VALORANT(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Die For You ft. Grabbitz // Official Music Video // VALORANT Champions 2021

Die For You ft. Grabbitz // Official Music Video // VALORANT Champions 2021  (c) VALORANT

(c) VALORANT VALORANT Champions – December 1 – 12. For matches and schedules visit LISTEN NOW: …

Riot really knows how to get people excited, I barely play Valorant but this makes me want to play more again!

Finally a Valorant animation where Cypher doesn’t die.

“what do you see befor it’s over? Blinding flashes getting closer”Pushes site without smokePhoenix ults in the openSage peeking an OP with a specterYES IT’S VALORANT

Dude, VCT is over and this song just hits different. Nostalgic almost 😅

This song touched deep in my body, mind, soul, spirit, and entity. Esta m�sica tocou profundamente em meu corpo, mente, alma, esp�rito e entidade. Esta canci�n toc� profundamente mi cuerpo, mente, alma, esp�ritu y entidad.

First Arcane, now this. Riot is just too good to us 😂

How does Riot always find the most underated Music Artists around the world and shows us that they too can make a dope ass music .

The fact you can hear the Valorant loading theme song on some part of this music , the beats and the songs that will get to you this much made this is music so wellTim stamp – 1:12

honestly every time i watch this i get goose bumps. to the people who created this master piece if your reading this , every person that plays would die if you made a show xd keep up the work

I have no idea why I’m tearing up, but like, honestly, my favorite part was the agents and players reaching out for each other, and that shot at the end. That all is my favorite bit of this.

AAAAA IT’S AWESOME!! Riot music stuff always hits 😢❤️

I may be overthinking this to Hell, but I love the story in this video: Brimstone having to deal with the stress of the situation at hand, the literal WORLD on his shoulders as he’s crumbling like cracking stone. Their player assuring it’s going to be okay in the end. Phoenix getting cocky and running in, he deals with his own clarity of needing to trust his team. When he plays with the power he was given (the various copies of himself and the eventual scene of him being fuckin’ vored by a big flame head) he realizes sometimes you gotta keep a level head and not think you can just all-in anyone you see as portrayed when he allows the player to balance the orb together. Sage having to deal with her literally freezing up, the jungle she was in a metaphor for how sometimes it seems like things are too much or too big n’ scary in some games. Breaking that ice and showing her confidence when she heals Brimstone and runs forward despite Chamber still shooting, Phoenix putting up a wall to help Sage after he’s saved by his ult and trusting her to diffuse as Brimstone comes to the resolve that together they can win. In the end they’re all just player’s trying to get that W.

Never played this game ever.. Just heard the song & I’m in love with it… Can imagine all my favorite movies/tv shows that have epic battles matching perfectly with the lyrics… Gosh I need someone to make multifandom vid on this song…

The music kick in sync with the rock falling down at 1:12 get me everytime. That’s so cool.


Loved the animation style. More please!!

Honestly at this point I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched this. This is a masterpiece ❤️.

The end part where the people they did it all for actually come together always gives me goosebumps

The spike diffuser toss from Phoenix to Sage at the end and the beat drop is just goosebumps. Damn!

This in my opinion shows the characters of the different agents like brimstone who takes on the burdens of his teammates and sacrifices himself for his team and phoenix who has a flame within him filled with rage for the “duplicates” on the enemy team and sage who always take priority for her teammates and to heal them not let them die (like the flowers shown) its a great animation 😀

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L’Accord – Chamber Agent Trailer // VALORANT

L’Accord - Chamber Agent Trailer // VALORANT  (c) VALORANT

(c) VALORANT Questions answered. Futures revealed. Bienvenue au maître du jeu. New Sentinel Agent joining VALORANT in REFLECTION: Act …

Looking for the track? Here you go:

Very fitting for Riot to make a character that throws credit cards

Finally a trailer where cypher doesn’t die immediately. Been a while.

Riot’s art team are just insanely good. Everything looks so great in all of their games.

