Rescue Restore(Youtube 動画 pick up)

Rescue Restore(Youtube 動画 pick up) Youtubeおすすめ紹介
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1920s Dayton Train Restoration – Antique Locomotive

(c) Rescue & Restore TOOLS & EQUIPMENT I USE: 3M Lead Testing Swabs: Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System: Dremel …

What an absolutely brilliant restoration that thing is like brand new.

Me looking at 5 star movies: NahYoutube: Wanna see someone restore a toy train?Me: Heck Yea!

The fact he takes everything of and dosent miss a thing. Also there is no music or voice over the video just pure restoration enjoyment dont stop making these videos

I like how you didn’t use background music, I love all the sounds!

Just watching a dude restore an antique locomotive in the middle of the night… Youtube recommendations leads you on interesting paths. Anyways its so satisfying watching Videos like this.

WOW very good job!! I really like all the details with the stickers and the different colours 🙂 It’s so cool to see how the powder melts to a nice layer of paint in the oven.

I just realised that this toy is a 100 years old. Wow

My Grandfather was a Railroad Man.. 43 years and my Father for 20+ years… before he retired during a sell off. This was an amazing restoration… made me think of them both. Thank You. More Trains!

Is it just me or does every time he puts on the powder paint, it reminds me of that one scene from Bighero 6 where honey lemon(I forgot her actual name) puts pink power around the ball and pulls a lever to make it all stick to it?

I haven’t been this satisfied since Woody got himself thoroughly cleaned in Toy story 2

Can anyone agree that the most satisfying part is the sand blasting?

I have this exact train in my collection! It was my grandfather’s from when he was a boy back in the 1920’s. I didn’t realize it had a bell.

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy. Can I have a sand blaster and powder coat sprayer and oven for xmas? 🙏

I don’t understand the dislikes on this videos! I don’t know why someone can dislike just a man restoring antique things!

It all ended badly when the 110 year old man demanded his Choo-Choo back.

Next video: 1875 Statue of Liberty Restoration


Nothings more calming than some good old sand blasting to put you to sleep at night !

Some restorations look daunting and this man is an artist.

“Saving you From Scrap Has Been A Habbit Stepney!”

Walking Water Sprinkler Restoration – National Manufacturing Model A5

(c) Rescue & Restore TOOLS & EQUIPMENT I USE: Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System: Dremel 3000: Electric Oven: …

This video is a real restoration, not like most who are cheating to gain fame, congratulations!

This guy really has every unique tool he would ever need

Thanks, Dude. I’m in my 60s and never saw one of these new; when I was growing up in the 1950s-1960s they were owned by elderly people and always looked like they’d been through a war. They fascinated me, like they had a mind of their own as they slowly followed the hose around the yard and made that faint “clank” as the claw fell against one of the gears. Good to see one new-looking!

When you hear people say they don’t make them like that anymore, this is what they mean.


12:23 you really spun that for so long just so we could see it in action. What a legend

1:44 – Oh My God! He welded a nut onto a snapped off bolt and extracted it…that’s GENIUS!

My dude was performing a whole surgery on the sprinkler for it to come apart, I love this channel

Who think these restoring videos are better than ASMR?

Me: Man, these videos are so relaxing and satisfying to watchR&R: *whips out every known tool in existence*Me: So relaxing 🙂

This has to be the most difficult tear-down I’ve seen in one of these videos so far.

I feel like this guy has a tool for literally anything 😂

I don’t get it! How in the hell can you watch this video and then give it a thumbs down? Happy Thanksgiving bro 👊.

I really don’t understand how anyone can “dislike” this it is enthralling. They clearly don’t value good work.

Your videos are works of art. Beautifully thought out, filmed and edited. They tell a story not only of the original designers and manufacturers but of you, the restorer as master mechanical engineer, electrician, scientist, technician, mechanic and, above all, artist. You are a gem.

It’s so cool when he takes apart an item that has WAY more parts than you thought it did

Me: *finds rusty toy*Me: *buys a new one*Rescue and restore: WAIT THATS ILLEGAL

One thing I love about these videos is that there’s no annoying “title sequence”, annoying music, and no talking. Just restoration.

My family had one of these back in the 1970’s It is great seeing one being restored. In fact I wish they still sold these! They don’t make stuff like they used to fits this. Now all the junk we buy is plastic or thin metal so you have to buy a new one.

Do you now what makes you different!You do everything thing perfect even the small details your phenomenal bro👌🏼✨

Vintage Electric Oven Restoration

(c) Rescue & Restore TOOLS & EQUIPMENT I USE: Red Line EZ50 Powder Coating System: Dremel 3000: Electric Oven: …

Everybody gangsta until the lead test reads positive

Vintage toy maker: “Let’s give kids a real working oven made of METAL which can reach temperatures of 300 degrees and cover it in lead paint! What could possibly go wrong?!”

start a second channel called “cooking with rust” where you cook with things you restored

The fact he went the extra mile and made little brownies with it makes me so happy. 10/10 would watch again 👌

Knowing me I’ll probably forget how to put it back together 🙃

it’s an oven, made of lead, AND it has asbestos wiring? Talk about a recipe for disaster. You did a wonderful job restoring this thing

I am 63 this is what I remember as a child. I am so great full that there are people that truly love the past. It is truly a beautiful piece of art.

My dad remembers seeing these, the idea was that the kid would be cooking with their parents helping them, but parents back then weren’t the brightest so often left them unsupervised with a working, lead-coated oven

“Here kid, have this lead-covered toy that reaches tempatures of over 300 degrees”

The fact that you’re still wearing your gloves while making the brownies cracked me right up.

When the brownie mix appeared I yelled “yeah” 😂

Imagine the fam that used it as ghosts looking over his shoulder being so happy!

I can imagine in 50 or so years, somebody else finding this and restoring it just like this person did so many years ago.

Ah the good ol days. I miss the time where I would get lead poisoning from my easy bake oven and die at the ripe old age of 6.

That toy looks so safe…I’m surprised my grandparents survived. LOL. Seriously…my grandparents made it through WWII as kids, so they were tough.

I appreciate that this person knows the value of keeping an expired driver’s license in one’s toolbox.

PARENT: “Here, daughter. Play with this thing. First, run down to the store and grab your mom and I a few cartons of cigarettes, though. If you’re back before dinner, you can smoke a pack with us while you have your snifter of whisky.”

The fact that he used a card to remove the lead paint

Wow👌🧨 you are the Chef of Restoration!

I never would’ve thought that kids were burning their fingers before the Easy-Bake Oven made the scene. 😂