VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介)

VALORANT Champions Tour(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Can EU climb back? | Day 4 Tease – VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k

Can EU climb back? | Day 4 Tease - VALORANT Masters Reykjav�k  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Today everyone’s watching VALORANT Masters’ lower bracket to see if the 2 EMEA representatives will survive to fight another day. Watch day 4 of Masters …

Tbh, I can’t take my eyes off the x10.

Man IDK just loving almost all of these teams tbh. I love how NA has been dominant in the tourney and would to see them stay dominant. I’d also love for EU to climb back from the lower bracket and show everybody that they’re not a one and done type of region. I’m also hyped to see if Korea can still bring their insane starts and enemy style adaptation in their next match against V1 and beyond. Whatever happens man, I’m just glad that I can be here to witness it live 🙂

The patipan entry Will always be remembered

I’m all behind the NA hype but I just want Nuturn and X10 to do well cause I want to see us Asians doing good in FPS games and proving everyone wrong xD

Hope Liquid can bounce back….ScreaM was seriously let down by his mates :’-(

The Dark Horse V1 vs The King slayer NUTURN , Cant wait for it lets bring some hype

Boaster’s confidence never fails to amaze me.”We are going to be the champion team”

I love how they kept patiphans day 1 entrance at 1:25

I’m here to support Fnatic!

Really want liquid to show what they got but they were outplayed so easily after they lost ascent…Looking forward to scream…he definitely underestimated his opposition but the man had so many ups and downs..hope he makes his name

The patiphan Entry tho

My predictions: X10 will win Fnatic, Liquid win against Kru , Nuturn win against V1

I’m the most hyped about this day so far! LET’S GO EU!

Korea- “since as a country we have been viewed weak” Wtf that is so sad, people can be so toxic sometimes.

tough matchup but I’ll be rooting for my region any day. Let’s go X10!

I just want NUTURN to send V1 to the lower brackets for a rematch(possibly) with one of EU region’s teams.

Just a reminder for X10, Vikings, and Sentinels, a first place finish in Iceland means that mathematically they will auto qualify for Valorant Champions and will not need to worry about Challengers/Masters 3

Good luck to all the teams but I’m personally rooting for X10. SEA represent!!!

I would love to see NUTURN win against Sentinels in Upper Final (I love their Style) and an Epic Korea Vs EU Battle in Grand Final

“i love a lower bracket grind” says no one in the upper bracket rn

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VCT Beat Drop – VALORANT Masters Berlin – Audio Visualizer

VCT Beat Drop - VALORANT Masters Berlin - Audio Visualizer  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour Stakes have never been higher! Set the mood right and get ready for 10 days of intense VALORANT action with the latest VCT Beat Drop for VALORANT …

Riot makes some pretty good games in spite of being a music company.

This hits harder than my dad used to, Gawd damn

Damn, fact that this game is only 1 y.o makes me proud of how riot put so much efford into this game

this slaps harder than my parents when I talk back

Why does Valorant have such banger music gawd damn

Now this is some beatdrop visualisation

Riots marketing for Valorant is probably one of the best ever. Not just in gaming but generally

Game: ValorantDescription: League of LegendsAll jokes aside I’m so excited!!

Imagine if those rock-like purple glow skins were actually in-game

hype for the new League Of Legends update

I keep forgetting riot is not a music production company

Clean Subtle and Just Vibing… 🌟🎶

That start is so cool. Reminds me of LoL Jhin theme.

Riot doesn’t consider as an tournament, they consider it to be like an festival 🔥

Can’t wait now for this 😍😍😍

Holy shit !! The music is soo good 🔥🔥 Even the Masters 1 music was a banger 🔥

I sometimes forget Valorant is a Rito game and they probably share the same sound design team

nothing can beat Blast Premier Soundtrack ever!!! Goat beats!!!

