VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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VALORANT Masters Berlin: Everything You Need To Know

VALORANT Masters Berlin: Everything You Need To Know  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour VALORANT Masters Berlin is right around the corner and we have a brand new tournament format! Got questions about how it’ll work? Here’s everything you …

Looking for more info about Masters Berlin? 👇

They actually added Hiko getting knifed by Dapr😅

The only thing you need to know is the competition this time around will be fierce..i dont think one team can dominate like Sentinels did last time..

I‘m so Hyped for this 🔥🔥

Ahhh yes Hiko and nitro back on LAN

They changed the tournament format. Cool

Whoever wins this masters is actually the very best in the world, so many very strong team

Riv’s voice just resonates in my ears I love it

Any predictions? I think and hope Sentinels will win because they didn’t drop a single map in Master: Reykjavik

I just hope to have BREN at the knockout stage.

There isnt everything we want to know….i wanna know the prizepool :0

wow thank you for making this video. a lot of people have a difficult time figuring out the tournament flow

Thanks for explaining, I was always confused about how you set the games up – Love watching Valorant, my favorite eSport! Go Sentinals!

Digging this new format. BERLIN HYPE!!!! LFGGGGGGGG!

A lot more teams now competing, i cant wait for that.

“Distributing teams from the same region into different groups” Yep.

Omg this is gonna be so fun

This time its gonna be a hell of a tourney 🔥🔥

wait… the winner get qualified for champions, but what if sentinels win again and get the other spot

We believe in TenZ supremacy 🛐😇

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NA vs. EU: Rivalry Begins | Day 2 Tease – VALORANT Masters Reykjavík

NA vs. EU: Rivalry Begins | Day 2 Tease - VALORANT Masters Reykjavík  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour A story as old as esports themselves… NA vs. EU: which region will come out on top? Tune in for day 2 of Masters Reykjavík at to find …

Who doesn’t notice how much effort for just the teasers

Riot definitely knows how and what to hype goddamn❤️🔥🔥

Boaster: Sentinels are the front runners for NA coming in and I’d like to put them in their placeThis aged badly

Hey nea, Wer kaming fo uGotta love the man😂

NA sounds like they’re just tryna prove themselves while EU’s out for blood

Scream- ” NA we are coming for you”More like coming for the loser’s bracket

everybody gangsta till Scream turns on monitor in round 6

“I’d like to put them in their place” damn Boaster

“Put them in their place.” FNATIC LOSES LMAO

“i saw na playing , and then realised there game was not much different than ranked games with a couple of differences “now that is a lot of damage

Director be like: point this, point that, do this gesture, act like a rapper.

I just love everyone there all look so positive and friendly super hyped for this series ❤

“NA, we’re coming for you”, scream’s last words

my man scream laterally screams at the end

Who’s here after v1 destroys liquid, and Sen 2-0’s Fnatic.

The effort put into these teasers just goes on to show how much riot wants valorant to work out. Damn

“one step ahead” – boaster gets 2-0ed in they’re matchup LMAO

the way Valorant has made this teaser is just pure gold, so exciting 🔥

Take a shot everytime they do hand gestures xD I love this shit so much !!!

“na were coming for you” nah v1 coming for yall LMAO

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Masters of NA: Meet Sentinels

Masters of NA: Meet Sentinels  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Catch Sentinels at VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k. Schedule at Need to catch up with your favorite teams before VALORANT Masters …

It’s a good day to be a Sentinels fan.

I Like attitude of ShahZamCalm, composed and confident.That’s how an IGL should be

1:27 Talking about dapr while TenZ gets a 4k lmaoo

Wardell : I LOVE YOU, TYSON!!!

Tenz and Sinatraa are both X factors, Sentinels will do well for a long time, regardless if it’s Tenz or sinatraa

Definition of a perfect team❤️ from india

rewatching all this stuff after the event- this was seriously the best event ive ever watched- from any esport- and ive ran multiple Cod events. The production was just on another level. they make you feel while watching- really leaning on the pathos of the moment. and i love it.

