Xíu House(Youtube 動画 pick up)

Xíu House(Youtube 動画 pick up) Youtubeおすすめ紹介
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#21 How I Makeover My Tiny Balcony On a Budget (150$) 🌱| DIY Balcony Transformation Ep02

(c) Xíu House Please select a language in subtitle settings ( Click the three dots at the top right of the video ) —————————————— THE BALCONY …

💖Please select a language in subtitle settings ( Click the three dots at the top right of the video ) 🙏🏻 Thank you guys for watching, leave the comments down below to let me know what you thought! See you next video. Stay safe and healthy 💛 —————————————————————————- Cảm ơn mọi người vì đã ủng hộ ạ ^^ Nếu có bất kỳ thắc mắc gì thì comment ở đây cho mình biết nhaaa 😘😘

Some people improve the places they live in. These are special people.

Огромный труд. Не каждый решиться на такое. Восхитительно.

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Lol this woman speaks my language! I keep getting more shelves and create more ways to have more plants in my small space. Beautiful music choices too. Love your content !

Having a small Garden in between Concrete jungle is finding a Oasis in vast desert,

Adorei tudo. As ideias foram ótimas. Tudo feito com delicadeza. E o gatinho acompanhando , fofura 😍

Awww… The cat is too adorableI would love to hold it in my arms

While being most populated and economically engaged country it suffers ecology, big time, like there is no air and bees (so you have to pollinate plants manually – 75% of the plants on earth).. Guess this is the price to pay .. id rather live “poor” but pure))

good evening, what a beauty it turns out. beauty.

Amei! ❤️ O silêncio do vídeo traz calma e paz. Lindo! ❤️🌱☘️🌿🌹

Приятно видеть молодых людей, создающих красоту и гармонию вокруг! Спасибо за профессиональное видео!

I like your idea.

Ты ещё не видела”крошечных балконов”!!

Вы не видели крошечных балконов ! 👎👎👎

No hay excusas para crear un mini jardín en nuestro piso, te quedo precioso, el mio tiene solo 6metros y este año lo arme y me da mucha alegría mis plantitas. Un saludo 🇪🇸

What talent: gardening, designing, weaving, and others. Love your garden space. 💚

I had a water sprayer like yours. The bottle eventually began to leak. My hubby rigged up a tube from it to a rain barrel that filled from our gutter using a rain chain. It worked perfectly. I love your balcony garden. It’s gorgeous & so well laid out.

Necesitaba escucharlo mientras hacia otras cosas pero tenia que leer. Asi que mejor no lo vi . Ponle voz por favor esta divino

How lovely to see a person who cares the nature? So divine.. Every move of urs is very divine.. Stay blessed abundantly my dear.. 🙏

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#9 Eng) My Cozy Apartment Makeover | DIY Trang trí lại căn hộ với chi phí thấp nhất |

(c) Xíu House Sau hơn 1 năm nhận nhà thì đợt này nhân tiện nghỉ dịch Covid ở nhà, bọn mình quyết tâm trang trí và thay đổi lại căn hộ, ngôi nhà nhỏ của mình sẽ thay diện …

Приятные люди! Много хороших идей! Спасибо

I’m a commercial interior designer in the US and I was so impressed with the way you expertly executed maximizing your space, using straightforward utilitarian materials, and implementing them with a thoughtful design approach… that I found myself taking some ideas from it. I’m inspired🙂

This is my literal dream apartment, I feel like it would soothe my anxiety. The warm wood and dark walls and beautiful lights and plants… It is literally perfect..

Beautiful. You did it yourself, so it is really special. What a blessing to see you with your baby and husband working with you. thanks so much for subtitles.

I just saw this as my first video from you! I love so much: your use of pallets (I can get free), you build what you need to exact size, the wire on the balcony for plants (and safety for baby?), the floor stickers are so pretty, and your kitchen shelves with the hooks! Oh! Plus painting your wall and adding twinkle lights! Such a beautiful and loving home.

