VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Streamer SUPERSTARS Take On The World At Masters Berlin | The Headshot

Streamer SUPERSTARS Take On The World At Masters Berlin | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Our VALORANT Masters qualified teams are LOCKED IN! While some teams pack their bags to Berlin for a chance at Champions, others have already qualified.

Who ya got making it to the Grand Finals in Berlin?

I’m already loving that Bunny guy from F4q. I’m so hyped to see the Korean Raze in Berlin 😀

Already loving f4qs confidence. Let’s gooooo

“You can call us sentinels of korea”*gets second place

Crazy how only 1 team(sentinels) out of 4 from the Iceland masters semifinals was able to make it back.Shows how quickly the game is developing, new strats, new players.

“I’m the best raze in the world” So much confidence

1:28 only raze mains will understand how hard this jump truly is. Damn and to do it in masters

tbh, valorant has a good way to advertise their official event.

I have no idea whos making these videos, but as a long-time editor and someone who has made montages, the editing team has such a good eye for detail and such a sense for timings. So creative and so fluid. I wish I could be jealous but man so consistently high quality.

Let’s go PRX. Make SEA region proud❤️❤️

I’m so excited! I hope that this tournament will be as good as Reykjavik was or even better! LETS GO EU!

this is so hype. Love the confidence from Bunny and I love the all the competition. also #BRENLANGMALAKAS

Imagine sentinels taking it all without dropping any map once again

im really excited to see f4q play in berlin,i really hope they’ll exceed the expectations

Such great marketing guys. Others can learn alot from you!

Rooting for : Zeta Division aka Absolute Jupiter with their crispy Aimand ofc BREN ESPORTS! 🇵🇭

Im cheering for F4Q as There my Korean boyz, but cmon man, cant forget about Sentinels

i like sen but the tenz fanboys are just too much so I gotta support envy

GLHF to everyone! BRENlin x Paper Rex let’s go!

Berlin seems like it’s gonna be great to watch. Let’s go sentinels

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How To Retake Site Every Single Time | DECODED – VALORANT Guide

How To Retake Site Every Single Time | DECODED - VALORANT Guide  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Want to learn how to execute the perfect site retake? Check out these VALORANT tips from one of North America’s best: ShahZaM of Sentinels. Take notes as …

Which do you prefer: Playing as an attacker or defender?

expectations: thisreality: shazam: AH HA HA HA HA HA HA

this is like watching a nature documentary about how a lion kills gazelles

you’re acting like my plat teamates wont just run onto the site for a 1v5 one at a time

nah man, they just do “ping..??” “pong!” strategy

This is very well made though. Thank you!

our controller smokes our entrances

Basically they could retake due to Astra’s ULT right?Can you show something without using Ult? Ty

When you have shahzam as igl its ez

This was nice, but this was a lucky round as the omen died early, it’s very difficult to find pick and retake sites when both haven and ct are constantly smoked off and usually ct is walled off too

Pansy’s voice is really good and calm

sharing this with my val friends, such a good explanation

Looking forward to Decoded 🔥🔥🔥

So, no one is going to talk about how Sick almost whiffed that spray on jett.

I need this videos at least weekly! Thank you

Very useful vid, thanks Valorant ❤️

6:23 irons battles be like

Teammate Work � Abillities � Baiting � GOOD AIM thats important

Such a great video!!! Neeed more

This is great !!!

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The Unexpected Roster That Took Down The Best VALORANT Team In The World | The Headshot

The Unexpected Roster That Took Down The Best VALORANT Team In The World | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour With nothing to lose after going gold and qualifying for Champions, VCT NA powerhouse and Masters Reykjavik winners, Sentinels, end up in the Lower bracket …

Which VCT player impressed you the most this week?

With the game only just enter it’s second year, it’s insane what they have already accomplished creating a universally international competitive scene, with production quality and value their entire media sector is incredibly outstanding. Excited to see the game grow and progress in such magnitude.

The first clip is how i give callouts to my teammates

Asuna and his 48 Bomb was Insane to watch, holy shit.

Hearing NAVI coming to val gives me some high hopes.

Who impressed me the most? Well team wise I’d say XSet but player wise it would have to be the one who broke the VCT kill record (Asuna)

5:45 the heavy penetration right through to zombs😎😎

Glad these are back.

its crazy how good the esports scene of valorant already is

VLT rite2ace with those clutches to take down global esports and end there streak

Love these quick recaps!

Xset really became the darkhorse of NA

playoffs just ended and I cant wait for the next event!

Rise of the Kings of Russia.N A V I !!!

