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#11 Growing a Small Vegetable Garden on my Balcony (8sqm) (2020)

#11 Growing a Small Vegetable Garden on my Balcony (8sqm) (2020)  (c) Her 86m2

(c) Her 86m2 My rental apartment has only a quite small balcony which is usually empty and scorching hot when summer comes. But not this year. I have embarked on the …

Essential Tips for Starting Balcony Vegetable Garden / Tips để bắt đầu trồng rau trên ban công https://www.her86m2.com/green-living/essential-tips-for-starting-a-balcony-vegetable-gardenMy 8sqm balcony vegetable garden / Khu vườn 8 mét vuông của mình: https://www.her86m2.com/green-living/8sqm-balcony-gardenBokashi Compost / Phân bón Bokashi: ​https://www.her86m2.com/green-living/bokashi-compost-organic-fertilizer-for-balcony-garden

This video is incredible x loved every minute of it

As I once saw in an IKEA catalog, “ you don’t need a big home, just a smart home”. The utilization of space is amazing. I too got a sense of healing from your garden. You put so much care into it . Amazing

Thật chuyên nghiệp

this is so therapeutic and calming. i enjoy the scenery and it almost feels as if i’m there in the balcony. thank you for making such wonderful content, I wish you and your family a healthy life and always be safe.

The whole video was a work of art. And the last scene of you with your hat and the colourful garden is the essence of what your words were describing. Bravo

‘Planting a garden is an act of optimism. When you plant a seed, you put hope in the ground. Your trust is in the future when there is no present sign that life will come.’Marilyn BarrettYour hardwork is commendable! Lots of love from one gardener to another ❤️

The way you put this video together, the cinematography, the choice of music, your edits coinciding with both. It felt almost like watching the end of a nostalgic movie.

Gurl, this was a whole vibe, power tools, cute baby, cat, the music, everything!!!

ok, but the quality of this video is absolutely amazing. 😭❤️

I’m showing this to my parents cause we have a small balcony. I hope they agree. Wish me luck!

My Mother always said, “Once you have a house, you’ll be set for life”. I’m working hard now to achieve that goal, I’m only 15 but it’s better to start early than late. Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to start my own garden.

You’re doing a great job. Don’t give up Because some people are negative. Gardening is a blessing 😊

This is VERY inspiring, thank you. I have a balcony which is roughly the same size as yours and it is a dream of mine to harvest my own food and garden everyday. Thank you for showing me that it is possible and bravo to you: what a great example you are giving to your daughter. 🙂

This is absolutely gorgeous. I have seriously been wanting to create a small balcony veggie garden for so long, but I keep running into excuses. This has inspired me to get going on this project for the summer months! Thank you for sharing.

This is such a beautiful video! I can feel the therapy you mentioned by just watching you taking care of and harvesting the vegetables ☺️

Omg ngưỡng mộ c thật sự 😭😭😭😭

Since I was gradeschool, this has been my dream! I’ve been trying to study growing veggies and fruits since then. I’m trying to grow roses along with the plants I’ve grown. I have a long way to go and I hope I will be able to cultivate a garden such as yours. 💛

The best part is you involved your daughter in this process. I loved it.

So inspiring to see fresh produce grown in such a small space. I want to up my game this year and grow more on my very small plot!

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#3 DIY Kitchen Makeover On a Budget (400€)

#3 DIY Kitchen Makeover On a Budget (400€)  (c) Her 86m2

(c) Her 86m2 Although it’s far from perfect – our kitchen is a rental one so there are a lot of things that we are not allowed to change, but all in all we’re happy with what we …

I hope you all enjoy watching it!�Although the kitchen is far from perfect – ours is a rental one so there are a lot of things that we are not allowed to change, but we’re happy with what we have achieved, especially considering the low budget of 400 Euros!You can read the lengthy blogpost here:https://www.her86m2.com/diy/small-kitchen-makeover-low-budgetOr watch the living room makeover here <3https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKFagXLY3Ro

She is not a DIY person,she is literally a carpenter. I love the hard work !

My mouth is open. What this woman does herself. And the man meanwhile brings the child to safety. I am almost speechless and bow very low to this woman! Great job – perfect kitchen – great respect!

