Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル(おすすめch紹介)

Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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《ENG-Sub》まさかのクラッシュ!! 峠最強伝説 200馬力クラス TOUGE 200 Crash!!【Best MOTORing】2006

《ENG-Sub》まさかのクラッシュ!! 峠最強伝説 200馬力クラス TOUGE 200 Crash!!【Best MOTORing】2006  (c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル

(c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル まさかのクラッシュ!! 峠最強伝説 200馬力クラス TOUGE 200 Crash!!【Best MOTORing】2006 2006年、「峠最強伝説」は第2シーズンに …

I love how Tsuchiiya is always like “Ahhh so scary!” while continuing to floor the gas on whatever he’s driving

Every time I see Tsuchiya’s reaction when he rolls up to that wrecked NB it kills me. Tsuchiya, the OG savage.

Kazama be drifting every car with no effort just out of curiosity. What a legend.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s crazy that tsuchiya is like 60 and still does all this crazy stuff

when your watching this and your like wow going flat out like that i’m surprised noone’s wrecked yet – oh nvmthe fact that they did wreck just shows how flat out they were going with these cars

glad he turned out ok. crashes like that can hurt more than physically. its hard to come back and want to race when you escape from a high speed crash with your life.

the red civic has such a solid and well balanced framework.

I loved Tsuchiyas reaction! I love this show 😀


that intro gets me every time, its somehow so good

that Tsuchiya’s 13:09 make me laugh every time :)))



DK’s reaction was priceless 😂😂

I am watching this in 240p to keep the good old days vibe alive.

the first ae86 sounded amazing

2:07 that’s the best opening I’ve seen of a track so far.

Akira-san used the Orido technique in the corner.Shingo would be proud.

10:45 when you get out of a crazy ride and you are like ”oh man what happend?”12:35 Also, the crash….13:06 lol Keichi laughing for him crushing

I freaking love how Tsuchiya just laughs at these fools, its so funny to me.

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《ENG-Sub》ドイツ アウトバーンでGT-Rとポルシェターボが超高速バトル!! 2009【Best MOTORing】

《ENG-Sub》ドイツ アウトバーンでGT-Rとポルシェターボが超高速バトル!! 2009【Best MOTORing】  (c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル

(c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル ドイツ アウトバーンでGT-Rとポルシェターボが超高速バトル!! 2009【Best MOTORing】 ベストモータリング2009年9月号に収録。GT-R 2009 …

Thanks Kinoshita-san ! This video was quite refreshing hahahaI’d like to say two things :- you are very right about the fact that Porsche owners like to punch it when followed ^^ It happened to me a few times ;)- people likes the GT-R more mainly because we see A LOT more Porsche’s in Europe. The GT-R being one of the greatest influences this very little 🙂

its crazy how advance and how forward thinking the GTR design was back in 2007


I love that engine sound at The end :3 so powerful




So cool seeing you guys on Autobahn! :))


This channel is a hidden treasure for English-speaking car fans!

Please English subtitles for all of your video’s, if you have time for it. I love all the video’s you guys do. Keep it up!!



Big Porsche fanboy but I drive and love Japanese Muscle! 💪🏼

I have never been let down by any of best motoring videos…thank you

Dirk Schoysman. Legend. GTR test driver legend. Nurburgring legend too.




Gt-R is a great car,and being mid fr layout it does have good stability in the corners. I love Japanese cars,I have a Fn2 Civic. However,please,we all know Porsche Turbo is an awesome car,faster at top speed and acceleration.Even the manual 997.1 like here.They are always trying to make the Gt-R look better.Cant blame them though . National japanese pride.

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《ENG-Sub》アルボーS2000 クラッシュ!! 峠最強伝説【Best MOTORing】2015

《ENG-Sub》アルボーS2000 クラッシュ!! 峠最強伝説【Best MOTORing】2015  (c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル

(c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル 《ENG-Sub》アルボーS2000 クラッシュ!! 峠最強伝説【Best MOTORing】2015 ENTRY CAR ARVOU S2000 Supercharger …

The margin of error driving touge at these speeds is crazy small. These guys are legendary.

The guy was driving at absolute maximum attack. Look how much he’s fighting the wheel just to stay on the edge of control. Huge respect for being willing to push the limits so far.

The AP1 rear end comes around very quickly and even if you catch it, the rear end would have come out quite a bit already.Orido is right about the rear end dancing. Comparing the AP2 with the AP1, the rear suspension pick up points were all revised. The AP1 has noticible rear toe change when going up/down (especially on rough road) and during cornering you really need to shift the weight to the rear to keep it down (and in most cases make it understeer). I used to track an AP1 and tuned it for larger track with some understeering (with J’s Racing rear endlinks, front bump steer kit and J’s racing type-2 GT wing and front splitter). At least that makes me feel more safe and actually improved my time quite a bit.

