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Romain Grosjean Walks Away From Dramatic, Fiery Crash | 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

Romain Grosjean Walks Away From Dramatic, Fiery Crash | 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix  (c) FORMULA 1

(c) FORMULA 1 Please be aware that there is some graphic footage included in this video. We are so incredibly thankful that Romain Grosjean …

He used all the luck he had right here

If we were in the 80’s that would have been deadly. It’s crazy to se how safe formula one became. Amazing

1:24The image of Romain literally climbing out of a gigantic fire has to be the most incredible image of his entire career

Jules Bianchi…Ayrton Senna and the many who have given their life to this sport – you will never be forgotten. Thank you.

This could have been fatal only 3 years ago. If it wasn’t for the halo this man wouldn’t be with us anymore.

The importance of flame retardant clothing cannot be understated. It literally saved his life.

Can we also take a second to take in how selfless the medical delegate is, who helps him over the barrier. He has no face protection, yet he still leaps towards the flames, as soon as he sees movement without thinking twice.Absolutely amazing.

Jules Bianchi is smiling down to Grosjain from Heaven.Jules’ death was not in vain.

So far the halo has saved Leclerc, Alonso and Grosjean’s livesEdit: Not Alonso, sorry for the mistake

“What do we say to Death, Romain?””Not today.”

Watching it live was horrifying. So glad that he’s okay.

Watching the crash wasn’t the hard part. Watching this live on TV, with the feeling of uncertainty whether he was alive or not.That killed me.

You can see Kvyat looking over to Grosjean several times. He must’ve thought he was dead.

The official report says he survived a force of 67 G and a 119 mph (191 kmh) impact. And then an orrendous fire of nearly 30 seconds. A miracle if there ever has been one.

worst accident I’ve seen in a while and amazed how he survived it

I still can’t get my head around how he survived and with just burns to his hands. Amazing.

Essa foi uma das cenas mais emocionantes que vi em toda minha vida. Gratificante demais poder ver o final feliz de um acidente dram�tico como esse.

Still can’t believe this happened a year ago time really does fly

wow, 1:18 seeing him come out of those flames is absolutely incredible!


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Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix  (c) FORMULA 1

(c) FORMULA 1 Crashes, collisions and heartbreak – Baku delivers yet another thrilling race with a sting in the tail! For more F1� videos, visit …

Taking a moment to appreciate that wonderful battle between Leclerc and Gasly!

Netflix will ignore every part of this highlights package and focus on the bigger story of Giovinazzi getting 13th and how that affects the guy who refills the coffee machine in the Haas garage

Is it just me or would anybody else like a more extended highlights like 15 minutes or something, especially when the race is this exciting

The way Checo held Hamilton back. That’s what I call pressure.

Fun Fact: The 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Highlights is the most viewed race highlight on YouTube.Edit: Ok so, seems like 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is now the most viewed race highlight.

Perez, Vettel and Gasly. This is the kind of podium everyone wanted to see.

The racing Gods wanted Max to be champion this year.After Max having a dramatic puncture, Lewis makes a mistake we only rarely see him doing.This mistake caused him the 8th championship.

0:29 Not many people have noticed but that overtake of Perez on Gasly was amazing

This was the best race of 2021:- both championship contenders out- Accidents- Lots of battles and overtakes- Pure drama- Unexpected podium and GP winner

Man we gotta talk about Perez’s defense against Hamilton. Not a lot of drivers can defend against him that well for most of the race

Title Contenders not scoring:✅Perez Win:✅Seb Podium:✅Red Flag:✅Action Packed last laps:✅Best race of the season so far:✅

In My 10 years as a f1 fan, I think this is in the top 3 best races I’ve seen.

The first lap of Checo will be used as a manual for future generations.

Verstappen out: Nooooo!!Hamilton out: Yeeess!!Perez wins: YEES!!