I love this kind of content !!🙌🙌

Theres so many comments about the “indian teams” Although Velocity Gaming has won the Valorant Conquerors Championship India Qualifier 1, it’s only the first step in their upcoming journey to the Valorant Champions Tour.The Valorant Conquerors Championship brings an opportunity for teams from South Asian countries to face off against each other and take a step towards the Valorant Champions Tour. The competing countries are India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh. The winning team will qualify for the Asia Last Chance Qualifier. Slots are: India Qualifier 1 (Velocity Gaming) Pakistan and Afganisthan Qualifier 1 Nepal and Bhutan Qualifier Sri Lanka and Maldives Qualifier Bangladesh Qualifier Pakistan and Afganisthan Qualifier 2 India Qualifier 2 WildcardThe Winner of Valorant Conquerors Championship will face off against teams from different Asian regions of South East Asia, which consists of Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam, along with teams from Japan and Korea, based on the circuit points. The winner of the Asia Last Chance Qualifier will make their way to the Valorant Champions Tour 2021. Slots are,SEA Circuit Points 1SEA Circuit Points 2Japan Circuit Points 1Japan Circuit Points 2Korea Circuit Points 1Korea Circuit Points 2Valorant Conquerors Championship(TBA) India has a long way to go very long way to even see themselves in the VCT

G2 buying out acend’s roster to win

Loved this except g2 picked up played from Heretics not Acend2:10 is what im talking about

BCJ is my player to watch out for and Tenz the poster boy of valorant! Jk 😝

BCJ/Purer both had world class first series against SEN


WELCOME TO MASTERS BERLIN | Day 1 Tease - VALORANT Masters Berlin  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Masters Berlin starts now. Tune in for our biggest international tournament yet: September 10 – 19. View the schedule and watch at …

Make this your ‘give riot editors a raise’ button.

The editing, the sound. Really makes you hyped!

Pov: You were match mvp in a ranked and they are the other team in the next match

report- ‘Valorant editors hospitalized due to excessive back problems. Doctors ars saying it may be due to carrying the whole company on their backs’

The beat dropped for SENS — love it

I have NEVER EVER seen a production at this level, Probably will never see either. Holy F**ck riot isn’t F**king around. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

The editing clean, ngl

Sentinels are so good at this. They look natural and actually got the serious look mode that fits this kind of teaser.

For anyone who wants the song… It’s calledCaution (GOOD Remix) by Skrxlla, and WEARETHEGOOD

the beat drops as sentinels appear on the screen

Not gonna lie , the Valorant editors are the dope af ! but Teaser for Master Iceland was like something out of this planet!

Japanese team: yeah just put our logo we good

100T with the roster of the most experienced LAN players among the bunch. I hope they do well.

Editors are on Fire🔥🔥🔥

Mannnnn i got goosebumps after seeing TenZ🥵

The teasers are always on 🔥🔥🔥

Sentinels out here DRIPPIN’ 🔥✨

I like when Paper Rex, Gambit, KRU & Acend is just buildup in music and when the Drop hits at 0:34 its SENTINELS!

Beautiful production ONCE AGAIN

The beat drop when sentinels come in is orgasmic

Who’s The Best VALORANT Team In The World Today? | The Headshot

Who’s The Best VALORANT Team In The World Today? | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Patiphan from X10 in Thailand is hungry for global competition and NA’s Sentinels caught his eye. Can this SEA squad make waves at VALORANT Masters and …

Which team will you miss the most in Masters Reykjav�k?

This LAN will be one of the most monumental gaming events of the year. May the best region win.

3:09 can we just take a second to appretiate the smooth editing? The fourth kill was a few seconds after the first three but if I didn’t see it happening live I would never have guessed. really cool

Japan going crazy, the most underated region in my opinion. No cap

This LAN will be one of the most anticipated tournament considering Valorant global popularity.. And I m rooting for the hypemachines TenZ and Scream(Sentinels and Team Liquid ftw 🔥)

this gave me chills as someone who wants to go pro in fps, may the best region win.

valorant marketing is top class, they make me so hyped with this tournament. i hope the best team win

This is gonna be one hell of a tourney.

Can’t wait for sen vs liquid

back again for my weekly dose of Headshot hype!

After watching I definitely will keep my eye on X10

I am pumped up for this ultimate rivalry tournament 🔥🔥

i dont care abt tactical caster, i just want caster can make game more enjoyable

Man, this vid was waay cooler then i thought it was going to be…

For once I thought headshot was a team 😂😂😂

Hype video! Cheering for my boy ScreaM & my other boy solo

Looking forward to Sentinels vs Team Liquid. EU vs NA at its finest again.

I’m sad cuz we can’t see absolute jupiter from japan in Masters but hope all regions will have great games!

MUzera foi foda! � s� os caras lerem EME DABRIU ZERA! =D