VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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The next VALORANT Masters is Coming to…

The next VALORANT Masters is Coming to...  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Find out where the next international VALORANT Champions Tour event will take place! After our first taste of international competition in Reykjav�k, the best …

Oh sweet Neptune

don’t ever fire your visual editors lol

god damn, we haven’t even started the first championship and we already know where the next one will be

I’ll be watching from my plastic chair

Valorant never disappoint in the visuals

Berlin, nice! Love to see it

Me waiting for liquid to reply again.

Its another level 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Why i have goosebump watching this no joke

VCT for india !!! please just give us the opportunity even if we have to go through several qualifiers

If visitors are allowed, definitely going to be there ( and I don’t have school of course xD)

Always forward for this Valorant eSports scene eh Riot? Guys this game is barely a year old.

Riot needs to chill a bit atleast let us watch the masters stage 2 first.

Even indian teams are capable of competiting in masters

Valorant be nailing it

But German Corona Rules are so strict.. i want to celebrate valorant with u guys

It’s better be 16 teams this time.

#VCTfrIndia they’ll probably get owned but it would be fun and there is a large audience here too 🙂

When is my Rito EDM group debuting

is there a reason why these clips are not in 60fps? the editing is so good as it is, imagine if this was at 60fps.

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VALORANT Champions Tour – 2021 Format Explainer

VALORANT Champions Tour - 2021 Format Explainer  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Get to know the VALORANT Champions Tourtournament structure in under a minute. The year long circuit consists of three stages of Challengers & Masters play …

Looking for more #VCT? Here’s your weekly recap with the best plays and moments from around the world:

Who else loves that it actually seems not so complicated like other games and their tournaments. Edit: I just edited my spelling mistake, thank you for correcting me in the replies.

Developer communication in esports? Bananas

That didn’t really explain much but I’m still hyped

Im so excited for this! I hope to see crazy highlights and magical moments be created and set, live in front of me! This game is gonna grow and grow, and I am happy to have played sincse so early! I cant wait to see ridiculous moments and the skill of pros displayed in the fullest! All the best riot!:)

Just the thing I needed when in zoom calls and doing homework.

Valorant truly is the best esport

Rip c9 blue since they lost tenz

Rivingtons voice makes me smile

I wish it wasn’t just so many tourneys but instead like a league format with challengers etc

Holy shit this is way better than League’s system. 3 Regional Tournaments + 3 Majors + 1 World Championships basically

Wowowow loving it 🔥🔥

So pretty much the same as RLCS

hyped 😍

im hyped af but i honestly dont get it at all.

Why have you created the EMEA regions (EU+CIS+TR+MENA) ?

As a Sentinels fan I’ve got to say, it’s probably going to be Vision Strikers that take the Champions title.

is challenger open or closed to us mere mortals?

So can any team compete? Is it an open qualifier?

I A M S O H Y P E D !!!

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Competition Heats Up On The Way To Masters Berlin | The Headshot

Competition Heats Up On The Way To Masters Berlin | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour With VCT Stage 3 in full swing, chances to qualify for Masters Berlin are going fast. Will teams be able to kick it into overdrive to secure their spot into playoffs?

Which team are you cheering for throughout Stage 3?

OMG Nice to see Indian Team featuring in The Headshot Series #FeelingProudOfIndia


After listening to vibhor’s name in video..i was thrilled #vlt #india


Feeling so good Featured india on global stage

Feels amazing to see indian teams getting featured ♥️

LETS GO VLT 🔥🔥🔥 Let’s go INDIA 🇮🇳

INDIA VCT LFGGGGGGG STR8 INTO MY VEINSSS. FINALLY. And that Sacy clutch. 🔥So happy to see these episodes come back. Level of HYPE for Berlin is THROUGH TF ROOF.

Finally they recognized INDIA🥺🇮🇳❤

sticking to my boys Sentinels. They’re too good.

lets go Velocty gaming congrats on qualifying

The fact that the riot has highlighted and hyped up smaller regions shows why they’re so good at what they do. It makes the finals so much more intense when you get to know how much competition there is out there. Valorant eSports is blossoming and it’s really beautiful. 🤧

#VLTFTW 🇮🇳❤️

That goosebumps on velocity gaming ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I love these series so much. So much hype and info. Good work guys

Velocity Gaming making India proud 🙌❣💥

Nats is insane. Looking forward to Gambit.