Que viva Mexico. Excelente y apasionante carrera de Sergio Perez. Veia la F1 cuando corria Juan Pablo Montoya, luego perdi interes cuando solo gana el mismo. pero ahora que esta Perez vuelvo para hacerle fuerza a este Excelente piloto latinoamericano.saludos desde colombia 🇨🇴🇲🇽🏎️👍😀

One of the most exciting races we’ve had in a while. Baku never disappoints.

“he’s got the tow, he’s got the fresher tyres, he’s got the pace, sebastian vettel gets 4th place!”This man has bars

I’m back here to tell everyone that Verstappen won the world title!

Checo deserves even more credit seeing that he’s fended off Hamilton for Max up until the crash, and managed to hold out in the end.

Max owes his championship to Checo. This was CRUCIAL in the year. What a legendary season.

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Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix  (c) FORMULA 1

(c) FORMULA 1 An unbelievable race to end an unforgettable season… For more F1� videos, visit Follow F1�: …

What a season!Won’t ever forget this one.Thank you Max & Lewis.

Checo could have easily played the spoiler, by crashing into Hamilton and gifting Max the championship, but he kept it clean even with those raggedy old tires.A true legend and probably the best teammate ever in the history of F1.Also respect to Hamilton for givin it his all. Truly one of the greatest ever to do it.And lastly Max u beauty. He is definitely the future of F1. I see multiple future World championships on his name.This is like passing the torch moment in Formula 1 Hamilton got it from Vettel, and now Max gets it from Hamilton.

The gap from Lewis to Max went from 8.5 to 1s in about 1 lap, amazing by Perez

It all started in Baku…. 😂 Perez vs Hamilton is the true rivalry of this season!

Masterclass 💜

Unreal scenes, what a season finale. Hats off to both drivers for bringing us all the best F1 season of all time. 👏👏 A season that will be remembered forever 🙌

Checo efforts should be appreciated to defend Hamilton, so Max could gain on time. This is the reason Ham couldn’t box again to avoid losing position. Also the reason for RB retiring Checo’s car was to save time (1-2 seconds) if the entire backmarkers had to unlap. Great startegy deployed by RB. Gave up P3, so Max could gain more couple of seconds to win the championship if all the backmarkers had to unlap.

Even the drivers championship is a team victory. Perez should be proud of the title he helped win 😎

– Checo is a legend…- Absolut animal…Maybe the best moment of this race!

Perez masterclass defense was such an exciting moment of the race! I went nuts looking at the gap between Ham and Ver getting reduced so fast. Aaah! What a moment!

Checo, you are a freaking legend! Congrats to Max for the championship

Perez pulverized 7s vantage that lewis had on verstappen. Not only that but prevented lewis to increase his advantage because he indeed had a better pace than verstappen. With this move Lewis lost the benefit to stop durive vsc. Amazing job from Checo, with old soft tyres… amazing

Checo deseves a gold medal for defending his P1 for so long against LH.. Max will be forever grateful for his moves.!!

LEGEND tells US that Checo Pérez invoked his magic tyres and said : “You shall NOT pass”.🇳🇱🇲🇽🇯🇵🇦🇹🏁🏆👏

Perez basically ‘won’ most time in the last sector, lifting on a smart line, giving Lewis no gap while being as slow as he could, no dangerous driving involded at all, just pure smart teamplay racing, Checo driver of the day for me

The best moment of the race was Checo defending against Lewis. What a legend.

Checo Perez es el mejor team player que haya existido jamas en toda la historia de F1. Checo is the best team player there’s ever been in the whole history of F1No one like him

Checo was incredible!!! Such a driver, I truly hope he gets the chance to become a world champions as well!

This race, is one of the races that makes this season very worthwhile to watch. Thanks for Max & Lewis for the battle

Checo is a real legend, no doubt.

Top 10 Biggest F1 Crashes of 2019

Top 10 Biggest F1 Crashes of 2019  (c) FORMULA 1

(c) FORMULA 1 Crash. Bang. Wallop. Take a look at ten of the biggest bumps and bangs from the 2019 Formula 1 season. For more F1� videos, …

Not gonna lie, hearing Bottas’ heavy breath after that crash was a bit scary

The sad part is when they’re like, “sorry”

F1 Driver: Touches 1 blade of grassGrass: Im gonna end this mans career, and also waste millions of pounds to add insult to injury

Can we all take a minute to appreciate how well built these cars are? There are some damned hard impacts in this video and all the drivers are still alive and whole. 30 years ago these would have been deaths or grievous injuries.

