Mia DIY(おすすめch紹介)

Mia DIY(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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[very easy] How to make a simple fabric face mask at home | Face Mask Sewing Tutorial

[very easy] How to make a simple fabric face mask at home | Face Mask Sewing Tutorial  (c) Mia DIY

(c) Mia DIY Fabric face mask sewing tutorial | DIY mask | Homemade face mask DIY face mask at home – – – Hello everyone, I am Mia!

Nice 👌👌

Very easy and quick method. Thanks a lot. Loved it

Adoro suas máscaras 👏👏👏

The tutorial was very useful and easy to follow! I have done three masks and they turned out very nice. The size described in the video fits my teenage daughter well. For me I used 9 cm and 4 cm instead of 8 cm and 3.5 cm as shown. I also added a little pocket on the back side and inserted a small pipe cleaner to keep it snug around the nose. Perfect! Thank you!

Muy f�cil de hacer gracias,por compartir sus conocimientos

Thanks Mia! I made myself a mask and my daughter a mini mask from your tutorial!

Шикарное кольцо на указательном пальчике.. Люблю такие вещи ✨💫

Buenas tardes bien explicado y r�pido, gracias.

Linda vou tentar fazer muito obrigada

Amei! obrigada Deus te aben�oe sempre.

Deus que aben�oe gostei muito f�cil

thank you so much for sharing this! going to make some masks now thanks to you 🙂

Muy facil. Gracias

Beautiful 💓 love your tutorials!

Respekt per stilimin Tuaj.Ndihme per njerzit ne nevoje duke krijuar me kosto te ulet ,higjenike e praktike.Faleminderit.


U are the queen of masks making . So many variations and they are all adorable. Beautiful fabrics . U inspired your viewers ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Cloth loss may be minimised, if you use paper template.


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New pattern 2021🔥🔥🔥FAST and EASY Face Mask Sewing Tutorial ✂️✂️✂️ DIY Breathable Masks

New pattern 2021🔥🔥🔥FAST and EASY Face Mask Sewing Tutorial ✂️✂️✂️ DIY Breathable Masks  (c) Mia DIY

(c) Mia DIY New pattern 2021 FAST and EASY Face Mask Sewing Tutorial ✂️✂️✂️ DIY Breathable Masks.

Amo esse modelo! Linda demais e aqui onde moro vende muito dessa m�scara at� hoje.

Muito linda, muito pr�tica, e o mais importante,,,. � f�cil de fazer, eu amei!!!!

Ficou linda e f�cil fazer,Obrigada, ameiiii.sucesso!

Ameiiiiiiiiii esse modo, é fácil e prático, obg, 😍🤩

Gosto muito de como você explica mostrando o passo a passo. Parabéns. 😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Muito fácil! Vou tentar fazer 😊

Maravilha muito linda,e explicado muito bem obrigada

Obrigada muito f�cil de fazer

Amei , 😍 deus abençoe vc pelas dicas e a modelagem 😘

Amei linda essa máscara 😍😍

Muito bom fácil de fazer legal 👍

.muito linda! F�cil! Obrigada!

Verdadero arte en costura !! Y siempre se debe usar la plancha 😃👍

Legal e fácil de fazer…🥰

Bonita e pr�tica, gostei vou fazer com tecido de estampa de flor

Замечательно-увлекательно быстрый показ кроя и шитья. Спасибо.

Parabéns, sempre gostei dos seus trabalhos, principalmente as máscaras!👏👏🙌💋

goistei ficou linda vou fazer muito obg!!

Amei, obrigada ❤️❤️❤️

Ficou linda 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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New design – NO FOG ON GLASSES – Very quick & easy 3D face mask sewing tutorial circle template

New design - NO FOG ON GLASSES - Very quick & easy 3D face mask sewing tutorial circle template  (c) Mia DIY

(c) Mia DIY DOWNLOAD PATTERN: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-TFBbYkgusUwSAJXVmlbLbN4gKMsyPCK?usp=sharing Face …

Muito caprichosa ,parab�ns. E muito obrigada por compartilhar

THANK YOU so much for this clear how-to video! I love this design and will be making many for all my family! Best design I’ve seen so far without being too complicated! Blessings to you.

