DIY just do(おすすめch紹介)

DIY just do(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Do not throw away the old wheel! A cool idea for DIY.

Do not throw away the old wheel! A cool idea for DIY.  (c) DIY just do

(c) DIY just do My friends, my name is Eugene! I’m the author of the channel. lots of ideas. I’m putting everything I’ve done with my hand on this channel. Creative Ideas, useful …

I thought it was unique and showed imagination for key storage. I could see someone like Jay Leno appreciate this with the amount of cars he has. It would look great in his garage. 😎 Great job.

My dad set it up against our rock house side wall and used it to wrap garden hose on it. It looked great.Was very handy especially for all 50′ of hose.

That’s a lot of work for a key rack! I was hoping it was going to be some cool solar grill

Muy bueno el trabajo. Pero necitamos “proyectos de emergencia” para quienes est�mos bloqueados y no tenemos toda esa parafernalia de tornillos, pintura y herramientas sino que tenemos que usar no s�lo los rodamientos viejos, sino todo lo que se pueda aprovechar. Tienen idea de lo que vale un tornillo de esos aqu� en Venezuela?

Be sure to tune in next week, when we’ll show you how to make an aircraft carrier into an all-weather storage warehouse.

You can take pld tires to your big box mechanic shop and they will take old tires off for free. And they can dispose of the tires as well, although it might cost you some money for that

Didn’t see that coming 🤔what a terrific idea 💡.

Можно и циферблат с механизмом разместить. Благодарю


Muy bueno y bien ahí Buena idea, saluditos !!!👍👍👍👍👍

lovely idea but involves a lot of heavy toolwork, drilling chisling grinding, banging, sanding, pressure washing, (great if one has a handy husband willing to do all that) im sure you’ve got some brilliant ideas, love that glass front a lot of work to hang keys though (but fantastic if someone else is going to do it!) 😁😁😁👍👍👍

Des choses simples et utiles…..tout au long de la vid�o, je m’attends � une lampe ou quelque-chose d’utile, en effet. C’est beaucoup de choses pour une bo�te � cl�s. Bien qu’original, je m’attendais � une autre utilisation. Bravo tout de m�me pour le travail accompli.

Muy bueno. Qu� imaginaci�n!!!Felicitaciones. Abrazo grande!!!

What ever happened to chrome reverse wheels? I had them on my 66 Mustang

How did you do that magic weld???

Great work 😃😀

Man he’d never make it in the hood in NYC…I’ve seen guys slice up a tire faster than that with nothing but a switchblade.

Why do you need glass cover for keys? It could have been a lot simpler to just leave it open!

Pretty cool. If the wheel was cool looking I would just keep the face. Nobody would know you had keys there. Great idea if you’ve got all the equipment and time.

1″ X 4″ X 12″ 2 screws and 10 cup hooks, easy, done and hung.

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Made this idea! Now neighbors will visit more often.

Made this idea! Now neighbors will visit more often.  (c) DIY just do

(c) DIY just do My friends, my name is Eugene! I’m the author of the channel. lots of ideas. I’m putting everything I’ve done with my hand on this channel. Creative Ideas, useful …

I would like to give this procedure a thumbs up but I really don’t have an idea what it suppose to be used for especially the small glass jars in their specific locations.


You make interesting videos but I have to ask why we have to guess what you are actually doing/making ?.Peace be with you all 🕊️

I hope your neighbors are coming around now and that you have made some good friends 👍

Fiquei sem entender para que serve esse tambor ??? Quanto ao trabalho, muito engenhoso da sua parte. Pela sua habilidade percebe-se que vc pode fazer QQ coisa com essas ferramentas. Parab�ns.

Excelente, completo y complejo trabajo de dise�o y construcci�n, que me recuerda los famosos inventos de profesor Franz de Copenhague. Grandes inventos perfectamente funcionales, pero totalmente absurdos. Estos grandes inventos sal�an semanalmente en la publicaci�n c�mica TBO, la que di� lugar a que en Espa�a los comic se llamen tebeos. Un saludo desde Sevilla.



Quiero creer que pronto vendrá la segunda parte del video,así sabremos para que sirve ese tambor con humo🤷‍♂️

The next thing you need to make, so that the neighbors keep coming, is a still to make their preferred adult beverages 🙂

Grande invento, serviu pra ficar 10 minuto, olhando sem ter que ficar ouvindo minha mulher reclamar da vida.