Valorant Master 2 Entry Of All Teams Background Music is Needed 🥺🥺

riot really revolutionize esports, it used to be cringe, but now.. its cool asf

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The LoL Pro Taking Over VALORANT | The Headshot

The LoL Pro Taking Over VALORANT | The Headshot  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour What are the advantages of being a Sova main? Why is the Odin Sacy’s preferred weapon of choice? How is Sacy adapting to competing in the VALORANT …

Don’t forget to subscribe for more #VCT action! Who else will make the cut into Masters from your region?

Great stuff as usual! Happy to see an esport actually dig into the content side of things heavily

Brasil no topo, vamo q vamo pro mundial

Fun fact: Sacy is also known in Brazil as the Mug Player or The man with three legs

I believe in you riot, valorant is gonna become the greatest and most exciting esport

im legit waiting every week for this and this is so good i love this series so much!!!!!!

cant wait for a documentary for each regions!! im so hyped!!

the Korean region is insane, I can’t wait for them to go against NA

Amazing content. I love this.

man I want to see BR play the other regions so badly dude

this make me feel bad about myself as a player

Esto va a estar bueno, le voy a Vision Strikers y que gane el mejor

I want Brazillian Commentators to commentate my life

Back for more… INJECT THIS INTO MY VEINS!!!!

How are these videos not getting more views?? Youtube algorithm pls

That SEN v 100T match was BRUTAL

Csgo azzes must be jealous of this 🙂

sacy representandoooooo

these videos are awesome

This intro music is really some AOT type beat

VALORANT Tips You NEED For Better Teamplay | DECODED

VALORANT Tips You NEED For Better Teamplay | DECODED  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour These VALORANT tips will level up your teamplay. Agent abilities are even more powerful when paired with other abilities. In this episode of DECODED, Victor …

Do you prefer offensive or defensive abilities?

First requirement: have teammates with working mics

to be honest it just feels like Astra is getting promoted

Pansy has a great voice

VALORANT Tips You NEED For Better Teamplay1. Astra2. Repeat

Her voice is satisfying unlike any other ngl!

Best tips and tricks series out there. Easily. Gonna go inject this into my veins and hit the ranked servers. BRB.

It’s so hard to execute plays when your teammates get mad when you tell them to cooperate hahaha

Had a fun time watching the tournaments ♡

*tries astra after watching this**fails miserably*


the molly and gravity well combo is INSANELY smart

Astra’s may be intrusive but damn the music is way more intrusive

Can I have mandatory comms in ranked please? Or even agent voice lines that give more specific call outs?

Astra Phoenix trick was sick tho

but guys, its even stronger with astras gravity well

Now we only need good teammates to make this strategy works.

Love the idea of this serie

Pansy has lovely voice ❤️

In short, always use Astra haha

Hitting the GLOBAL stage for the FIRST TIME! | Day 2 Tease – VALORANT Masters Berlin

Hitting the GLOBAL stage for the FIRST TIME! | Day 2 Tease - VALORANT Masters Berlin  (c) VALORANT Champions Tour

(c) VALORANT Champions Tour The second day of VALORANT Masters Berlin is a step ahead into the unknown with 5 teams making their debut in the international stage. Will the underdogs …

Valorant sure does know how to hype something up..

They couldn’t have picked better people to interview

“At least placing above 100 thieves” LMAO


The korean team have thr greatest speech here

more pujan pics in s0m hazed and chet’s folder

Crashies carried the whole vk vs nv gane ngl..

So, Today is Gambit VS Crazy Raccon why is there no Crazy Racoon players in the video?


VSWIN~~~~ Let’s go~~~~~~~~~

“At least placing above 100 thieves”, bro you need more spirit, more ambition don’t just place goals on beating teams from the same region, aspire to become the champions of the WORLD, put your eyes on the trophy, and take what’s not given- 100T fan.

Follow your Vision 🔥🔥🔥

lets go VS

Watch out for the tenz effect

Why they didn’t interview japanese team?



Tired of sentinels- time to drop the bomb

Lil Jaka 🤙😎