The way the “other chamber” first aimed at “chamber” gives a feeling like they’re not exactly at good terms but still cannot kill each other for some reason.

I really like the detail of Chamber looking back and moving his head after his mirror version fires at the crystal, just to be safe haha

Finally, a character that doesn’t think he’s better than you, he knows he is.

Finally, Cypher survived a trailer

This new Jhin skin looks astounding, outrageous even

I’ve never been more attracted to a game character in my entire life

Pheonix: I’m cool manYoru: You may be cool but I’m the coolestChamber: *Pour vuos, Monseiur*

His style gives off Kingsman energy, totally gonna main this character.

No game dev team can compare to the amount of hype that Riot brings to literally every trailer/animation they do for their games. We love to see it.

I love how pheonix be makin fireballs, sova has his shackdart, jett gliding like a chicken, brim.. no powers, viper with her poison, and etc while this guy and astra doin some real crazy law of nature defying sh11t

After watching this, and knowing how much untold lore there is in Valorant, I *really* need a Valorant movie with all the necessary lore figured out.

The most duelist-like sentinel that may ever exist.

To those wondering, the first french phrase Chamber used was: Avec plaisir (with pleasure), the 2nd, and last, is Pour vous, meaning “For you” as he gives him the teleport card.

I really like the fact that he teams up with his mirror, an enemy of the radiants but still they don’t trust each other

I don’t play Valorant but these vibes are making me have chills

I love the part where he says “with pleasure” And the music everything is soo synced and soo dope fire 🔥😍

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DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic Trailer – VALORANT

DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic Trailer - VALORANT  (c) VALORANT

(c) VALORANT The fight’s just getting started. Click here, play now: VALORANT, the 5v5 character-based tactical …

This trailer art is so good. They should make this a movie. I’d definitely watch it.

“I got this” *dies*Pretty accurate

If Sova was sent instead”What about the hostile?””s h o c c d a r t”

If astra was sent instead Sage : “what about the hostile”Astra : “PULLIN DEM IN”

Sage: Tell me you have the package. Phoenix: In terms of package… we have no package.

If KAY/O was sent”What about the hostile?”*YOU ARE POWERLESS*

If we sent a Csgo Police:“What about the hostile”“You expect me to beat a fucking wizard?”

If Raze was sent instead “What about the hostile?” “HERE COMES THE PARTY”

If breach was sentSage: What about the hostile?*”LEEETTTTSSSZ GOOOOOOOOO”*

The only inaccuracy of this cinematic is that Phoenix didn’t flash himself.

Meanwhile, In-game:”Where’s that smile, Phoenix?”

Now with the duality cinematic this makes a lot more sense on why Jett and Phoenix can be good friends and Jett’s line of “I hate that people think that Ascent was my fault”

If Skye was sent instead”What about the hostile”Skye: “I’ve got her trail.”If sage was sent insteadPhoenix: “What about the enemy???!?”Sage: *U WILL NOT KILL MY ALLIES !*

If Breach was sent instead”How about th-“”Flash out!””So how about the pac-“”Blinding””How about the pa-“”Flash out”

If viper was sent instead:”What about the hostile?”Dont get in MYYYyy WWAAAYYY

If Tenz was playing pheonix – Jett : Aw, sorr….Tenz : flicks a headshot at 180 degrees.

0:49 Phoenix: *has a vandal*vandal: *Shoots and does the guardian sound effect*

If Astra was sent instead “What about the hostile”*Meditation intensifies*

If Omen was sent instead “What about the hostile”?Omen “mmmmmmmmm”

If Yoru was sent instead”What about the hostile?”Yoru: *w h o s n e x t*

RETAKE // Episode 2 Cinematic – VALORANT

RETAKE  // Episode 2 Cinematic - VALORANT  (c) VALORANT

(c) VALORANT The game has changed. Now’s your chance to play VALORANT: Join the Discord server: …

Poor Cypher. Jett couldn’t *rebibe* him.

