VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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What’s next for esports? | Dev Diaries – VALORANT Champions Tour

What’s next for esports? | Dev Diaries - VALORANT Champions Tour  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Whalen Rozelle, Senior Director of Esports at Riot Games, introduces the next step in professional competition for our sport: the VALORANT Champions Tour.

NA vs EU, this is some history you wont wanna miss.Also, team skins for the World Champions please.

C9 fans: no, don’t give us hope.

can’t wait to lose in the first round

He looks like the 16 year old playing his 45 year old dad in a tv show where the son is having a day dream of him and his dad role swapping. Or where the kid daydreams of his future self.

Countries such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore are considered SEA according to Riot ,and i think pakistan is in middle east according to riot(bcz we play in Bahrain ser)

So basically each Masters event is similar to a CSGO Major and the Valorant Champions is a super major.

i still don’t understand how this tournament work though i watch it 7 times already

Hopefully we see some team skins in 2021 or 2022, atleast weapon skins to not give a player advantage. #hyped

If they do the esports skins like in LOL Worlds, I bet the kill animation will be like their logo will pop up

Yo this is gonna be lit!! 🔥💚

aight the tour is dope and all but imma need a name on that banger trap track near the end real quick fam! GGs

Que bonito es que una empresa se preocupe por el competitivocough cough Epic games

NO Slot for South Asia (india) ?

Each player on the championship team should get to pick one gun to have a custom skin for. Or actual agent skins that maybe can only be used in spike rush/unrated? idk. Or that only you can see in competitive




I have green eyes but I want to have werewolf eyes too dope lol

How about changing and arranging the maps to make them more competetive ? Most of the pro players are complaining about how bad Icebox and Split are.

This is really fucking hype

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The Best Pro VALORANT Operator Tips and Tricks | DECODED

The Best Pro VALORANT Operator Tips and Tricks | DECODED  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour This VALORANT Operator guide breaks down some of the most versatile operator plays paired with agent abilities from the #VALORANTChampionsTour. In this …

2:40DO NOT SMOKE LIKE THIS. What they just presented is a bad smoke, you want the majority of the smoke to be inside the choke point with a thin layer at the front that the enemy can emerge from. This makes the possible angles the enemy can swing from far more limited and predictable.

2:44 fked up smoke, legit iron elo smoke tbh

Don’t need to updraft on the roof on B site of bind.

이런영상 아주 좋습니다

Didn’t even interviewed wardell for the opacademy smh

“IN. MY. OPINION. THIS. IS .THE. BEST.”**”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”***”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”***”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”*CERTIFICATED*”**2:14**”*

i <3 Pansy�s voice

NV mummay is a example of someone who use the op and isnt on jett(well he start using her)

this is the proof that dev admit awp is for jett

I love this videos…. They smoke and aim left the enemies push left.. . When i smoke i aim left the enemies push right :’)

Don’t forget to subscribe for more #VCT action!What strategies do you want to see in our next DECODED video?

“IN. MY. OPINION. THIS. IS .THE. BEST.”**”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”***”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”***”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”*CERTIFICATED*”**1:47**”*

“IN. MY. OPINION. THIS. IS .THE. BEST.”**”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”***”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”***”**VaLgEn.MoNsTeR**”*CERTIFICATED*”**3:40**”*

2:40 noooo plsss hahaahahahaha

So all in all… use Jett

2:40 next video: How to use controllers


Riot Ur a bit late… We already have the pros teaching us

nasty hero indeed

Whoever made this video brainless

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Mic Check | VALORANT Challengers EU

Mic Check | VALORANT Challengers EU  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour What were the players from Team Liquid and Vodafone Giants thinking during the Challengers Week 2 final? Find out now in our newest Mic Check!

Liquid improved as a team a lot. Their team chemistry is really good.

Ngl, SavidP moments were the best 😆😆😆

omg scream is way better on sage as he doesnt need to always take first blood or be a entry

People being so serious on finals meanwhile scream is just wearing his pyjamas

I would love to see more of that

I want screams side when jamppi was detained in front of him

I would love to see some more of that too.

The edit is so good and detailed aaa 🤩

Would be glad if u could add all players kda in the end

this video was so exciting to watch lol

fit1nho underated player

Scream: 120 broo…Ambi: AAAAAAAAAA

i though a spanish team like Giants would speak spanish for their Comms .dont know they speak english too.

A pro player winning because of the judge xDDDDD, link disgusting

What was the music used at the end?

L�stima que le vaya a durar tan poco a Liquid.

more comms videos please!!!

3:23 peek not peak



VALORANT Tips – Stop The Enemy From Defusing The Spike | DECODED

VALORANT Tips - Stop The Enemy From Defusing The Spike | DECODED  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Climb the ranks with these pro VALORANT tips! We’re talking about split-second decision making, resource management and more. In this episode of …

What’s your go-to gun during a save round?

editors genetically superior

This was extremely informative! I hope you guys make more episodes like this

Planning on using these tips on my ALT account. That boy cNed is built different. Need more content like this. Pls keep it coming. Need an episode with TenZ or someone from 100T!

The moment i saw pansy doing this episode I full screened.

Pansy is just built different, top 5 casters in ALL of esports no kizzy

Coach Mills.. U have ur competition right here😂 BTW she’s cute too❤️ Thanks for the breakdown content🙌

Valorant production is actually insane

This was great! We stan Pansy 🙌🏻

Decode seoldam jett insane ult in ascent tiles.

Good for cNed that he’s playing in EU region. Would be wasted talent when he’d be stuck in turkish region

Pero no manes si ten�an al coach haciendo de IGL en la llamada, era un 6to jugador siempre muerto pero daba las calls.

cNed perfect 😊

This team coordination does not add up when u have a raze who plays like a bull and gets stomped within seconds in defending side.

So basically be cned and ace clutch, got it

This is gold…20k views? Tf

I miss Pansy casting CS 😕

anyone else think that sound effect at around 2:56 is a burp?

Long story short : click heads.

Cned the best Jett in the world ❤️

Who Will Survive The BIGGEST Week In VALORANT Esports So Far? | The Headshot

Who Will Survive The BIGGEST Week In VALORANT Esports So Far? | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour VALORANT teams all over the world are punching their tickets to Masters Berlin and, for some, Champions! While the top teams continue to duel, others have …

Which two regions will make it to the Finals match at Masters Berlin?

Rooting for Bren Gxr Oasis.. i hope to see filipino team on worlds stage . HOPING

Keeping my eye on SEN and 100T! Berlin, HERE WE COME BABY. SO MUCH HYPE! This is better than SportsCenter. This is better than Fox Sports coverage. Fridays are my favorite day of the week now.

2:35 perfect cut

Draken’s callout was definitely the best one out of everything.

LETS GO GUILD!!! Pleasant surprise to see draken on here!

These Casters reactions just hit diff

I love watching these but I’ve already seen half the matches that they are hyping up

I like how he added word ‘ Legendary ‘ in front of Vision strikers. Although they didn’t make it to Reykjavik ( which was a shocker by the way ), they are one hell of a team. They had win streak 102 games before.

teams im looking forward to vs, nv, smb, gam and of course sen and bren because im ph

Those players are out of the world !

Well in na all the team that came from challengers 2 are already out

Could you guys cover a bit more about VCC

Lets go F4Q, first streamer team going to masters

2:40 TSM fans malding right now

Come on indonesia!!!! Come on boom!!!! Come on alter ego!!!!

Rip X10

Fnatic has chance for challengers like wtf 😒😒 I want fnc in challegers don’t know about others


Indonesia 🤩 boom esports