Hanabira工房(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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DIY☺︎ポスターフレームの上に『ミニチュアのミニチュアに囲まれた純喫茶』が出来上がるまで。Miniature dollhouse of cafe -Hanabira工房

DIY☺︎ポスターフレームの上に『ミニチュアのミニチュアに囲まれた純喫茶』が出来上がるまで。Miniature dollhouse of cafe -Hanabira工房  (c) Hanabira工房

(c) Hanabira工房 DIY☺︎ポスターフレームの上に『ミニチュアのミニチュアに囲まれた純喫茶』が出来上がるまで。Miniature dollhouse of miniature-themed …

Therapy: expensive Watching hanabira making beautiful art: free

The fact that you made each individual book and they all open and have little pages and everything is incredible

As someone who took a weekend to assemble an IKEA CD rack, I salute you, sir. Awesome in every way.

The amount of tiny details in this is unbelievable, amazing artwork

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and it’s gotten so bad that I genuinely have trouble functioning during the day. This video is so peaceful and soothing that I’ve actually used it to fall asleep for the past three nights. I just wanted to thank you for making such calming content and I hope you have a wonderful day ♡

I feel like a little fairy watching my human build a house for me.

I have so much respect and appreciation for Hanabira’s art. So beautiful and peaceful to watch<3

This dude needs a Patreon. For the stuff he makes not getting paid for it in any way feels like a scam.


Que coisa linda, sua dedicação aos mínimos detalhes, e tem uma linda trilha sonora para está obra de arte🥺♥️🇧🇷

You Sir, are beyond talented! This was so much fun to watch you create things from basically paper or tiny thin strips of wood. You deserve so much credit and subscribers ❤️

I think it’s so cool how detailed your work is. I’m also learning how to make models (mainly in 1/24 scale), and your videos are such a big inspiration to me, along with having lovely music to listen to as I work!

someone: i’m the best at creating miniature thingshanabira: *hold my fake moss*

The absolute skill and patience this person has is AMAZING! Like the tiny details in the food and books thats so impressive!

Does anyone else get emotional at the point where you finally realize what all the tiny planks are becoming? Did anyone else almost cry at the sliding-door display cabinet?

I love how everything just fits perfectly! 🥰

estou sem palavras. isso ficou simplesmente perfeito, sério; ótimo trabalho! 💗🤲🏼

This is an inmense amount of patience wow, it’s like you dreamt of this whole other setting and brought it to life ahhh Job well done!

The green moss is my absolute favorite part and is definitely so unique to your style 🙂

This man made omurice and ice cubes literally not a single person would ever notice. His patience rivals that of a sniper

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DIY☺︎ 100均のフォトフレームに隠し扉のあるドールハウスを作ってみた!Miniature dollhouse with hidden door!

DIY☺︎ 100均のフォトフレームに隠し扉のあるドールハウスを作ってみた!Miniature dollhouse with hidden door!  (c) Hanabira工房

(c) Hanabira工房 こんにちは!Hanabira工房です☺︎ twitter:https://twitter.com/Hanabira7878 Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/hanabira_kobo …

Oh my gosh…How do people have such patience and gentle hands to make these kinds of things? They’re too cute not to be interested in…!

The miniature dollhouse with hidden door is gorgeous, sub and like ,share.

I am always amazed at the level of detail and precision you put into each piece. It is just mesmerizing to watch.

this is so impressive. i’m genuinely in awe. how do people have such patience for these things…? kudos to anyone who can even make the front wall

Now I just want a home designed by this person lol It’s so perfect

The power you hold when you’re capable of making things with this much perfection 💕

Absolutely a masterpiece thank you for sharing this incredible miniature dollhouse. I love those little details and especially the books.

mad respect for making the moss application look so easy… currently making my first mini diorama and just did the moss application- was not as easy as they make it look

I’m pretty impressed that you’ve restrained yourself from melting pure Vatican silver for coloring the sink, lolGreat work, keep being awesome

The amount of time and effort that went into this is astounding. I can’t even begin to imagine the patience and skill this required. Amazing

Absolutely adorable; making imaginative dreams of childhood plausible, makes me want to get started on mine! Impressed at your creativeness! Well done!

This is so satisfying to watch, how everything just fits perfectly into one another and comes together so well. I love your videos!

Dear Hanabira, your work is exquisite and delightful! I’m just starting out to make a miniature library and I am so inspired by your delicate work! At the moment I m studying all your videos, your techniques before I begin. I am a sculptor but have no longer a suitable work space. I also love to draw but want to work three dimensional again. Making miniatures, learning from you, is perfect! Thank you for all your teaching and joy you are sharing so generously.

