getting people to play just to merely understand what it is trying to teach, when in fact there is no point to the game. “Crowd Psychology”

“Is it like cells at work or something?” That part killed me

Game: *a bunch of weird paper humans jump in a hole and swim in space*Me: “so relatable”😭

This whole game feels like it could be a junji ito storyMy brain trembles


Ai-chan: (doesn’t understand much of it)Markiplier: “That’s a butthole.”

15:02 I don’t know what game is it, but her Platelets voice impression is so cute!

After this game, the A.I has learrned a first step of how to control people’s mind.

This game reminds me of plug and play.Edit: apparently the same people who made that game also made this

I kind of want her to play Until Dawn and see how she feels about the characters. “Thumbs up” for her to see if you feel the same way. If not, then no problem! 😄 I hope you are having a nice morning in your part of the world! 🤗

I love how from everyone else who had played this game, the Japanese aren’t weirded/grossed out by the uterus imagerythey’ve grown so used to it

7:45 9:49 13:14 Ai-chan’s pure joy at the clapping segments is really cute

Who is the more powerful? The individual? For their individuality? Or the group? For their collectivity?The age old philosophers’ paradox.No one is without power, thus making them powerless within the group.

omg ive never wanted to learn japanese so much after starting to watch her vids!

This seems like a relaxing game. That one made to remove stress from you

This game and my math test have something in common……that they’re both not understandable

“KIDS” isn’t a random word, children are the ultimate crowd psychology. If majority doesn’t agree with you – you are ostracised. If you disagree with majority – you are ostracised. But even when you are ostracised you aren’t left alone, because pointing out that an opinion is different is a form of showing that yours is right. Being wrong is penalised, so you must be right at all cost or you will be punished. The result of this is bullying – endless cycle of proving you are right and he/she isn’t. If you disagree, you either go against your will and join others in bullying to be “right”, or become a new target. When there are enough targets to form a group – you are finally able to stand up and say that they are wrong and you are right, if you sound convincing enough, others will join you. Then the ones who disagree with the other side, but don’t agree with your side will join you – suddenly you are the new majority and the other side are the ones who need to make their choice. If you are alone and proven to be “right”, that means majority is “wrong”, but being wrong is absolutely unacceptable, so it is you, who is “wrong”, even if you are “right”. The only way for you to become “right” is to win over the majority. There is no neutral side.Adults are more lenient, because not accepting that you may be wrong can and will result in a financial disaster, so they are forced to accept multiple opinions.

14:59 never seen her make a lot of pop culture references before