You can really see how steep the road is when they’re pulling the barrier off, wow! terrifying, all that pressure to get a little extra speed for the record, that car was so twitchy super fast rebound and super stiff springs, crazy!!!


you are still one of the best drivers out there Orido! Sometimes the best gets to us! This experience will make you better next time! Glad you are not hurt!

I love how he kept apologizing respect the guy is a legend

12:40 改めて見直すとここで事故の詳細自分で説明できるのが凄い。自分だったら「滑って気づいたらクラッシュしてました」しか言えない。

The MAX attitude was magnificent. The speed was too wild

Can’t wait to get my suspension dial-in like that ! Completely changes the car

Damn, this crash was pretty intense! Poor s2000, even the wing went flying off😭

The only reason i want to go to japan is to experience this touge lifestyle 😀

I’m in awe at the absolute size of Orido’s balls to mash the throttle at 11:38 in an effort to carry the slide through that corner. It snapped back the instant he let off. Does anyone have good advice what he could have done? Stay on the limiter for another second until the car settled? Would he have been too late to brake at that point?

It’s a dream tuning your car and have some professionals driving and giving such valuable comments for a perfect setup. Moreover, getting broadcast globally via Youtube ! ^^

Arvou S2K was too stiff for that course. The extra torque from the supercharger probably didn’t help in a car with otherwise low torque. Was a recipe for disaster. Everyone makes mistakes. They’re all still legends


Whoever is uploading captions to these—THANK YOU. This is the absolute best automotive content on all of YouTube.

this is such a great tv programme, i would binge watch it from the beginning to the end if there was hd version with proper subtitles



〈ENG-Sub〉峠でもクラウンはスポーツカーより速い!? 峠最強伝説 スポーツセダン【Hot-Version】2018

〈ENG-Sub〉峠でもクラウンはスポーツカーより速い!? 峠最強伝説 スポーツセダン【Hot-Version】2018  (c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル

(c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル 〈ENG-Sub〉峠でもクラウンはスポーツカーより速い!? 峠最強伝説 スポーツセダン【Hot-Version】2018 ENTRY CAR TOYOTA CROWN …

I notice Tsuchiya clutch kicking the BRZ in the rev hang area (27:41) a lot. Actually I’ve seen him do it over the years in almost all current 86s. Wonder if that’s his solution.

The English subtitles are awesome, thanks so much!The Audi beating the BRZ is just amazing….The BMW should had been a petrol car, but still amazing too

Thank you for the English subtitles, please do it for every video. We love this show!


Many thanks for the subtitles, I really enjoy this show. We really like the Japanese cars in Europe, they are much more reliable that our european car even more that the german cars. I own a 30 years old Honda Legend V6 2.7l and everything (well almost everything except the oil pressure sensor and the ALB system if I drive above 120 km/h) is working! I have also a 25 years old Mazda MX5 NA 1,8l, working fine and so fun to drive. My wife drives a K13 Nissan Micra, the last real Micra. My daughter drives a 2001 Suzuki Swift 1.0l. My soon have a E87 BMW but believe, he really enjoy driving the Mazda and the Honda. I forgot to say that the Honda is my daily driver. Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪

320d vs BRZ would be a very interesting race.

Owning both a Brz and Audi S4 I can say I enjoy the driving experience of the BRZ by leaps and bounds in the warm dry. But S4 is unbeatable in the winter. So if you had to have only one for 4 seasons, Audi is the all rounder champion. Curious to know what time the WRX turns out. For the price it’s a good awd alternative to the Audi.

Loving this showwwww! So entertaining and informative!!!!

watching these videos makes me fall in love with my car all over again


While technically slower overall. The BRZ looked BY FAR the most fun. Which was the point of the car at launch 🙂

I’d love to see an rs3 or s3 or m140i on a touge battle

Thanks for the upload with Eng-Subs! Love your show!

Thank you for the subtitlesI enjoy every second of best motoring

Love when there are English subtitles thanks

I would love to have the previous generation Crown. Especially in that pink!

I wonder what would have happened if they had used a 330i, that has the same power as the Audi and despite being a 330i it still has a 2.0L Turbo engine.


Why Keiichi never gets old?

Thanx for the subs ,we love you and your vids guys !

〈ENG-Sub〉峠バトル!! 新型NSX vs. ドリキンNSX-R【Hot-Version】2017

〈ENG-Sub〉峠バトル!! 新型NSX vs. ドリキンNSX-R【Hot-Version】2017  (c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル

(c) Best MOTORing official ベストモータリング公式チャンネル 〈ENG-Sub〉峠バトル!! 新型NSX vs. ドリキンNSX-R【Hot-Version】2017 ENTRY CAR HONDA NSX 2017 DRIFT KING NSX TYPE R …

I’m so glad they’re still so passionate about doing these battles. It’s great to have comparison videos of the old and new tech. To see the Type R still reign the king with the R badge just means Honda knew what they were doing then. Hopefully we get a new NSX Type R soon! Don’t let this passion die!