Muito habilidoso e caprichoso! Mas fiquei sem saber para que serve essa inven-��o??!! Talvez fa�a parte do costume local e a� entendam a finalidade. Vou posi-tivar pela habilidade e capricho.

You may ask what is it? Some kind of distiller, wood gas generator, it is not open … pellets are bursting, smoke is spreading through the pipes, but why and why, what is it for and why should it attract neighbors? And the aquarium compressor – what does it do there – what role does it play?

Great idea with the sandpaper!!

Was this recorded from the reflection of a mirror. So much of it looked as if he were tightening bolt and pipe threads turning them counterclockwise.

Great work..muy buen trabajo…el jam�n a de quedar delicioso… saludos… siga adelante

RECICLAR é VIVER ♻️📈🇧🇷🚀Show Top Deus te abençoe 🙌🏻

If people who know nothing of bolts watch this. There will be a lot of people trying to thread nuts onto bolts lefty tighty. hehe. I know its camera/editing. Just found it funny. Vice was the first thing to catch my eye in regards to it.

I needed a lot of patience to watch this video till the end. It is a cold smoke generator. A nice video. But, it seems as if he was turning the pipe threads and tightening the bolts in opposite directions. Moreover, written letters in the materials were also shown reversed.

Mas ficou sensacional….como ninguem pensou nisso antes ficou perfeito, tambem vou fazer um para mim…

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Cool idea, copper tubing! Do it yourself, you’ll need it.

Cool idea, copper tubing! Do it yourself, you'll need it.  (c) DIY just do

(c) DIY just do Cool idea, copper tubing! Do it yourself, you’ll need it. It is very easy to make this idea, you do not need anything for it, just what is available. Watch and try to do it …

Boa noite ideia Boa 👏

Muito bom

Projetos assim que fazem grande diferen�a em lugares distantes dos grandes centros.

Esa idea estaria super genial sabes 💪 👍

Very good ! 👍🇧🇷🇧🇷

Wah keren kreatif banget 👍

Very nice thank you for sharing

Very cool 😊

Great Idea and thanks for sharing. Can’t I just simply burn wood 🪵🪓 I don’t think I’ll find that solution out in the woods 🤔

A device to cause serious scalding, it looks lethal.

Hmm, I think I’m gonna go change the air in my tires. I’m sure they need it. It’s been awhile since I changed it the last time.

Genial grasias amigo

Seeeeeeee!! fant�stico, el peque�o inconvenientes es que necesitas tener un completo taller ,tuber�as, y metales diversos, siempre disponibles en tu casa. Para hacer un calentador…puffffffff

Me imagino que se puede sellar los bordes del bo con una pasta dental de fluor que es Anti flama no pren con la llama y la usan para protector de cables electricos

I love when “DIY’S” show things like a full shop and 4″ square tubing cuz you know we all have this stuff just lying about.

I just love watching these videos and being surprised at what results especially when told I really need it, but I don’t and won’t.

Que l�quido usou ?

Quicker and cheaper to use your gas hob at home

Recipe for a big hot mess. Weld some tabs on your holder to accommodate you kettle

먼저 유리솜을 넣고 밴딩해야쉬운데

A brilliant idea for a workshop or garage!!!

A brilliant idea for a workshop or garage!!!  (c) DIY just do

(c) DIY just do My friends, my name is Eugene! I’m the author of the channel. lots of ideas. I’m putting everything I’ve done with my hand on this channel. Creative Ideas, useful …

Eugene: Builds a brilliant double clamp out of scrap partsAlso Eugene: Attaches said clamp to the most unstable bench he owns

Awesome stuff! Btw, does that bench have wheels?

Great job and amazing how many tools you have and how well your garage/workshop is but I am sure that Ikea has table like that one for �19.99 🙂

We had a wooden vise just like this mounted on a butcher block workbench where I went for a carpentry course at a Vo-Tech in the ’70s. We used it for everything you could dream up. Priceless peace of gear. Great job brother!

I have the same wood vise on my bench but it has holes drilled into it on the clamping piece and the table to stick pegs into so you can clamp large items when gluing. Got it at Harbor Freight for around $100 and it took less time to assemble than yours did. BTW, Def Leppard Sucks!

