からめる(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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ネコやき  (c) からめる

(c) からめる おいしくいただきました.

I have no idea why this was recommended to me but I’m glad

Parents: “Be careful, the internet is dangerous.”The internet:

Parents: You’re probably hiding something, let me see your watch historyThe watch history:

Am I the only one who’s confused whether they’re smiling or sticking their tongue out?

He is cooking an animal alive, a cat isk why everyone seems so happy. Is it because it’s cute? Wtf is wrong with society. Jk

For anyone thats curious, yhe title is ネコやき. The word is a play on the word たこやき which is takoyaki, meaning like a type of snack. The first 2 words are “ネコ” which is neko, meaning cat, hence the video. So, the title is named “Nekoyaki”

I want these types of videos to be in my recommendations.

I think this is the best thing that’s ever been recommended to me.

This is probably someone’s first experience of the internet.

Fun Fact: The description says “It was delicious”Let us have a moment of silence for all the marshmallow lives we lost today.

Mom: your prolly watching something bad.The “bad” thing I’m watching:


i’ve watched this like 5 times already

Now this is what I want to see on my recommended

This makes me rethink that YT algorithm isn’t so useless after all

YouTube, *I love your sense of humor for recommending me this.*

Awwww!! My heart!

Omg I love this please make more please make kitties turning into please

This is so satisfying 😍

i love these kind of videos i dont know why

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ドーナツのつくり方  (c) からめる

(c) からめる もっと長いスパンで切るとうまい棒が出来るらしい.

As a former chef, i can confirm this is how we cook tempura.

This cat is a master alchemist.From dough to shrimp.

The logic: this is terribleThe cat world logic: now this is better

“Delicious jelly-filled donuts.”

The cat: *pulls out tempura from donut dough*The donut machine: *immediately stares at the cat* What the-Edit: I just realized I caused an argument between Tempura and Fried Shrimp (if that is a thing) in the reply section 🤣

This entire channel can be summed up in one word “dafuq”


Very few things tend to make my mind just stop and go “wait, what?”This is most of them.

Fun fact: It takes 9 donuts to make 1 fried shrimp. Mind blown 🤯

Thanks, now I’m hungry af and want donuts

**pheaw** that sound is amazing

“They had us in the first half, not gonna lie” moment

4Kids: Calls Rice balls “doughnuts”からめる: Uno Reverse

the cat: *wtf did i do wrong*the machine: *where tf are the donuts?*

I have come from the takoyaki video.. looks like I’m gonna binge watch all of this channel’s content 😂

I adore the sound it makes when a donut pops out~wEEEEew~

Sechi : I NEED THIS !!!


When life gives you lemons, you make tempura

The only thing that I said when the shrimp came out was “eh?”

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それっぽく見えたので  (c) からめる

(c) からめる クソ譜面.


Somebody: makes video with *ARROWS*Community: FNF, take it or leave it.

Friday Night Funkin fans explaining how everything related to DDR is a rip-off and how every mod is canon

Garcello is disappointed that people think this is Friday Night Funkin

If a rythym game has arrows then it’s FNF for every kid.

Not every rhythm game with arrows is Friday Night Funkin

some fnf fan: ” woah friday night funkin / kapi mod :0 “DDR fans: *and i took that personally*Edit: as a fnf fan, im very disappointed that some people didnt know DDR was a concept that inspired the fnf game itself..

Guys, this is dance dance revolution not Friday night funkin.

I’m not sure if the kitty followed the arrows correctly, but he passes.

When you are the only 10% of people that know DDR and don’t yell FNF in the comments:Edit:Respects for Parappa The Rapper as well

Literally everyone who didn’t read the date:*woah cat doing friday night funkin*


oh damn the cat almost broke the ddr pad- i think it was having a seizure

This was actually made before fnf, cool!

FNF fans explaining how DDR and every other rhythm game is a copy of FNF

I find that this is how the comment modes work on this videoTop Comments: people who are old enough to know that DDR exists and are dissapointed at the people who think it’s FNFNewest Comments: Children who think everything is FNF and don’t acknowledge the video being 2 years old

I miss arcade, if only i can go to arcade so i can play the ddr machine

Wow, when the cat bites the cake, it looks like the real thing!

I remember this kind of arcade when I was still little, nearly had a seizure.

Hello, I am your friendly Karameru English Translator. The title says: It looked like that soThe description says: shitpostEDIT: For those saying “Friday night funkin’ this, friday night funkin’ that…” this video existed even before friday night funkin was a concept.


バスケ  (c) からめる

(c) からめる twitter→ https://twitter.com/purinharumaki.

For anyone wondering what the title says, it literally just says “Basket”.Ladies and gents, I think it’s safe to say that this is not only a Japanese meme.It’s a Japanese Shitpost.

Me liking japanese comments: *”I like your funny words,magic man.”*


As a basketball player, I can say this is 100% accurate.This is how we play basketball.


So this is why Japan is the worlds most technologically advanced country

0:52 ボールの落ちる音が細かい

0:42 ここの「もうどうにでもなれーっ」感が最高に好きw



This seems like it was made in 2007 but with modern comedic timing



As someone that plays basketball, I can confirm this is accurate

Gonna tell my kids this was anime fighting.

If this is what basketball is really like, I would tune in to the sports channels every single day.

Where does Karameru get these sound tracks, I would very much like to listen to them on replay. XD

The way basketball was always meant to be played


So this is what japan meme feels like.


柿ピー採掘  (c) からめる

(c) からめる でんがらがった~でんが~でんが~


I will never understand what these videos are meant to convey, but at this point I think that’s just part of the experience


i like how you casually just edited in the flute part


Actual recorded footage of my last two braincells trying to do anything productive at all


whoevers playing the recorder sounds about two breaths away from hyperventilation



Admit it, you’ve watched this more than 10 times

Cat: Ah, another fruitful day of fulfilling, honest work.

Me: *Finds diamonds without iron pickaxe* My friend right next to me:

“The lava’s coming hurry up with the diamonds!”

Me: *Know that next subject is mathematic*My brain during the math class:


my brain: play it againme: why?my brain: just do itme: *plays the video again*

I still don’t understand what is happening right now….But I like it🌚👌🏻

“Ok, I’ll just watch one more,” I keep saying to myself.

“Ease up, Bro, I can only pick so fast!” OAO


二度漬け禁止  (c) からめる

(c) からめる 常識なので気を付けましょう.

Thank you for translating the sign that makes this joke work for non Japanese speakers, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

The second cat just like “if Im fast enough , the chief won’t know”Chief “ F you “


I love how the second cat knows exactly what’s gonna happen to him but he still wants to do it anyway because of the nature of this channel

The cat on the left chose the quick ‘n easy way out of not paying his bill.

That transition from the thumb to middle finger was smoooth

I love how these cats just keep smiling regardless of what happens to them.

When the food is literally “the bomb”

Yes and no?The act of “double dipping” is when you dip, eat from it, dip again. It’s considered rude and unsanitary because the foods usually touched your mouth. Here they just dipped again without eating from it first so it doesnt really work. However the chief is still super funny in this situation!


I don’t speak japanese, but the heresy of double dipping is universal

You should’ve made the chef explode because he was double *flipping*


It’s time for another round of… “Spot the Anime Protagonist”The winner this time is, you guessed it, the only sign in English.

Seriously, why 二度漬け was forbidden, considering he did not put the food in month?


The only ending that I can predict once, once. Not expecting the other cat would do the same

“That’s like putting your whole mouth in the dip”

“This shrimp has an explosive flavor.”

I like how they’re are always smiling despite the fact that they have exploded and they are being flipped off