I can’t believe a nearly 20 year old vehicle is keeping up with its brand new high tech counterpart. The old NSX is a remarkable machine

Nothing can compete with these japanese GTs from around the millenium. NSX, Supra, RX7 and Skyline are in its very own league. They share a spirit, even they are different in many ways, and i love it.

I feel nervous but also amazed when I see Tsuchiya driving at 100% in a classic sports car on togue, he is right on the edge whenever it’s old vs new he doesn’t want heavy car to beat him lol

I love how Keiichi just cracks up instantly when he says nsx and touge knowing it’s absurd.

Love the old nsx-r, is incredible how mr tsuchiya drives it to the limit considering how rare this car is and the potential damage it may suffer on this tests. Anyway im a big fan of old school driving and NA engines.

The steering approach seems to be what Honda aims for. I’ve never driven the NSX (would like to), but I have a Ridgeline with the SH-AWD system (although they don’t name it that unless you have an Acura badge). Honda seems to use a mix of ABS control and the electronic rear diff to manage a LOT of the handling balance and does so with significant direction of application tied to steering angle. You can steer hard into a corner, and the system will do a LOT of work to get the vehicle to turn, more so than most other brands. It works even without available grip (winter snow and ice), and will do a heavy mix of controls to slow and turn the vehicle. Inversely, many other systems just do almost nothing and often just see slip and trigger ABS braking limitations as the only solution they have. The Honda system doesn’t try to just cut braking. It tries to drive the vehicle around the virtual corner the steering angle indicates, and it will do everything in its power to attempt to do so. The rear diff is a faster system than basic braking ABS and makes it function more intuitively (quickly) than most brake based torque vectoring systems and is more proactive through on/off throttle mix applications. Honda just seems to do both together, and it functions remarkably well. For example, the Ridgeline is a rather front heavy truck with a significant amount of understeer push. You have none of this with the systems on, and the truck will almost always just slightly understeer. You can turn in more than the corner arc and then oversteer the vehicle. It’s just a LOT of electronic work doing so. the NSX is a more complex form with the added electric motors, but I would guess the base idea and approach is the same. It’s likely a vehicle you point with the steering wheel and let the AWD system manage the chassis. It’s disconcerting in the sense that the chassis isn’t balanced, but the system is creating balance…up to a limit. I find you also need to be smoother and deliberate in action to allow the chassis and system time to perform it’s intended action. It works best with slower, smooth inputs rather than hard, fast inputs. You drive something like a Subaru with hard inputs, and that chassis and mechanical systems love it. You drive a Honda smooth and slow, and the electronics do wonders underneath up to the overall grip limits of the total package. I know, Ridgeline very much isn’t anything like a NSX, but companies follow common design philosophies and build upon common mechanical systems, and Honda has an AWD philosophy that’s unique versus other brands.

judging by the views and the greatness of this video, I must say we need another season of initial D or at the very least a new anime based on touge races. Excellent video. Both great cars but definitely showcases the age old new and more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean completely better ideology. Thank you Acura for making this beast both old and new.

Charismatic cars are sadly rare these days but petrolheads are more united than ever.These videos remind us why we love cars and the subtitles give all us fans in the world a chance to understand the passion Japan has for cars – so thank you to the people who translate these videos, and thanks Best Motoring team for recognising all your fans worldwide! Enjoy happy car life for ever❤🚗🗻

The ‘old’ NSX-R is such a beauty!

18:53 that old school NSX screaming past the finish at 8K revs.What an awesome race.

I love the new NSX. I think it’s amazing, incredibly fast, super comfortable, and genuinely a blast to drive. But, the old NSX is timeless. I never got to drive an older one, but I did get a ride in one and it was a special experience. I don’t think it’s fair to compare the new NSX point by point with the old one either. NSX stands for New Sportscar X; it is meant to showcase all the cutting edge technology Honda uses to develop its flagship. For the old one, that was a high-revving VTEC V6 and an all aluminum body. For the new one, it’s an advanced twin turbo V6 with a three-motor hybrid system, not far off in design from what is used in the porsche 918.

2019 nsx has quite a few suspension changes to help body roll in corner entry. Even so i think that run is quite technical and may well work for the car with the better chasis

Tsuchiya roasting the hell out of the new Nsx is very entertaining

Mad respect to these amazing drivers

18:43 that power shift by DK though… He’s really serious about winning this one.

I love these Japanese cars from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, they carry soul in their design philosophy. The new NSX is typical of an American designed car, focused on power only.

I hope everybody realizes that was a proper initial d battle in the truest essence. Long live the drift king

I love how DK is very passionate about maneuverability of sport cars and it seems like he’s having fun with his old NSX-R is somewhat made me happy.

It’s interesting to see their reaction to the torque vectoring in the newer NSX and how unsettling it is.