VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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F4G vs Sentinels – VALORANT Masters: Berlin – Group Stage

F4G vs Sentinels - VALORANT Masters: Berlin - Group Stage  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Berlin is the third Masters event of the 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour and represents the last opportunity for teams to earn VCT Points that will count towards …

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Team Liquid vs FNATIC – Challengers EMEA – Stage 2 Main Event – Finals

Team Liquid vs FNATIC - Challengers EMEA - Stage 2 Main Event - Finals  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour VOD from the #VCT EMEA Challengers Playoffs Finals! Check our website for more information: Follow us on Twitter: …

Valorant is really a great game

Dont mind me just watching fnatics old glory days :’(

Fnatic’s Haven CT holds are crazy

is there gonna be gamplay now ? or just commentary?

screm and japmi are epico!!!

liquid’s beat them always on 13-7 wow

When at Haven people said team liquid is noob and now they win

Both qualified for lan, so the result really doesn’t matter…

5:30:25 scream is not using a tl clothes lmao,

Yoooo this music slaps!!!

What happened in the NA finals? Why do these guys unlist all their videos? Here in India it’s sleep time when they start broadcasting. 🙄

Looks like im first comment nice conversation team liquid

wait is this a loop

No breach and yoru 😭😭😭

Is it Europe?



Scream > Tenz

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(REBROADCAST) Sentinels vs FNATIC – VCT Masters Reykjav�k – Grand Finals

(REBROADCAST) Sentinels vs FNATIC - VCT Masters Reykjav�k - Grand Finals  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Ten global teams battle it out in our first ever in-person VALORANT tournament taking place in Reykjavik, Iceland. Tune in to find who will be crowned the best in …

Sentinel : no coach, just igl and still can take the w without a single loss. this getting insane

Sentinels: Celebrating victoryZombs: Im still defusing ;-;

Fnatic: “Sentinels just a bunch of copycats”Still Fnatic:

I wanted to see Team LiquiD VS SeN in finals like the rivalry of TenZ and ScreaM would’ve been absolutely crazy

All win and lose aside, we can see how VALORANT has grown so much in a small timespan.

The performance of sentinels tells you that how rigorous the competition in NA is as compare to other regions, and their victory in the masters set up a bar for every region.

Damn, this is the first Valorant match I have ever watched, the only thing I feel is that Sentinel’s jerseys are sick

This match was very intense, because I was from sentinels as well as fnatic

This was the closest 3 0 defeat I have ever seen

That interview at the end + the group photo with each member taking turns holding the trophy. Love Sentinels

How did Donna not kill Mistic for that championship losing flash 😶

Finally a vod that isn’t repeated on first match, i just wanna watch the whole match and see who wins

TYSONNNNN and they all played well but THEY PROVED THE HATERS!!!

This was very entertaining

Fnatic gave a really tough matchup. It was really awesome tournament. Sentinels damnn awesome

Not a single map

Sentinels is the biggest beast team ever no one can beat em

i love valorant master song mix <3 still looking at the full vid for just listening to the opening, lul

why no one is talking about how good is averagejonas singing >? :3

Match start times:1st: 33:54 , technical unpause: 1:09:302nd: 2:00:533rd: 3:24:56

LET’S GOOO!!!! | Day 1 Tease – VALORANT Masters Reykjavík

LET’S GOOO!!!! | Day 1 Tease - VALORANT Masters Reykjavík  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík starts now. Tune in for our first-ever international tournament: May 24 – 30. View the schedule and watch at Join us …

never fire the editors bc holy shit they’re popping off

SicK and TenZ are trying so hard not to laugh

Track Name:2020 – IamDayLightThank me later 🙂

i feel like Riot just brought all these teams into the reykjavik sewers and told them to look like rappers

One thing u can nvr deny is the production quality from Riot

man that teaser was breathtaking absolutely brilliant

The writers just popped of , my heart is beating faster for the lan, I just want the hype

The whole aesthetic Riot have created around valorant is fkn killer, whomever is in the promotions and design teams are literal God tier

I keep coming back and i still had goosebump. Hope to see the dope edits on berlin. S H E E S S H H

1:30 i love how they KNOW that showing just tenz’s name on the back of a jersey is enough

im so confident in sentinels that im not even supporting my region team

i hope all teams of masters berlin are practicing their poses and moves for the intro xd

1:30 “TENZ” MonkaSThe only player that their nickname got shown in the video. The producer knows boys

Sharks’s part was the sickest

1:34 Everyone’s so serious on SEN except Sick, he just having a good time

still cant get over the fact how hype this trailer is whoever is behind is should be hired for every big event