Adorei esse modelo! Obrigadd por ensinar

Thank you for your tutorial and for the templates. It’s very simple to make and looks comfortable to wear. I hope I’ll be able to make it as nice as yours!!!

What a lovely mask! 🌷I’ve been looking for instructions with U.S. measurements and you delivered with easy to follow directions! 🌻 Thank you so much!

Gostei muito da peça! Parabéns! Thank you!😘

I followed it with your measurements and it turned out great! My second mask though I added a nose wire, and after seeing everything up I added a tiny pleat in the middle of the elastic in either side to customize the fit where there had been a tiny gap, which I think if others added a pleat after trying it on would help people customize the fit for their face. Very simple instructions and it was easy enough to make a week’s worth of masks in a few hours!

I am very impressed. Not just by the innovation of a mask that prevents my eyeglasses from fogging up. I’m also impressed because of the quality of your video. You’ve shown each and every step while clearly explaining how/why to do things in a particular order. Thanks so much!

Восхищаюсь вашими идеями!Спасибо💐

Muito bom

Muy buen dise�o!!Lo har� para m�..mil gracias por �sta soluci�n, excelente tutorial.Bendiciones!!

Qué lindo, ¡gracias por compartir! ❤️

I love this, you make it look so straightforward and I think even I could have a go. Your presentation is so lovely too. Thank you 😊

Amazing. Great, clear, easy video – can’t wait to do it!!!!Good looking mask too. xx

Que pr�tica ,vou fazer amanh� vou comprar o tecido ,parab�ns !

Muito obrigada pela dica….ameeeiii!!❤❤❤👏👏👏👏

I am very excited to try this pattern!! Thank you so much for the great tutorial <3

Super pomysł.👍👍👍🌻❤

Awesome. I don’t sew, but this is an ingenious idea. Just what I need. Thank you.

Amei Muito pr�tica vou fazer Obrigada

(2 in 1) NEW DESIGN 2021 ✂️✂️✂️ how to make a simple mask at home | Face mask sewing tutorial

(2 in 1) NEW DESIGN 2021 ✂️✂️✂️ how to make a simple mask at home | Face mask sewing tutorial  (c) Mia DIY

(c) Mia DIY (2 in 1) NEW DESIGN 2021 ✂️✂️✂️ how to make a simple mask at home | Face mask sewing tutorial.

Eu fiz deu certo. Ficou �tima.Obrigada!

Perfeito 😍 amei

Adorei o vídeo. Super fácil de fazer.👏

De todas as m�scaras q eu vi essa foi a melhor e mais pr�tica de se confeccionar.Obg por compartilhar!

Amei perfeito 💕

Amei essa m�scara, f�cil de fazer.Obrigada por compartilhar conosco. Deus te aben�oe!

Eu amei como vc encina obrigado 😍🙋‍♀️ficou linda a máscara e fácil de fazer …HOJE 14/04/2021

Sou de Manaus, estou amando sua m�scara, parab�ns e obrigada Boa noite

Muito fácil vou tentar fazer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘❤️

Very simple and obviously what I need , thank you it was great

Top…amei,bem f�cil e r�pida.. parab�ns

Gostei,f�cil, obrigada!


Amei f�cil de fazer mto bom

Um estiloso geito prático, vou tentar fazer para meu uso. Parabéns!…👍

Un encanto de mascarilla …wow 😍 Gracias por compartir tu experiencia 😊 y a propósito que plancha más linda, me gustaría una de ella 👧!Dios te bendiga siempre !!!

Amei as dicas ,vou fazer ,adorei, obg

AdoreiF�cil e funcional

Que maravilhosa � f�cil, amei ,Deus aben�oe sua vida em tudo

I love the way this mask is put together, a much simpler method…thanks

New design – breathable! How to make an easy pattern & sewing tutorial | DIY fabric mask at home

New design - breathable! How to make an easy pattern & sewing tutorial | DIY fabric mask at home  (c) Mia DIY

(c) Mia DIY Hope this video is useful for you! Don’t forget to LIKE videos, SHARE with friends, and SUBSCRIBE my channel to support me!