Came back here after the 2020 crash video. Man, 2019 was so peaceful.

1:25 brilliant how the tyre rolls at the background

Gotta take a moment to appreciate how every driver is ok even after such crashes. Kudos to the improvements in safety tech!

Valtteri’s engineer: are you ok.Valtteri: Yep, 2 secs later ‘breathing intensities’

Fortunately, i think 2019’s crashes are quite weaker than 2018’s

Just flashback, you’re fine

1:14 I like how he right away said sorry, hes so nice

Amazing how calm the drivers sound… yep I’m ok. I’m certain that’s not what I’d be saying.Cheers to the drivers and their amazing crews!Doc

I love how they just respond back to the pit so chill and with no shouts😂

0:55 Pierre Gasly: “I lost it”Red Bull: “The seat? Yeah, you lost it”

Who’s watching after Grosjean’s crash at the Bahrain grand prix?

“Are you fine, Alex” “Yeah I’m fine, sorry.” Even they saying sorry, so sad and at the same time admirable.

This show cases how safe F1 is from like 10 years ago most drivers would of died from the concrete barriers.

Hamilton crashes*30 second penalty for all drivers*

Mercedes radio team: ”Valtteri are you…” Valtteri: ”Yes.”

Gio’s crash at Spa was so much scarier than i remember during the race, he hit that barrier with a ton of speed

Top 10 Moments Of F1 Safety Car Chaos

Top 10 Moments Of F1 Safety Car Chaos  (c) FORMULA 1

(c) FORMULA 1 From frantic restarts and unforced errors to moments of drama in the pit lane – the introduction of the Safety Car can trigger some …

Seeing the crane out and the near miss at the end makes me bloody nervous.

*watches Mercedes pit stop* “That’s got to be the worst pit stop ever” *next clip Massa drives off with fuel hose*“Nope that one is worse” 😂

Lewis crashes into Kimi in the pit lane for no reason: “that sort of thing happens”bruh

0:02 are we going to ignore the guy on the guy on the flying car Edit: thanks for 757 likes!

5:17 “Winkelhock leads” the guy was leading the race for 6 laps in his one and only F1 start and I don’t see one comment mentioning this, legend

Hamilton: “Sorry Kimi”Kimi:”ok”

2:11 well that aged badly

1:20Grosjean : what happenedHis engineer : I think Erickson hit us!

2:34 “and it could well cost him the grand prix”*costed him the whole WDC, god dammit*

1:20Haas Engineer: “I think Ericson hit us”Ericson: *_Coming from 45 meters behind_*

Remember those days where they pronounced Vettel as “Vet’Tell?” Weird times.

I love when Lewis hits someone: “oh you know, things happen” When someone hits him: *THE FIA SHOULD BAN THEM THIS IS UNREAL, HOW DARE THEY DRIVE LIKE THAT*

3:38 full braking in a tunnel with blocking wheels is really one of the silliest things I have ever seen in Formula 1.What the hell was Schumacher thinking in this situation???

Hamilton and Schumacher involved in nearly all of them.. the last one was scary. Makes me feel Jules could still be with us if they’d look at how dangerous that was.. cranes moving around while cars are still sliding off track INSANE

“i think ericsson hit us!” still kills me lmao

“It could cost Massa the Grand Prix”Well, not only a Grand Prix but an entire World Champion title.

Boa noite !!!!Pra resumir, Schumacher simplesmente o Melhor…..Muito obrigado pelo v�deo e parab�ns pelo canal.Abra�o do Brasil……

“I did him, thank you very much, and off I went”Eddie Irvine, 1999

That 2007 European GP was deserving of #1.I watched that race live, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. Car after car after car hydroplaning off in the first turn.

1:18 Still got me laughing out loud😂