This is more than a music video editing level! Huge thanks to the production team for having a lit video like this, just for us to watch!! Keep us entertain~ LOVE U RIOT GLHF TO THE TEAMS COMPETING THE TOURNAMENT!!!! For me its SENTINELS!! GO TYSON!

that scream part was the hardest

Who ever is making this beat needs a raise

I really don’t think any other company other than riot games makes fire montages: *editors casually sips Starbucks in their Lambos.*

One VALORANT Roster Remains Undefeated | The Headshot

One VALORANT Roster Remains Undefeated | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Did you know there is one VALORANT roster that has not lost a single match? This week we revisit how Korea’s Vision Strikers are dominating the scene with …

Really well made compilationDeserves WAYYYY more views tbh

I’m sold just from the beginning alone. Hilarious clip.

Yooo, Monkey Business has 3 former Overwatch pros on it, that’s pretty nostalgic (big OW guy here). Good to see them having success

I want HEET to qualify cuz they are insane and i love them! 😀

Korean players man, somehow so good at every game

Jinny be big braining her way out of the qualifiers🔥🔥

“A new team is making waves in EU…” isn’t WAVE ESports who also qualified, its monkey business, biggest bait and switch of 2021.

Loving these so far. Inject this into my veins again.

God damn players These valo tournaments never disappoint Especially the Koreans 🔥

That first clip is legendary

Amazing stuff , underappreciated

Really like that rivington is doing the commentary for this. Mans just has a nice voice.

Idk why they keep making so many channels, just keep it to one, Valorant.

“new team” lol, its bascially the core for the old Rogue overwatch team

dude how tf do you only have 8k subs. m88 i thought this was “the score esports”gj man, congrats, awsome video! <3

*casually sitting and waiting for when the Middle east VCT starts* no rush i geuss

Big depression that they don”t even mention the teams from OCE Challengers

Unkoe, AkM, AND TviQ. Love my former OWL guys

This is getting me so hype

Come india ASAP and we’ll se global esports being one of the top

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS | Sentinels vs. FNATIC – VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k Grand Finals Tease

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS | Sentinels vs. FNATIC - VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k Grand Finals Tease  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour It all comes down to this match. Which team will lift the trophy of the first-ever international VALORANT Champions Tour competition? Tune-in and watch the …

Everyone else: NA/EU is better.Me, an intellectual: Zombs Nation is gonna take it all.

Sentinels defeated Fnatics 2-0 before, in a CLOSE match. So buckle up boys, this finals gonna be really really good.

everyone saying this will be a stomp while im here thinking there’s a good chance that both teams will go the distance

So many good storylines throughout the tourney, EU vs NA, the dark horse NUturn, the underdog Crazy Racoons who played their hearts out, X10 and their energetic Jett Patiphan, Brazil’s embarrassing showing despite having two slots, ScreaM saying NA was too predictable, Fnatic and their grudge match, Tenz and if he would choke on LAN. For the first national tournament it was definitely entertaining and i can’t wait to see many more in the future.

bro imagine this tournament with a crowd…

I am an SEN fan but I love both of the teams … after I saw Boaster… man he is such a great guy he totally brings vibes everywhere and literally that grind in lower brackets was amazing … both the team are best suited for grand finals … I just want a good game man no cap

“we took down your little brother” XDthey literally already took you down, then you went for their little brother

Boaster: I really want that win man Sen and tenz: No

An uncontested team from NAThe headshot king becoming a meme (screaM deserves a better team! no cap)Dark horses from KoreaAn eccentric Jett from ThailandLacklustre Brazil with 2 slots (Vision Strikers were more worthy of a spot)It was a fun VCT Stage 2. Looking forward to Stage 3

Everyone is talking about all other regions …But ZombsNation is taking it all.. – ZOMBS 2021

Lol 3-0″Unlucky really”-Steel

Shazam saying “Good luck, you’re gonna need it” is low-key the best line anyone has said in the vid. You know this is going to be an amazing best of 5.

“sentinals we took down your younger brother now we’re coming for you” coldest line ever holy.

What a hype this is awesome can’t believe the lowers bracket run of team fynatic and obviously the clean chit of sentinals in upper bracket 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 let’s go can’t wait for this match

Damn, this teaser every day all good. Congratulations, Riot. You all got the hype we want

this gonna be the best match valorant esports has ever witnessed

a 5 game series would be so GOOOOOOOD. hopefully FNATIC takes it. im cheering for them

The management knows hot to create hype between the audience 💖

Everyone: hype TENZ:I SMILE

After the matchMistic: What I said was true. We play for each other, we win for each other and we even FLASH for each other.