VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Mic Check | VALORANT Challengers EMEA

Mic Check | VALORANT Challengers EMEA  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour What were the players from Team Liquid and FNATIC thinking during the EMEA Playoffs final? Find out now in our first ever Mic Check!

1:14 he suddenly realized all this comms was being recorded lol

That Scream joke backfired on Derke.

2:56 kriptix: did you even see him?scream:nah i heard him!!!well thats csgod in action

They talk about my Juan taps

5:42 Best synced battlecry

1:12 Scream Who?Scream The MVP Of EMEA✌️

liquids comeback has been insane. from losing and benching ec1s to bringing in very new player jampii and now dominating against eu, cis and turkey

boaster just sounds like a fun dude his accent is so cool

FNATIC will surely make a comeback in the iceland, with more improved stats , especially on split, im certain , very hardworking boys there at Boaster’s team

2:34 Boaster “Play together now… Oh my God”

i love boaster’s accent so much

2:56 this is what exactly i need

It’s interesting to hear Eu teams voice comms such as this. Only heard of na such as sen and 100t comms. Can’t wait for Iceland ong

“ScreaM who?”that aged well

ahah i love all of these guys

Scream : lets own these noobs man

This was sic

i need more content like this

FNATIC GETS OWNED: oh i got so unlucky again lol

1:08 :DDD I love Derke

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VCT Beat Drop – Visualizer – 2021 VCT Stage 1 Masters Official Audio

VCT Beat Drop - Visualizer - 2021 VCT Stage 1 Masters Official Audio  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour It’s time for Week 2 of the VCT Stage 1 Regional Masters events. For detailed schedule visit Follow the VALORANT Champions Tour …

I have said it before, RIOT NEVER FIRE UR ANIMATORS.

The visuals on this are insane. Almost forgot that people could be this talented, just built different.

Kind of a shame it doesn’t actually visualize the music… it looks good ngl, but it doesn’t actually use the music to determine the visuals like I would’ve expected

Thanks! I’m gonna practice in Deathmatch listening to it. Is it made for the VCT only?

man, the quality of this video, like all the others, is insane.riot’s graphic designers popping off as alwaysedit: and massive assembly, who worked on the visuals 🙂

I thought I’d never get to listen to the full sound track. I’m so happy

drop this on spotify?

Song is an absolute fucking banger, I listen to this to hype me up

I watched this when i was high and now i think I’m in heaven

This should be on wallpaper engine or this should be separate software for any music, sooo sick


Dankkk visuals and beats

sometimes i forget that riot is game developer not a production company

When this be on Spotify 😀

Riot r u sure you’re a game company?





uwu ara ara

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The Fight to Survive in VALORANT Masters | The Headshot

The Fight to Survive in VALORANT Masters | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour From nail biting overtimes to decisive eliminations, which rosters are staking their claim for a #VALORANTMasters victory? How did LDMEsports come out on top …

Don’t forget to subscribe for more #VCT action!Who do you think will take the win at Masters in your region?

Dude, my heart is racing watching this recap video. Whoever edited/produced this video deserves a raise

This editor could make chess highlights entertaining.

The headshot is the best thing so far

The way this guy talks, the music, the clips is just so perfect. I was already hyped for this weekend, but I’m even more hyped now.

nice video and I like how this guy talks makes it quite enjoyable to watch


I really love how valorant has a diverse scene. They gave other regions who really wants a scene a chance

Rivs voice is so good for this!

HYPED for this weekend

Love how hype this game is getting

PLEASE dont ever stop making these videos please I beg. Very well edited, hyped and informative.

1:08 No wonder VS are on top is other teams are doing this.

That one from Rb man, watched it live. That dude is disgusting, no respect for the enemy but he has my mad respect

we need content like True Sight TI Dota 2 for the next lan Masters!

This is the most hyped thing I have in my life every week

nyang amassou dms nessa partida mds

What an epic Video

so much hype this weekend

1:12 「Jinxが試合を壊しに行った」カッコよすぎる

C9 White Annie Dro is on the Grind | The Headshot

C9 White Annie Dro is on the Grind | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour She’s been competing in top-level VALORANT tournaments since day 1 with MAJKL, the roster that is now known as Cloud9 White. This week we hear from …

Don’t forget to subscribe for more #VCT action! Which team are you looking forward to watching in Masters?

I actually really like how Riot games is handling the whole Valorant esports thing. They’re producing content like this that reminds me of NFL or UFC pre-game content. Interviews, clips, commentary, etc. I could see this being branched out to TV channels instead of just twitch and youtube if Valorant esports gets big after COVID ends.

Is no one gonna ask why Annie has a Danny Devito cardboard cutout

I swear the international casters sound so hype and I love it

The quality of these uploads are on a different level 🖤

1:33 the game gets more exciting when you have a caster like this one

VCT getting more hyped every week


Yeahhhhh I’m gonna need a pure shot of this INJECTED INTO MY VEINS. STAT. 🔥

Most Excited About C9 white,T1,TSM And LG Too..Especially Aproto!!

What is the actual point of having a segment to showcase C9W in a video about the VCT when they have nowhere come close to qualifying.

I like korean commentator screaming, feels like japanese anime 😂

Good to see Annie in valorant! Does Annie still stream ow?


Is it just me or i dont have no idea what the first class is for?

why no myanamr cmon we want a chance in esports

Turko <3

hareから始まるとはwC9 whiteて実際どのくらい強いの?

anyone know the song that starts at 3:30 Naturalmente, la convinzione di alcuni avversari determina in gran parte l’importanza del completamento tempestivo del super compito. Ma gli azionisti delle piu grandi societa sono solo un metodo di partecipazione politica e sono considerati esclusivamente nel contesto di ipotesi di marketing e finanziarie. Le conclusioni preliminari sono deludenti: la moderna metodologia di sviluppo crea la necessita di includere una serie di misure straordinarie nel piano di produzione, tenendo conto della complessita del sistema di partecipazione di massa. Le conclusioni preliminari sono deludenti: l’attuale struttura dell’organizzazione richiede la definizione e il perfezionamento di un ragionamento profondo.❤️ De repente, os estados independentes serao vistos apenas em termos de marketing e premissas financeiras. No ambito da especificacao de padroes modernos, os participantes diretos do progresso tecnico sao chamados a prestar contas.

Knives Out! VCT Pro Players Feel The Pain | The Headshot

Knives Out! VCT Pro Players Feel The Pain | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour VCT pro players experience pain while trying to qualify for Masters Reykjav�k, tensions are high between Korea and Japan, and more VALORANT pro gameplay …

Who has the upper advantage in the VCT: Korea or Japan?

it’s really just a huge honour to be featured in this video !! Thank you so much guys !!! <3 <3 i love knife <3 <3

That first clip was damn epic🔥

That transition of Jett from the Philippines to Jett froom Korea is cleeeeeaaaaan 🔥

LFGGGGGG inject this hype straight into my veinssss !

Can’t wait to see who Australia and NZ bring to Iceland.

Tbh Valorant plays are more impressive than CSGO And its entertaining to watch

Come here for YMG Vizz, VN let’s gooooooooo

We need official matched to be held in India too 😭

Welcome to Vietnam =)))

0:31 Does anyone know the name of the music?



VCT is looking sick rn🔥 I really hope India gets VCT next time 🤞

valo is really popular india and there is no vct india nc

We want champions tour in india too❤️❤️❤️

now someone tell me what the hell reykjavik is

Bring it to India riot