You’re such a strong mother and wife!, I still can’t believe you did all that by yourself! That’s so impressive 🤩

She is a little woman and can do a lot of things that some of man couldn’t do, love her!

Is there anything this girl can’t do? She’s incredible, what an inspiration!!

Finally a DIY without all the talking! Just hard work, precision and consideration! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

All I can is: “WOW!!” Your sheer talent to design, build, decorate is mind blowing. And the editing with the music!

I struggled so much revamping an IKEA play kitchen and here you are remodeling a whole REAL kitchen… 😧 Wow, just incredible 👏🏻

You are so inspiring! You remind me of my Polish parents who renovated their home. I feel so nostalgic watching! Thank you for bringing back memories.

A good woman can do anything if the person she is with is not intimidated by her magic hands and mind.❤️

5 videos in and at this point I think the only thing you cannot do is fly. AND even that I’m not sure about. You have amazing creativity and skills to back it up too! I’m utterly amazed!

I would occasionally rewatch this video because I’m so in love with your kitchen vibes 💚💚💚

I am so impressed with what you did. You make it look so easy, and I’m sure it wasn’t! I love how your little girl “helps” you with everything. So sweet.

My jaw dropped. Your capabilities to do anything and everything you set your heart on seem endless! You have inspired me so much! Thanks for your videos! Watching with admiration and respect from Singapore!

Que maravilha! É impressionante a sua capacidade para, com pouco dinheiro, renovar uma cozinha. Saudações e bênçãos. 👏 🙏

You’re a superwoman! I hope someday I will have skills like you so that I can do repairs and small renovations all by myself.

Sua cozinha ficou linda. Parabéns!!❤️

After all hardworking this place looks like breathtaking awesome work I really want to make my kitchen like this Love it

While I sit here drinking my morning coffee convincing myself that I cannot start on my DIY dreams until I have a house with a garage full of tools and equipment, this young lady rebuilt her ENTIRE apartment kitchen from within her apartment!!! Truly Inspirational. Bravo!

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#1 DIY Small Living Room Spring Makeover on a Budget

#1 DIY Small Living Room Spring Makeover on a Budget  (c) Her 86m2

(c) Her 86m2 Spring has awakened. I can see new outlook on my surroundings. So is the time for our little home. I did a small makeover and redecorate our living just a bit for …

Thank you guys for such positive feedbacks – If you want to read more about the makeover head out to the blog post below:https://www.her86m2.com/diy/small-living-room-makeoverStay safe 🙂

I don’t know how I found you, but I never want to leave now.

dear woman, everything you touch you turn into gold

The lady is very skilled with the design, but the photography, the music, and the video production are also very beautiful

Just found this channel and OMG! She’s taking Decorating/Organizing home channel into a new level. Watching her kitchen renovation video i was like “whaaa… how is that even possible?” And I also love how she’s adding beauty shots at the beginning and the end of her videos.Just WOW! Kudos!!

So calming and soothing to watch you decorate…I feel my stress melting away. Thk u for sharing such beautiful moments 🙂

These are the life skills every person needs but few possess! It’s brilliant to see someone so competent at so many skills: sewing, artistry, cooking, interior decor, carpentry, electrical work, gardening, photography, video-making. You’re an incredible example to your daughter.

I love watching each and every one of your videos. They just fill me up with happiness and calmness. I also just get so motivated to do things when I watch your videos. I feel like I finally found a youtuber that fits my style and aesthetic completely. I just wanted to say that I love what you’re doing. 🥰🥰

Is there anything you don’t know how to do? Calligraphy, Gardening, Architecture, Interior Design.

Cuantos más vídeos veo, deseo pronto lograr mis sueños.✨Que continúen con ese hermoso y bendecido espíritu. 💗🎈

Do you have a video of you painting the living room? I love the rough blue wall!!

I love everything about this! The book shelves, the turquoise wall, it’s all so beautiful! Also great idea to let your daughter help and being patient with her.

Stunning makeover! The carefree aqua accent wall is such a perfect contrast to the orderly organization of the rest of the living room. Loved the embellished plant pot covers! Your design sense seems very imaginative, poetic, and joyful. The shared activities and spaces you create together will become potent memories for your daughter. Subscribed!