Indians are so hyped about seeing their national teams in such an international video although there were more clips of the Pak and Afg Qualifiers xD.PS: I am not saying that they shouldn’t be happy about it. I am a bangladeshi myself and I really love seeing south asian teams in the video. This was just a joke 😀

All the best Velocity gaming for upcoming tournament make our country proud🤗🤗

This team has A LOT to prove. Meet 100 Thieves | VALORANT Masters Berlin

This team has A LOT to prove. Meet 100 Thieves | VALORANT Masters Berlin  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour They took the world by surprise at First Strike… Can they do it again? 100 Thieves’ road to the international stage has been full of setbacks and challenges, but …

Vanity and his team had failed the run to masters. His dearest father Steel cried as he watched V1 get beaten to death. But there was no time to mourn. Steel swore to himself, that he would make it to Berlin

Hiko speaking to us like we’re twitch chat.

i like how Hiko knows exactly what to expect out of the team. Not to much but not too little with also a potential to be the best.

Hiko looks so good now, happy for him on losing weight, now let’s not lose this, Hiko.

100T is by far the only team that has the best chance in defeating Sentinels and even so, theyre really struggling to defeat them. I really dont want two teams from the same region to be in the grand finals in berlin, but if it’s between 100T and Sentinels, im all for it. It’ll be a really interesting match up. The human underdogs team against the robotic perfect team kind shit

I mistakenly read the title as – This team has a LOT to improve, and was thinking why did VCT had to roast them so hard.

Who want 100 theives ro win ???Frankly speaking I really want only 100 thieves to win the championship 🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hiko is looking so good, he’s taking great care of himself!!

They can win this, or SEN can win this and all of them qualify.

No one forget; Hiko IS the captain of 100T. He’s been there from the start and literally built this exact roster.and he didn’t even introduce himself as such

Nitro, The literal dad.

I honest thought Hiko was about to say:My name is Hiko and I am a player for a 100 years

We love the boomer memes coming straight from hiko 😅😆🤣

Funny how most team interviews don’t really aim to win this tournament, but more on getting points to qualify for Champions. SEN really traumatized every team in the world.

when he said My name is Hiko I thought he was gonna say Im a baiter gona see you at the bombsite a little bit later KEKW

I love how the captions misspelled Jett’s name

when he said hopefully you can see the sentinels ptsd

100T gonna shred everyone in this tournament just because it is LAN


hiko should have said: I AM THE OLD MAN, THE CLUTCH GOD

The Fight for Finals!! EU or KR?? | Day 6 Tease – VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k

The Fight for Finals!! EU or KR?? | Day 6 Tease - VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour The 3 remaining teams on the lower bracket are in for the most intense day of VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k so far. Tune-in and watch these teams fight for …

only one word for every teaser that has came so far – H Y P E

the edits are just: **chef’s kiss**

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Solo is a 33yr old beast.

TL: Fnatic are brothers from europe, but we’ll send them homeFNATIC: we can do another 2-0 easilySentinels: no one can put a strong fight against us

Imagine watching trailer when there’s crowds on the stage, for now just imagine

I fcking love the shittalk from scream. It makes the matches so much more entertaining

I thought that the FNC Vs TL roasts were too good and Yoooo zombs comes outta no where n destroyes all 😂😂😂😂

IceLAN is living up to every last bit of hype that was built up for it. And these edits are just way too cool

This is gonna be insane

Valorant Masters production >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> League of Legends MSI production

Tomowwrow[‘s Teaser is gonna be a banger, Hopefully its Liquid vs Sentinels

goddamn, riot definitely knows how to hype a match

“i think eu is one of the strongest regions in the world”sentinels just waiting for them in the finals with a complete win streak: 🙄🤚

valorant editors popping off with the editing like always

I just want to say thank you for broadcasting rebroadcasting and allowing us to clip these vods. Thank you from a valorant crazy fan all the way from little Malaysia. I love you guys I love this community and I love this game!


This teaser is so well placed.From teaser alone I can feel the heat.

I want to see liquid vs sentinelsAnd i want sentinels to win because they are my fav

i want the finals to be SEN VS TL, and i want them both to win 2 maps each, and i want the last map to go to OT, and then i want SEN to WIN!! 😍

The bitter truth is ” i dont think anyone can put up a strong fight against us, … ” #Sentinels