HamsterLAB(Youtube 動画 pick up)

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ep.0) True Naturalistic Hamster Cage (no wood bedding)

(c) HamsterLAB Hello, this is Hamster LAB I finally made the natural cage that I dreamed of! I still have to grow more soil and plants, but I’m really excited that the start is halfway.

If you ever do this again, I would recommend watering the soil and using some sort of roller or weights to help stabilize the soil. Then, after it dries introduce the plants and hamster. More stable soil would make for more stable tunnels/dens.

Im so happy to know that there are still people who understand that hamsters are living creatures and not just accessories for people’s social media. They have feelings and they feel pain. And you where so gentle with him/her the whole time. God bless u 🙂

What a happy little guy, even after thousands of generations being bred in plastic buckets for the pet trade. Just wants to dig a hole a store food underground for the winter.

😳It’s just incredible! I want to live in such a house for a hamster !! 🤫🤫🤫

In future wet soils and lightly press then let dry mostly before introducing the hamster- this allows the substrates to bond and makes stable tunnels😁👍

So happy to see people use properly sized enclosures – hamsters are usually so mistreated. Amazing job!

We took in a Syrian for the last 8 months of his life, he was rescued from a boys room by a friend of our daughter who saw him neglected, and she didnt really want a hamster but took him out of there for his sake, then gave him to my daughter. He was our first hamster. A very tidy little fellow, fun to let him crawl around on your lap, and fun to watch run around on the floor. We didn’t use that ball thing, we just made sure he couldn’t get out or in anything and he went scurrying around. Very cool. Eventually he fell ill, even though we gave him the best of everything, and he died in my hands. Rest in peace, Tony Tissue Paper.

I don’t know almost anything about you, this is the first video of yours I have ever watched but I am really happy and proud to say that you are a beautiful and considerate human being. I wish we could all find the time to see each other the way you see your hamster.

みんなかわいいでち🐹💓 あと間に移る絵と🐹ちゃんもかわいかったです☺️💓

The hamster looks like it’s living its best days.

Hamster: must dig hole in dirt frantically Owner: maybe I shouldn’t have gotten a white hamster

HamsterLabs: “hamsters work really hard!”Hamster at 5:08 : “why did you stop helping me?”

LOVE this, bioactive for hamsters seems like such a great idea! I’d maybe add some isopods too to help with the waste breakdown!! one of the toughest things ive read for bioactives with hamsters is its hard for the clean up crew to keep up with the waste output, and hamsters tend to go ham (no pun intended lol) on the foliage, but I think if you were to raise some good CUC cultures to add in over time, it would be wonderful! (and lots of rocks and even cork bark to help the isopods hide). wish more people were willing to do the right thing for their little hammies ~

btw if the grass roots spread that will keep the soil more sturdy, plant roots hold the ground more firmly in place which is one reason many animals choose to dig burrows under bushes and trees, also for the shade.

It’s like I’m watching a mochi digging in oreo crumbs.

I always thought it looks really sad when pets like rabbits and hamsters are placed in cages as their homes. That’s why it feels satisfying seeing a hamster being so happy in its natural habitat-like home.

I have been a hamster mommy several times in my life and I am so sad that I never thought to provide this beautiful kind of home for them 🤦🏽‍♀️😫❤ I miss my angels

So having this for a while, is it easy to clean? Or how do you deal with the waste?

Всегда считала, что хомяк самый скучный питомец, но в естественных условиях так интересно за ним наблюдать 😍

This is absolutely amazing 🤩 he’s one happy little soul !!!!

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ep.1) 1st month -True Naturalistic Hamster Cage 2 (no wood bedding)

(c) HamsterLAB Hello, this is Hamster Lab. It’s been a month since Somi has been in her natural cage. In the previous video, I added it because the environment was enriched …

Hamster in natural habitat: digs in the ground and eats insects.my tame hamster: you gave me overripe carrots, I will not eat them

Find someone who loves you as much as this man loves his hamster

This makes me think of a more advanced species going to great lengths to give his pet human a perfect environment. A small island city complete with all said humans favorite stores and entertainment.

“He thinks it’s a dream and goes back to bed.” I would too if I suddenly woke up and my house was upgraded like I’m in Animal Crossing.

This actually shows why domesticated hamsters dropped in nature easily die, just like all rodents. They can’t find food or water in time before they starve.

I feel like hamsters never existed in the wild. One day they just poofed into a glass cage in a pet store and the employees just accepted it.

WOW! This is awesome. I love how it’s ACTUALLY natural, compared to just putting wooden toys. My hamster’s cage has a couple spiderplants, soil substrate, and mostly natural toys. I love the grass planted around, and the leaves and sticks are really cool! I totally have to try this for my little Stuart 🙂

little did he know, but the hamster is living the truman show

You must have the happiest of hamsters with an enclosure like that.