Восхищен вашими талантами: дизайнер, плотник, художник, флорист. Успехов Вам!

This is absolutely beautiful. I’m so inspired and motivated to do a make over of my traditional Japanese apartment ❤️

I can tell from your videos that you must be an incredible mother. I loved what you were saying at the beginning of this video, with letting your child help you pot the plants. <3

You left me speechless seeing how you can do almost everything by yourself. You are my role model from now on. Im looking forward to your next next next videos!! 💚

I love the plant pot covers you made, the tassels, plaits and pom-poms make them look so unique. I think you’re so talented I don’t think there’s anything you can’t do! Well done 😊👍🏻💛

I am in love with your channel, love the way you showing people the result of DIY and love the colors that you use for your living room. Especially, some crashes on the wall. Absolutely beautiful!!

Люблю ручной труд и все поделки для дома из дерева и других натуральных материалов. Еще один источник вдохновения!! Спасибо

#4 Morning Routine Summer 5:30AM | Stay Productive when work from Home

#4 Morning Routine Summer 5:30AM | Stay Productive when work from Home  (c) Her 86m2

(c) Her 86m2 I’m quite vulnerable to stress suffer a lot from anxiety so building a morning routine that works for myself is a make or break for my whole day. Remember there is …

Đời trôi qua nhanh lắm, không thi thoảng dừng lại nhìn ngắm, chúng ta sẽ bỏ lỡ nó.Life moves pretty fast, you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it.https://www.her86m2.com/life/we-dont-have-forever

Vô tình bấm vào xem video của chị xong không rời được vì hình ảnh được làm đẹp và kĩ lưỡng không kém gì nội dung đằng sau. Không có gì nhiều chỉ mong đc cảm ơn chị vì những video nhẹ nhàng và đẹp thế này 👍🏻Mong sẽ được xem nhiều hơn từ chị 👌🏻😀

This is my new found channel and I am getting addicted to the peace from these vedios. Love from India!

I just found this channel today. I immediately subscribed because this is the life I’m dreaming of. Thank you for the inspiration.

If all moms are like her we will all be raising smart and super kids.

wow I’m blown away by the visual and content quality. Can’t imagine how much time and effort that you two have invested in making this piece. Loving it.

The ultimate nutritious breakfast, I’m so impressed.. No Frosties here!

I can feel the peacefulness and relaxation in this video. The way you spend your time, your heart and your soul in each video made me impress too. Keep it up !!!

I love the authenticity of your videos. Not another morning routine video with girl waking up on full make up and fake lashes!

Your daughter is so blessed to have you, I love that you are sharing these moments with her as well as with us.

I absolutely love this channel. So inspiring. Will try to improve my mornings now 🙂


Encantada com este canal….uma inspira��o!!!

Que maravilha sua hist�ria de vida. Voc� � uma inspira��o. Gratid�o por compartilhar sua rotina e me incentivar a melhorar meu desempenho matinal tamb�m.

im a new mom and really enjoy taking care of my house hold but lately living situation hasn’t been the best. Also vulnerable to stress and anxiety so I relate to you 100%. its been really nice watching your videos. it brings me so much peace. its like you are living my dream life while making videos and still taking care of your kid and husband. Im sure you have your issues like we all do but watching your videos really does bring me so much hope that soon I can live like this too, Your videos are me manifesting my dreams <3Love to you and your family and for bringing me peace.

Coming here and watching your vids give me so much of warmness and chills,simple and beautiful family I hope u guys stay safe and healthy 💜

Me encanta este tipo de v�deos, te motivan en tu propia vida, tan relajados, pac�ficos, dan ganas de aprender y mejorar tu vida, ella tiene una vida similar a la que siempre quise. Me inspira simplemente

You’re videos really are magical and have an almost other worldy feel to them. You’ve amazing talent! Thanks for sharing your life in such a poetic way with us.