これは本物の芸術です 美しい作品、計り知れない価値

Did I really just watch 40 minutes of somebody making a miniature house when I have mountains of homework overdue?*Yes*Do I regret it?*Not one bit*

Eu adoro esse tipo de arte 😍 obrigado pelo vídeo 👏

Que perfeito! ❤️

Oh, my. If only that was big enough so I could go right inside. It’s true that one can never have too many books being displayed on the shelves. It’s all a bookworm’s fantasy in the works.

Mad skills! Your cutting technique is so good. I can’t imagine being able to do all that cutting. What a beautiful doll house!

Aw, Howl’s doorknob is such a nice touch!

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DIY☺︎“あつ森”にドールハウスキットを丁寧に築き上げてみた!How to remake a miniature dollhouse kit “Animal Crossing” – like

DIY☺︎“あつ森”にドールハウスキットを丁寧に築き上げてみた!How to remake a miniature dollhouse kit "Animal Crossing" - like  (c) Hanabira工房

(c) Hanabira工房 皆様こんにちは!Hanabira工房です☺︎ 今回は、初めての試みでドールハウスキットを作ってみました! 箱を開けると沢山のパーツとやや …

Am I the only one absolutely mindblown that he DIYed every tiny little thing? From that tiny beetle to the fishing rod, the tiny leaves and gazillion flowers!!


I just came across this DIY kit and my mind immediately went back to this video. Ordering it next week to do it with my family! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity ^^ !

I can only IMAGINE the patience you need to make this

I would love to do something like this, but I don’t have the patience that’s required for things like this. I just want to say that I really respect you for the patience and effort you put into these videos, they really calm me down and I love watching people make dioramas.

oh my gosh that model was the first miniature I ever built! Ever since I’ve wanted to get more and make an entire house but I wanted to put my own twist on it. This is so pleasant!!!

This is absolutely stunning. Amazing work! I love the attention to details and the different techniques you use and will definitely look forward to using these techniques. I love how you get that Animal Crossing feel you want and your own style. Beautiful piece and keep up the hard work!

Every detail is amazing! I can tell a lot of love was poured into this

I’ve been working on this kit for almost a year, how did anyone find the time for THIS and keep it so organized?!

I would die happy if I ever seen you make a diorama of the interior/front room of Howl’s Moving Castle

Wow, so creative. Loved the new floor, the open windows and making the wood look more realistic with stippling. My biggest modification was making the doors of the little blue cabinet openable.

I wish I had seen this video before I totally destroyed this kit! It is not complicated, but I somehow managed to put it together inside out and upside down – with glue-. The double-sided tape is a really great idea all by itself! Also I really love how you organized everything – so helpful. PS Your personal touches are truly amazing!

Glad to have seen this under recommended videos. I have very high respect and admiration for artists who have so much patience to do this kind of art! It’s really beautiful. You inspire me to do better. ❤️

I love the detail you put into this! Your videos make me want to buy a kit and customize it.

I’ve seen that dollhouse kit! It’s available on Amazon (and is actually on my wishlist). Given the extra steps you took to give it its own originality compared to what it looks like in the pictures, I think I’ll be putting my own spin on it or any other diy miniatures I purchase… when I have the time and patience, of course ^-^’Oh, and if anyone else is interested in using this kit, you can search ‘robotime diy miniature dollhouse kit’ on Amazon. It should be on the first page, and as of this comment, it’s $36.99.

The amount of time and effort to make this cool greenhouse miniature is so well done! 👏👏

Your work is amazing! Love your artistry and the time you put in to make everything perfect.

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these! Now I’m inspired how to maker mine unique. Thank you!! 🥰

So beautiful!

“The dollhouse is finished”, *checks time*Me: ??? Only half over?The Styrofoam comes outMe: Oh boy!!

DIY☺︎miniature “my atelier dollhouse” ミニチュアHanabira工房の仕事部屋 Retro (antique) furniture レトロな家具の作り方~

DIY☺︎miniature "my atelier dollhouse" ミニチュアHanabira工房の仕事部屋 Retro (antique) furniture レトロな家具の作り方~  (c) Hanabira工房

(c) Hanabira工房 こんにちは!Hanabira工房です☺︎ 今回は異例の30分越えの動画です。ドラマ並みです。全て載せれば映画です。時間かけてゆっくり見て …

I appreciate this guy so much. Even though 99.999% of viewers will never actually try to make a dollhouse he still puts his steps and materials. So niceee

This video make me feel peaceful

I lost it when he started making 500 tiny drawers for the shelves

Each time I thought “this is insanely detailed” it somehow got more detailed

Me: “gotta work tomorrow, should really probably go to sleep”My brain at 3am: “watch people build super tiny houses”

God imagine not only having this much talent and creativity, but also the patience and perseverance to make this kind of stuff. Incredible.