Cinematics in a nutshell:”I’m gonna do something””Phoenix no””Phoenix yes”

cyhper: I went to a cinematic for the first time. What is my duty? riot: to die

Think how cool it’d be if things actually starts floating around the spike when it’s close to exploding!

0:47 the entry of YORU was amazing

That moment when you don’t get invited to play the new op early 🙁 I cry every time looks sick tho

We need to start a petition to get valorant to release yoru’s butterfly knife haircomb as a melee, i would buy that in a heart beat

I would defenitly watch a 2 hours animated movie like this one. OMFG this was amazing

2:07 If you see it carefully, you will see that Jett’s finger is moving

0:44 the sound, the visuals, the effects, how he looks, how he enters is all absolutely fucking perfect. He is by far probably the coolest character in the game.

Here after chamber released but, yoru still has the coolest trailer imo

2:14 Jett revived herself.

1:45Yoru: You may have outsmarted me, but I outsmarted your outsmarting!

ult start 0:32 ult finished 2:18so accurate

Team : “Phoenix don’t!”Phoenix : “Let me show you how the boss does it.”That’s silver rank comp right there

“Phoenix don’t”*Flashes his entire team*

I am legitimately so sad that Yoru was not met with more love. The whole agent and his whole theme is just insanely good.

Can we take a moment and appreciate the people who designed these maps, agent looks, and these super cool trailers?

They should make a series I wanna see how they imagined the whole game into a series I will gladly watch it

Yoru: defuses Spike: about to explode Yoru: defuses harder

DUALITY // Official Lore Cinematic – VALORANT

DUALITY // Official Lore Cinematic - VALORANT  (c) VALORANT

(c) VALORANT A year ago today, we met our VALORANT Agents as they battled a strange new threat in the DUELISTS cinematic. Here we tell …

Imagine if the turret ran in like a boombot

The character designer: how hot do you want viper to be?riot: yes.

I appreciate that everyone’s solution in these cinematic is just to “defuse faster”

The turret running is single handedly the best thing to ever exist in valorant

Every single Valorant cinematic so far has literally been:Phoenix: I got disEveryone: pls dont

The Valorant lore has so much potential

This is false they didn’t take 15 fall damage when they jumped out of the airship

we need reyna’s cinematic scenes too.. it’s gonna break the internet

0:32 Small detail most probably missed:Killjoy’s turret shot the picture of Pheonix; this is foreshadowing as to who Killjoy is fighting.

1:09 attention to detail is amazingThe way Viper rolls her eyes when phoenix says ‘I was born ready’


“Why do they look like us?””It’s just the writers trying to fit video game logic into a story””What?”

You know, this actually explains Cypher’s voice line where he says “You copies are nothing” and Reyna’s voice line “As much as this world hurt me… it’s mine… and I will kill to defend it”. Before I thought when you said world, she meant her way of life as a radiant, but now we know that she meant it in the literal sense.

Its just a running meme for Phoenix to say “I got this” and then absolutely bottle it

“What do they want our radianite for?”skins.

“Phoenix wait” is the most realistic part of this trailer

*Duelists*Sage: *”Phoenix don’t”*Phoenix: *”Phoenix yes”**Retake*Yoru: *”Phoenix don’t”*Phoenix: *”Phoenix yes”**Duality*Viper: *”Phoenix don’t”*Phoenix: *”Phoenix yes”**Whatever comes next*Brimstone, Sage, Sova, Viper, Cypher, Reyna, Killjoy, Breach, Omen, Jett, Raze, Skye, Yoru, Astra, Kay/o, Chamber: *”Phoenix don-“*Phoenix: *”Phoenix yes”*

Anyone else getting sus of Astra. The fact that there are two different worlds makes Astra EXTREMELY relevant right now.

So wait a minute, what we see when we log into valorant is literally the mirror versions of the agents, looking into another earth, and different radianite sites? That’s actually dope that they in a way linked everything together lore wise.

3:18 – 3:26I can’t handle the sleekness of this. It’s actually even cooler than the actual video.