Amazing aesthetic. It must take a lot to get these shots. You’re doing an amazing job. Subscribed 🙂

Can I just say that you are my new inspiration 🙂 I love the peace and tranquility vibes your videos bring to me. It’s just so relaxing to watch your videos. It also inspires me to live the way that you do when I move out someday. I’ve been feeling depressed recently but your videos have helped me and inspired me to start gardening which has become my new therapy. Thank you so much! Please put out more videos like this. Sending love from the Philippines <3

#28 Essential Tips for Starting a Balcony Vegetable Garden | Urban Gardening

#28 Essential Tips for Starting a Balcony Vegetable Garden | Urban Gardening  (c) Her 86m2

(c) Her 86m2 No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. There is a loveliness to life that does not fade. Winter, it is the time for home. And January and February are such …

Essential Tips for Starting Balcony Vegetable Garden / Tips để bắt đầu trồng rau trên ban công https://www.her86m2.com/green-living/essential-tips-for-starting-a-balcony-vegetable-gardenMy 8sqm balcony vegetable garden / Khu vườn 8 mét vuông của mình: https://www.her86m2.com/green-living/8sqm-balcony-gardenBokashi Compost / Phân bón Bokashi: ​https://www.her86m2.com/green-living/bokashi-compost-organic-fertilizer-for-balcony-garden

This was so beautiful and informative, thank you 🥺💖

The backsound is very calming, the plants are healthy, the gardening is beautiful.

This woman is taking more loving, sustainable care of the soil in her raised boxes on a balcony in an apartment than monocrop farmers are on their acres of land. We need more regenerative agriculture enthusiasts- thank you for this lovely video!

I cannot believe the amount of produce you have produced in such a small space. It’s so inspiring.

Very cute videos Thank you for upload naka

I absolutely love how well researched everything you put on your channel is! It must take a lot of time and effort to wrap so much knowledge into such beautiful picutures. I have lived in Germany all my life but I still learn so many things from your videos and I’m really lucky that I can access the same products and places because you are not vlogging from the United States 😅. Your videos are a massive inspiration! Thank you so much!

This has blown my mind!! Clearly you have put a lot of research and effort into this!! I have a big backyard and I’m struggling too fill the space up cause it’s so overwhelming!! Even in this small space I wouldn’t know what to do with it!! And the best part it it gets your little one involved and she is learning and not missing out on how to garden which is a very important skill too learn now more than ever!! Well done!!

I personally think the best way to life is by 100% authentically being ourselves and accepting ourselves for who we are, what we have and even where we live. Finding your channel in 2020 helped me see that. 💡 A life I Once hated has become a life I can’t wait to document and share with the world. You made me accept myself and now all I can say is that You are indeed a gift 🌟

“The only thing you should spend good money on is soil”. Thanks for the most precious advice though I learned it the hard way. Spending 6 months to grow out a few tomato trees from seeds made me extremely happy. However, I wasn’t able to harvest their fruits due to the diseases. The tree rotted day by day with their green fruits on 🙁

My mom used to say gardening is a mind therapy and it does. Just by watching on your video, makes me feel at ease. Btw, thank you for the gardening tips. 💕

Que maravilha! Obrigado por partilhar conosco sua experiência com o cultivo na varanda. Peço aos Céus que bendigam você e sua família. Saudações e bênçãos. 👏 🙏

This made me super emotional. It’s so beautiful and it made me feel so connected to our most basic forms of subsistence and providing for ourselves – growing our own food!

ahh, I really can’t wait to get a place on my own and start my gardening journey :’) thanks for all the tips! Hope I can do it in the future!

I am lucky to have a south facing courtyard in the center of my house that gets morning sun on one side and evening sun on the other. This year I started planting in containers but didn’t plan anything🤣. Your balcony is really inspiring me to sit down and actually draw up plans for a more visually appealing set up in the courtyard. Thank you!!

I found your channel through your first balcony garden video – what a delight to see another video about gardening pop up today. This video was so beautiful and such a blessing to be able to take some time out from the chaos of the world for 12 minutes. Thank you – I hope to see more of these videos this year!! 💕🙏🏻

Such a beautiful sweet young lady. Your gentleness is precious, whether with your child or the little kitty. . . So refreshing. I love the creative nature of your projects. Your artistic nature of your filming. Perfect !