What a great way to keep a hamster as a pet.I always wondered why we give lizards and invertebrates realistic homes but not hamsters. A naturalistic enclosure is perfect for small pets.

“What do you plant?””Hamster”

Why isn’t this the standard for hamster enclosures, you can literally find everything outside. You did a good job

Hey little tip for you: Don’t put heavy stuff like stones or big branches on the soil or else it will collapse on Cotton if he digs under it 🙂

This little guy is living in paradise :”)

Be careful if you attempt to create “natural” enclosures, because a lot of these things, if not sourced or done correctly, can kill your hamster… For example, random soil you get from you own yard can be saturated with pathogens and bacteria unfamiliar to your hamsters immune system, as well as fertilizers or pesticides that may harm the hamster. If you want a soil substrate for an enclosure, *purchase* it rather than using random dirt you find outside. Heavy pieces of wood or stone also increase the risk of crushing the hamster, if they’re not 100% secured in place. Hamsters interact a lot with their environment via digging, scratching, climbing, and biting…so it is very easy for items to dislodge or move and end up causing injury to the rodent

Mealworm: “I could get used to this place. OMG there’s a polar bear in here!

햄스터 집은 안락한데 정작 집주인 잠자리는 안녕할 것인가가 가장 궁금해지는 영상 유튜브

지구상에서 가장 행복한 햄스터천적은 없으면서 먹이는 풍부하고 자연환경 다 누릴 수 있고.. 그냥 천국임

It’s always nice to see more naturalistic setups getting popular. Regular cages don’t give animals the right experiences and stimulation. I did the same for my old frogs. They even had multiple types of insects and isopods living with them.

How sweet. Great idea to give the animal a rich environment. I didn’t know hamsters ate mealworms. Love the last piece of music, by the way. I play it on the piano. Very haunting and beautiful.

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ep.2) 2nd month – True Naturalistic Hamster Cage (no wood bedding)

(c) HamsterLAB Hello, this is Hamster Lab! In addition to naturalistic single cages for hamsters, we made natural single cages. Not long after the video was made, many people …

So relaxing to see this tiny being so happy and busy. What a stark contrast to the sterile plastic cages which they are kept in. Kudos for being so kind to Cotton and educating the public. Canada.

that is jus so adorable hammy. I now want a hammy again for myself 🙂 Do you talk to Cotton in real? Does he/she reacts to you?:-)

😲 What a little cutie! I love him!

A wonderful natural home where he can be wild but doesn’t have to fear predators or cold or starvation. He looks so happy!

Oh man. There’s another episode? I was already jealous of your hamster’s home. Now there’s more? Crazy.

진짜……..진짜 너무 쪼끄맣고 귀엽다……..진짜 너무 귀엽다……흙투성이가 됐는데 순식간에 하얘지는 거 어케하는거야 너무 귀여워……………

햄스터 평균수명 2년얘기듣고 처음에 충격많이 받았는데 이런환경이라면 일반적인 플라스틱 사육장보다 더 재미있게 살 수 있을것같네요 오래오래 살기를

👍Well done. You came up with a very cool home for a hamster. 🐹I see that the hamster likes it. My hamster also has a cool house.🥰💙

와 집사님 정성이 진짜… 햄스터에게 최고의 삶 그 자체….

난 진짜 야외에 풀어놓으신 건 줄. ㅎㅎ 그게 아니고 작은 생태계를 만드셨네요. 대단합니다.

the fact that you putted life mealworms in the cage is so good, your hamster can now find there own food the way they do it in the wild

I was just recommended the first of the series and I’m so happy there’s updates

솜이는 행복하겠어요. 집사님이 저렇게 신경써주시니

와 (인공)야생이라 흰색이 아니라 꼬질꼬질할줄 알았는데 뽀송뽀송 새하얗네요 진짜 신기하당…. 귀 비짝 서있는거 처음봐요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It’s crazy to think they should actually live in an environment like this and we put them in plastic cages… I’ve had 3 hamsters when I was a kid, I really want one now and I will make sure to treat him as best as I can, and this video really opened my eyes!

야생화라 하니까 옛날에 햄스터 일광용 시킨다고 밖에 낮은 벽의 케이스에 햄스터놓고 거리감있는데서 지키고 있었는데 벌하나가 햄스터 물통에 와서 물마시니까 햄스터가 야생모드로 들어가서 갑자기 벌 잡아먹던거 생각나네;;

햄찌들 생각은 알수없지만.. 아마 세상에서 제일 행복한 햄찌가 아닐까

This is as entertaining as feedingsteven. I appreciate humans, like you, who make animal-videos to educate and entertain people – but treat their animals well and fed them healthy 😊👋

인간이랑 대화하는거 넘 귀엽다 구독합니다

The cage is so beautiful! I love itAnd love how you add the funny conversation on video XDThank so much