I want to know how you held down the vise on the drill press? I have been searching catalogs and shelves and find nothing designed for that purpose though, it seems there must be. I have the vise grip thing, but that’s large and in the way, there has to be something simpler as you have. some kind of a bolted thing that you can tighten with one hand. Also, is it only necessary to tighten down one corner of the work when drilling on the press as you did?

Thanks for sharing your video. Great build, and it appears to be a pretty strong vise. Now, if you could invent, please, a quick clamp mechanism, taking up the slack before the vise actually applies pressure to your work, much like you see with floor jacks that ramp up to the car jack points before it actually starts lifting the car.

Neat wood vice he made up. Just throws me for a curve as it looks like everything is done down under because all the threads with the nuts and bolts all look left handed

Love the way the table shakes, like a bowl of jello.👯💃

Eugene, vc mora nos Estados Unidos ?? Este canal � s� em l�ngua portuguesa ou em ingl�s tb ? Parab�ns pela oficina, muita ferramenta �til…e claro, sua t�cnica e conhecimento � o que realmente contam…!!!

Very nice! You know… I fast forward to the end to see what you’re making and then, if I think it’s something I might do, I watch the video.

nice idea …you should strengthen your bench up with large 45 degree corner pieces ….very important in a shop

Nice vice, but why not make it so a ratchet would work instead of the bar. Simply turn the connecting nut around, then you could use a ratchet and socket or socket with a drill.

Thank you for the video, after I rest from watching you work so hard, I’m heading out to purchase one already made..

Video “flipped” left/right?Or, do you use a lot of left-hand threads at your place.Neat idea for a variation on the classic carpenter’s vise!

0:04 I am curious, why do you need a line on the plywood if you’re using a rip fence on the table saw?

I enjoy watching you work and your ideas of building things.

great useful clamp ! Nice work !

Eugene, muito bom. Continue assim com suas criatividades e compartilhe, pois para muitos ser� de grande utilidade. Um abra�o.

Baita engenhoca camarada, parab�ns

Do not throw away the shock absorber! Cool idea for self-made items

Do not throw away the shock absorber! Cool idea for self-made items  (c) DIY just do

(c) DIY just do My friends, my name is Eugene! I’m the author of the channel. lots of ideas. I’m putting everything I’ve done with my hand on this channel. Creative Ideas, useful …

Me preocupa la gran cantidad de Energia�s y materiales que utilizo.

Ficou muito bom

Es para aprovechar el amortiguador o el carro completo?

Muito criativo aquela h�lice � de ar condicionado?

fajny pomysł ζ༼Ɵ͆ل͜Ɵ͆༽ᶘ ζ༼Ɵ͆ل͜Ɵ͆༽ᶘ

Wooooow a mi me parecio genial, es una obra de artesania mecanica como para excibirla en una tienda de refacciones luciria muy bien, yo en mi lugar le soldo un tuvo desde el rin hasta habanico y unos tornillos y listo para usarse junto a una cama o a una hamaca, lo que es de admirarse es la creatividad, felicidades, buen trabajo artesanal, saludos desde Mexico!!!!

This would be condemned by Health & safety executive and Environmental Health department in UK for not being safe. You need to put guard mesh on both side of the fan!

Nice video BUT the nuts and bolts and voltage transformer (220 to 24 V) costs more than a fan bought from a supermarket… And the noise is unbearable in a sheltered space or in a room…I would rather prefer to use this construction and weld a car seat instead of an air-fan and make an indestructable computer chair (there’s nothing more comfortable than a car seat… it’s a 100 years development)… 🙂

S� n�o concordei com o PU no anel oring pq ele � feito justamente pra vedar e isso foge das especifica��es t�nicas. � melhor passar vaselina (se a borracha puder ter contato com vaselina, se n�o pode ser um �leo vegetal) para facilitar a introdu��o do cano.

Show de bola 👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

Muito bom parab�ns amigo

Super criativo e ecol�gico e reciclagem oportunidade para quem quer fazer um ganhar dinheiro extra.

Ficou bacana mesmo

Çok güzel olmuş kaç volt ile çalışıyor hız ayarı yapılabiliyor mu

Mucho trabajo para un simple ventilador

Magn�fica idea

Bardzo świetny jest ten pomysł z tą felgą i amortyzatorem pozdrawiam twórcę tego filmiku 👍👍👍👍

muito bom

Critividade nota 1000, parab�ns belo trabalho.

Fico muito bom ….o barulho