Que amor, muito bonito ver o casal trabalhando junto e no final um lar aconchegante e bem aproveitado. Parab�ns.

What I understood from this clip is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to turn a house into a home

Cuanto amor hay en este hogar. Que siempre viven en uni�n, esperanza y alegr�a. Bendiciones

Me encanta la manera para ver las cosas sencillas como �nicas, claro ejemplo en la decoraci�n de tu apartamento. Puedes ense�ar a cuidar una planta de jade?

You both make a good design team. I love your ideas and choices.

Your home looks lovely, well done 👏🏻😊💛

You are so inspiring. I like how u makeover everything..given your personified touch! Thanks for sharing this…

Gostei do seu canal 🇧🇷😘

Hermoso. …..espectacular. Felicitaciones

Amei!Vou aproveitar várias ideias!😘

How can u keep so many tools in an apartment house? The filming is very professional,look like a poem

Beautiful and comforting, enjoy.

Te quedó precioso, te felicito me encantó mucho tu estilo para decorar.🤗👍

Great to see a savvy young couple making the best of their home!

Thanks for the subtites! Your apartment is so so beautiful!🥰

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#20 My Tiny Balcony DIY Makeover | 4m2 Vegetables Garden On Balcony (Part 01)

(c) X�u House Please select a language in subtitle settings ( Click the three dots at the top right of the video ) —————————————— Currently, It is the time to work …

💖Please select a language in subtitle settings ( Click the three dots at the top right of the video ) 🙏🏻 Thank you guys for watching, leave the comments down below to let me know what you thought! See you next video. Stay safe and healthy 💛 —————————————————————————- Cảm ơn mọi người vì đã ủng hộ ạ ^^ Nếu có bất kỳ thắc mắc gì thì comment ở đây cho mình biết nhaaaa 🙏😘😘

Hello, Love the content of the video you re work how you transformed you’re balcony that give me very nice ideas 👍 just have a request can you please link below of the items you used like the black one you put in the wall who you used for you plantation …. Thank you in advance and keep going 💪💪

Didn’t you need to waterproof the large wooden planter? What is the drainage arrangement? Please show all these smaller details as well.

I’d love to do something like this..In my small apartment!

I like your baby, so cute 😍Where did you buy the product on the wall with many pots


I love your ideaWhere did you find your hanging rack for plant? What’s the brand?

I usually choose linseed/rapeseed/linen seed oil that has many uses and is very cheap, much cheaper than beeswax where I live! works great, repels pests from wood too

Ótimo. Estou no Brasil. Como eu eu compro estes materiais ? Ótimas ideias . Tem um site? 🌷

Is there any link to buy those vertical planters. Lovely. Amazing work. Just found your video. Really inspiring. Thank you. Love from India

Recently found your channel and binged watched the videos, loving the creativity, vibes and aesthetics! Keep growing ❤❤ Also your daughter is such a cutie 🥰

I love how you transformed the balcony! Cheers to you!

Parab�ns pelo v�deo, muito inspirador! Tudo perfeito!

That black box for planting are they available at Amazon , any one kindly share the link please

I love how creative you are with small spaces! Can’t wait to see the next part! 💜

Wow si se quiere se puede . Incluso en un espacio pequeño . Espero ver la segunda parte terminado al 100 %. Saludos desde Tenerife 😍🌵

Wow making full use of the balcony. Wonderful 👏👏

I love how you are very hands on with the work, well done! And your beautiful daughter is so helpful too, she wants to be like her mama💪🏼👍🏼

Nicely done!👌💕 I would like to have those kind of power tools as well.😊

You are very creative and I love how your balcony garden is turning out. I just finished building a two tiered raised bed garden box for my balcony and I’m very happy how it turned out. I’ll be honest, it did took some time having to film and build at the same time 😊. Thank you for sharing this. I love all your videos and cinematography. You inspire me🥰