Until he makes even tinier houses to put in the wardrobe I somewhat realize that he’s making his own room 🤔

jealous of your attention to detail and your steady hands. this doesn’t seem like a task within my realm of possibility

My first time seeing your beautiful work. I am astonished and in love with your creations. Such a distinctive style, and attention to the most minute characteristic to make each object look real. I hope this artist’s studio resembles your own. You deserve such a lovely space in which to work. Sincere congratulations from Australia. 🐨🌷

The level of detail in this is incredible. Absolutely painstaking work – it’s a pleasure to watch. Your mossy and aged style is exactly my favourite kind of aesthetic. After I’ve had a hard day, your videos always make me feel relaxed and happy. Thank you for sharing your hard work with us!

Selling these as a kit with a 8000 pages Ikea manual would be hilarious!

Looks like it could be someone’s home in a Ghibli film.. so beautiful and intricate!

I absolutely adore your videos. They’re just so calming and so beautifully made. The amount of detail is incredible. I love you and your art! Much love from the UK 🇬🇧❤️

You are so talented. You’ve actually given me ideas of how to make some of my own miniature things for my dollhouse. The fact that you imagine all these things and are able to make every piece of it is amazing. I never thought I would be so fascinated and relaxed watching a video on making a doll house!! You need to link to where you sell these if you do!!

I’m convinced that he actually has tiny people helping him making all these lol


I love your style of decorating! It’s rustic, homey, and your love for moss and frogs is definitely understandable. I want to step into your dollhouses because they’re so picturesque and lifelike.

Que trabalho encantador! Estava vendo um video na tentativa de acalmar a ansiedade, e o youtube me recomendou essa coisa linda. <3

By sheer number of variety of products being used, Daiso must have been really happy when this customer comes in

Fans: Omg your workroom is so cute can we get a tour? This guy: Well no, but actually yes

DIY☺︎miniature Bus diorama 100均のおもちゃバスを廃車にしてみた。ジオラマ、木、ゴミ〜etc.の作り方

DIY☺︎miniature Bus diorama 100均のおもちゃバスを廃車にしてみた。ジオラマ、木、ゴミ〜etc.の作り方  (c) Hanabira工房

(c) Hanabira工房 こんにちは。Hanabira工房です☺︎ 改めまして登録者数10万人ありがとうございます。 これからもこのチャンネルをよろしくお願いします!

Okay but they draw SO well?? I’d love to see more of their concept art/design before the actual build!

you KNOW it’s a hanabira build when the hands starts gluing on the moss loli love all these videos, and seeing the transformation of a toy model bus to a beautiful husk is such a therapeutic experience. thank you! ❤️

After watching a couple of your videos. I suddenly wanna see all these artworks in a case displayed in a room. That would be really cool collection of miniatures. 😍😍😍

I love how you can make something like a dump so charming c:

I love all the little bits of your life you put into the videos, like spilling too much moss, your sprout pencil, cactus bloom. Everything about your videos is so lovely and calming.

It’s amazing how you can turn an ugly place into a beautiful and colour schemed world!Cool sugar idea! I want to try it out 🙂

Queria tanto que tivesse legenda em portugu�s Achei dimais

Es un Trabajo maravilloso, es increible como lograste hacer que la basura se mirara tan artistica. Sin duda eres una persona muy talentosa 🙂


I just love how everything in the miniatures about some old things and also has some natures

You’re so talented you even make trash look beautiful

This tree is most impressive I’ll remind myself about all the ways you’ve given texture to things by using glue and waste materials. It’s brilliant 👏

2:28 の絵がすごい上手!!

Hi, I really love your channel for you are so creative! Please make more miniature antique houses!

I love how it looks so dark and yet so beautiful

You are such an incredible artist! I love this channel :))

Never seen a dumpster that is more beautiful and artistic than this…😂

I used to watch Japanese shows where people create things; whether it was decorations, water ways or even a house. Usually they had twists for them like being made of paper and needing to be 10 feet tall or a whole living room needs to be decorated to look like a caveman lives in it. Does anyone remember that show? It came in the morning during weekends.This channel reminds me of that but without the contest factor.

I love it!! , I love the way you do rust and that old effect with acrylics 😁😁😍