This was such good information! I have a black thumb but am finally about to move to my very own apartment, and would absolutely adore having my own veggie garden. I like the tips you gave about planning and how to rotate and co-plant different types of veggies. I’ll have to start my planning now!

I absolutely love this video. So inspiring and has helped me understand the process of the season. Thank you, so beautiful

I’ve never had a veggie garden because I simply don’t have the time to take care of it, but watching this was so soothing to the soul and the eyes, almost as if it was my own! Thank youuu <3

#7 Small Kitchen Organization: Cabinets, Drawers & Pantry

#7 Small Kitchen Organization: Cabinets, Drawers & Pantry  (c) Her 86m2

(c) Her 86m2 No matter the size of your kitchen, a pretty small or a grand, spacious kitchen, keeping everything neat, beautiful and at the same time practical and convenient …

Good luck organizing your kitchen and let me know the result :)Link blog ;)https://www.her86m2.com/diy/kitchen-organization-cabinet-drawer-pantry

Love some of these organization ideas. New fan of the channel here. Thanks for the inspiring content.

The whole thing is so aesthetic!It’s like I’m looking at a lifestyle magazine pics!

This is the third video I saw of yours and I must say that your aesthetic is mesmerizing and so calming.I love how, despite being beautiful, everything is quite practical!And I must mention the extra effort for uploading subs, the video in 4k, and even dividing the video timeline into useful “chapters”.The quality of your channel is immaculate! + it’s so cool to see that you live in Germany too :)Keep up the great work, you’ve got a new subscriber with me

Ok this is officially making me want to get up and organize my whole house haha , thankss

Thank you… your video has given me new motivation to love myself and the things/people around me. To look at what’s around me first and find happiness in it. Your vlogs are beautifully artistic that it makes my heart happy and hopeful watching it. 🙂

É precioso o seu senso de organização. Obrigado por partilhar conosco mais um pouco de sua rotina. Saudações e bênçãos. 👏 🙏

Impressive, everything about this makes me cry and feel warm, you totally deserve way more subscribers

Ahhh I live this. I’m soon to move into my very own apartment (I. E. Not renting) where I can finally feel settled and make it my own. What you’ve done here is so inspiring, beautiful, and clearly presented. I can hardly wait to make my own home beautiful too!

Awesome lessons to learn. Parenting to another level, you don’t need fancy tools or even some of the those basic power tools to do it yourself. Simple and organised.

I love how you organized all your stuff! I’m a hoarder, but my hoarding ways are really getting in the way of my organizing! LOL!

I am in love with your videos and your work on your home! I can’t stop watching!!! Congratulations on your work, everything is wonderful!

Ficou linda sua cozinha perfeita! Transmite aconchego e paz.🇧🇷♥️

What incredible organization !!! You’ve given me such inspiration. Thanks so much. 💕

I adore the organising in your kitchen!! I rent also, though for me it is different as it is social housing from my local council here in London so, I have a bit more say in what I can do with mine than a private rented apartment with private landlord. Your cupboards look ti be a nice size, tall. For some reason they did not fit tall cupboards on the walls to ensure more space could be used for storage in my kitchen. . I love how you added more storage with open shelving and this is something that I can do, as my kitchen is too small to have cupboards both sides, but I could likely get away with shelving on the wall and have more sturdy open shelving unit with work surface that is narrow there. I would like to bake more so having an area I can do that would be wonderful. I shall take inspiration from your ideas. Thank you!

Невероятно рада, что нашла ваш канал!)) Чудесный дом, прекрасная семья! 😍👍Отдельно хочется отметить операторскую работу, все ваши видео – произведения искусства!!! Великолепно! Спасибо за ваш труд! 💖

“A place for everything and everything in its place” Marvelous!😁💖

Linda 🥰linda 🥰linda 🥰Simplesmente amei!🌷✨🌷✨🌷✨🌷Thank you!💋

You are amazing! How beautiful this is, how flowing, thank you :)))

Merci pour l’invitation � venir, ce sera avec grand plaisir. F�licitations aussi pour les tous-titre fran�ais de qualit� ! Recevez mes bons voeux pour la suite de vos projets, et aussi une petite sieste …