Sentinel maybe not rocking the the flashy strat, but they’re extremely discipline, especially zombs, one of the best anchor.

“Zombs, pretty much our rock on our team” I felt that

Lets Gooo Sentinels <3

why is there no keyboard in the market that really goes sideways like that. it’s a must

Let’s goo man let’s goo!!!!! Shahz u can bruhhh u’ve experienced lans. Make sen fan proud❤️

Undefeated in whole tournament it can be possible 😅❤️❤️

The finalists for you ❤️ probably the winners 🙈

Best Foreign Family Collective Track for the best Valorant team in the World.

underated song i rmb this when i went to a concert


1:34 that shot is just beautiful


In background they saying chand pe le gaye yaar mere English -my friends took me to the moon


GLOBAL VALORANT SHOWDOWN | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour The final countdown has begun for #VALORANTMasters Berlin. 10 days of high intensity VALORANT awaits as Berlin hosts the best rosters from around the …

Which teams do you think will make it out of the Group Stage?

Honestly this tournament is so stacked with talent, it’s a shame to see teams being eliminated. Also huge respect for yay, for such an explosive fragger, he’s so calm and collected on camera

Everyone’s hyped about cned vs tenz but dapr vs nats is gonna be lit

this production needs to continue, just pure hype and build this shit fyeeeeee!!!

everyone: tenz vs cned is gonna be legenderyasuna:hold my beer

Dream match: Sentinels vs Acend

I’m so fucking hyped man. If only I didn’t have exams, could’ve watched this without pressure 🔥

I love when zeek said “Asuna, my boy !”

im sad for BREN, they have their visas and passports ready but didn’t have it in their hands at the deadline riot gave them so they could travel :<

As a Filipino I’m extremely disappointed about brens situation sad we don’t get to see them play but this Berlin is looking like a hype ass tournament

I actually want the other regions to put up a good fight. Matches become so much more interesting when they are close. Right now it’s all NA and EU but it would be so much better for us as spectators if all the regions were good.

I love Sentinels to death, but I really like Gambit winning this whole Masters <3 Sheydos n4ts lesgo

So sad Bren Esports couldn’t make it I was looking forward to watching them.

if Gambits play the way they did on qualifiers. maybe not even SENTINELS will stand a chance

7:47 that’s so true. Teams like G2 build their strats and players around a star player Mixwell. But sentinels, it just feels like all of them’s a star.

now thats an insane trailer

vision strikers vs sentinels would be hyped

chills i am so fucking hyped despite the groupings

The final will be Sentinels vs Vision Strikers calling it

Dream Match: Sentinels vs Vision Strikers ❤️🔥

Can This Team End The Sentinels Era Before Masters Berlin? | The Headshot

Can This Team End The Sentinels Era Before Masters Berlin? | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour With Open Qualifiers coming to a close in most regions, hundreds of VALORANT teams have ended their VCT 2021 runs. Did your favorite team make it through …

Who’s your favorite underdog in the VCT right now?

I have to respect the voice who said UWU without laughing the way he said it seriously was so funny

Don’t know anything about Malaysia and Singapore valorant but that fukin UwU Got me

imagine a top team losing to UWU.

I swear if UWU don’t make it to Berlin im not watchingUpdate: -1 viewer

I still think Sentinels are the goats and they’re definitely going to win Berlin.

As much as I love Sentinels, I would like so see a team like xset defeat them again…

Acend and g2 could also be a threat

I’m officially rooting for UwU now.

i dont think sentinels would leave the spot any time soon…..but tbh xset is the only team in vct right now who is capable of doing it

4:54 precise gunplay

UwU vs Sentinels for Berlin finals!

Im only gonna watch UwU because of their name

“UWU for Malaysia & Singapore” xD


Imagine an International tounament of valo, like korean jett vs tenz jett and others more.

This edit was so fucking good

nah , SEN gon keep goin <3

ABATMAN being featured is what I need, respect.

They fking know how to hype us