It’s beautiful! I personally tried it today! It’s awesome. I love it. Thank you so much for the video❤️ PS: I used leftover pieces of the 26 cm circular piece for making the 6cm×12cm strips. But,I made 6cm×10cm ones..they fit perfectly!

Great pattern thank you, I’ve made around 10. One big time-saving tip is: when sewing the tabs on (last step), put the elastic for ear loops through first, then sew tabs down. Otherwise you have to put it through with a safety pin & I found it keeps getting stuck, the tabs are quite tight.

Thank you, Mia! This is a lovely mask and it looks like it will make breathing at work easier, I will try to make one asap! 🙂

I’ve used at least six different patterns (including one that was supposed to be a “perfect fit”)and this is the best by far. The shape makes it easier to breath and it fits well. & love that the elastics can be changed if they stretch out or I want to make head length instead of around the ears. The video is well done and the mask is easy to stitch. Thank you! I did add a filter material so cut two more pieces out of non-woven polypropylene and sewed them with the lining. Other addition was to add a nose piece by stitching a 4 inch long “sleeve” between the good sides of the top of the mask. (2 inch wide folded in half). then slide a removable “tin tie” (coffee bag tie) into the sleeve.

These masks are great! The tutorial is clean and easy to follow. Thank you!!

Awesome and easy to follow. Thank you for the excellent and well produced tutorial. And for helping us keep ourselves healthier!

I really love the fact that the elastic is done in a way that they will be easy to replace when worn out! 🙂 For anyone not liking the knot idea, it’d be just as easy to hand stitch a couple of stitches with the ends slightly overlapping to form a continuous elastic loop. When the elastic is worn out, to just cut it and put new elastic through the loop in the fabric. I’m definitely going to make a pattern for your mask so I can make a bunch of these! <3 Thank you so much for posting this! ^_^

Thank you Mia 🙂 🙂 This is by the easiest mask I have made (and I have made a few) and it is very comfortable to wear, and has good coverage without you feeling claustrophobic. I wear glasses and it works well with them too. Thank you kindly for sharing your easy to follow instructions and video. The plate trick is great! I will be making many more masks so I have cut out a cardboard template (as I assume everyone will do if they are making multiple masks.) I lay my template very frugally on the fabric and I have minimal waste. The pocket for the elastic is terrific as the owner can change elastic when it perishes but also allows people to change to ribbon if they prefer to tie them behind their head.

Thanks for your clear instructions for the bias tape. I will use that on my pleated mask! Update! It worked perfectly. Great solution for pleated mask so you can adjust the elastic bands.

I just finished making four of these tonight!!! thanks so much! you made it very easy.

Follow-up to my previous comment, I just finished my mask, and it is the very best pattern I have found so far. I finished it in less than an hour (other patterns took 3 hours), fits well, glasses don’t fog up, and the elastics are easily adjusted or even replaced. Thanks so much Mia DIY, for sharing this great design!

Oh Mia, love this mask you made. To me soooo much easier. Thanks for the video and be well.

Love the simplicity and ease of this pattern. Thank you! What size circle do you recommend for children? Also can I ask why you chose to tie the elastic versus stitching together?

Looks like a comfortable fit. Nice tutorial! Thank you! 🤗

This is a great video. The masks are adorable and your instructions make it easy even for me, and I am super challenged with a sewing machine. Thank you!!

Thank you so much for your fine work. I’ve been looking for such design for several months. I can’t wait to make my first one. I’ve been House Bound for months, and this one will help so much, changing my life so that I can take care of appointments. Some of the best features are that it looks professional and well made. I will be sure to follow up on social media and our own websites, Bless you for your generosity of time and talent.

Looks great – thanks for the instructions! I use cotton batik fabric as it has a very tight weave. I like that the elastics are easily to adjust and/or replace. Great job! Greetings from Canada – stay well everyone.

I made one today! Turned out great! Thanks again!!!

These masks turned out great! One of my biggest problems with wearing masks is the fact that I feel like I’m suffocating. These are MUCH better. Thank you!!

Thank you for this video, I found it easy to follow because it was so simple and straight forward. The only problem I encountered was to try and find a saucepan lid of the right size! However, once done I made three face masks, one after the other.