Kichikichi Omurice motokichi(おすすめch紹介)

Kichikichi Omurice motokichi(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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オムライスの裏技 2019年版 Omurice

オムライスの裏技 2019年版  Omurice  (c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi

(c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi 巻き込むタイプのオムライスです! ケチャップ味のオムライスです! 楽しんで見ていただけたら幸いです! Traditional ketchup Omurice ! Enjoy cooking !

This man has enough energy to replace the sun if we ever lose it.

Does he know that millions of westerners on the internet love him? he should know!

Ok. I tried his flipping technique at home and well, guess what, it didn’t land on the plate but on my foot. This pandemic make me do things i’m not supposed to 🙂

He is the happiest and most loving person I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

“No weebs please”I-I am very disappointed and honored at the same time.

I don’t personally know this guy, but I trust him with my life

The true mark of a master. One that makes it look so ridiculously easy, that we all end up with sizzling hot omelet pieces frying our feet trying to emulate him…

Idk what it is but people like him makes me so happy. He reminds me of my grandpa always energetic and smiling.

This man is a legend now. Love him! Wishing you all a blessed New Year.

Kichikichi is so high energy. If I had to work like him for a day, I will need to rest for 3 days or more AWAY FROM CIVILIZATION before I can do it again.

I bet he was previously a member of the elite 10 in totsuki academy.

My brain: This looks easy, let’s do itMy hand: NO.

His restaurant is on my bucket list. Can’t wait to visit Japan when Covid is over

Eu costumava reclamar das recomenda��es bizarras do YouTube MAS QUE V�DEO BOM KKKADOREI

oh man, i love how he clearly loves what hes doing. its super nice to see someone so excited about anything like this

Chef: Poi poi poiCamera: Poi poi poiThe kitchen: Poi Poi poiThe whole restaurant: Poi poi poi

How can one not love this guy. He is a master at his trade.

This man is the most Flamboyant chef I’ve ever seen.

He makes this one thing perfectly ( and many others) and he’s a legend.

It’s like he just literally gained sentience INSIDE an Anime and just decided to enter the real world, and here he is! The energy he’s got just isn’t human, it’s superhuman!

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オムライスの裏技 2017年版

オムライスの裏技 2017年版  (c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi

(c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi 簡単オムレツの裏技 2017版!! 初心者の方にも 出来るように考えました。 楽しんでチャレンジして下さいませ。

Wow you are great chef. I will try that. Thank you for showing us.

I dont speak japanese but I REALLY REALLY LOVE THIS CHEF he always has a smile on his face everytime

I don’t understand anything but that looks delicious. He seems very skilled at doing this. I would love to visit this place one day. Much love ❤️

I like how he keeps trying to find easier methods for us to make it ❤️ he also made it so much easier in his 2019 video 💞

I really admire his passion and dedication in cooking.

this omurice guy is legend

I’m not Japanese but this method of making the omelet for omurice is really helpful since the master version is really difficult, so thanks ❤️

I don’t understand one thing but I loved it. He seems to be such a much guy

You’re such a nice person, trying to find easier way for us to make the omelette 💞💞

hahah hell ya brother! This looks like breakfast, lunch and dinner type thing. i’d like it best drunk lol

It is a true delight to see Chef Motokichi cooking



Thank you very much for the amount of eggs and showing the technic, I loved your spirited way of teaching, and more your red hat it made me feel I was in Paris, greetings from South America .

That’s a different cast iron skillet and different method, but same awesome result.

There really is no point in my watching this. I can’t even flip an egg for an over easy. I just enjoy watching him cook. 😀

I love his smile, so energetic and happy

I can’t speak japanese but thanks to anime I can understand some words he says

Oh, an easier technique to make the omelette part of omurice, i gotta try this

シェフ特有のたかそうなプライドとか堅いイメージが無いし、ちょっとだけミスっても隠そうとせーへんところがすごい好き チュッ

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簡単に出来るオムレツの裏技  (c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi

(c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi ふわふわとろとろの出来上がり。 トントンしなくても出来ます。 こつさえ掴んだら 超簡単! 楽しんで作りましょう!!!

very nice 🙂

Watching it after 10 years

How did he went from this to that happily chaotic energy of his?


Awesome to see how much he have improved on the new videos.

Tasty brought me here! Even though i do not understand Japanese i just really like how the chef is 😀

he’s been doing it from 10 years ago maybe even way back before this was uploaded damnnn japanese is always persistent

Got YouTube recommended after 11 years, my life is fulfilled

This cames to my recommendation after 11 years and I’ve watch this for many times.

My favorite egg chef 🥺❤️ I was trying to practice your technique too!

In 9 years time, this man became fabulous.

He has improved so much !! Ageing like a fine wine

I came here to learn and would love to thank you for sharing it!

結構 楽しいですよ! レッツトライ!!

I got to say, simply fantastic!!

Arigato, It was very nicely done, I will try myself. Thank you so much.

Looks delicious~nice skill and shape!


Even tho it has no english subtitles you might understand him just by looking at what he is doing😃



卵2個で、オムレツの作り方  (c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi

(c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi 卵2個で オムレツの作り方を伝授! 3種のフライパンで 巻いているので 比べてみて下さい。 でも・・・フライパンの大きさは やっぱり 小さい方が Good!


Mad lad was on YouTube for almost a damn decade.

What an absolute legend I’ve seen his more recent and just seen this what a legend!!!!










This must be included as a case study in physics.

3 different size of cooking pans, the handles strong. The base is flat, non-stickies and shiny. The sides of frying pans have t be curves for rolling the Omelettes and to get the curve size. The pans bigger then the stoves. Make sure the cooking pans are hot enough, little bit oil, experiments with eggs, and should be fluffy, beat the eggs, push the egg forward, tap tap the hand to move the omelette to the curve side, flipping the omelette in same time, cooking pan have in correct temperature for Omurice , omelette.. I hope , My translations are GOOD! ARIGATO Thank Y!

I’ve watch so many video of him makes the Omrice, it’s weird not seeing him splitting the egg top of a bed of rice.




his egg evolution is so inspiring!

gracias por compartir el conocimiento !


チーズオムレツの裏技  (c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi

(c) Kichikichi Omurice motokichi 卵の中に入れる チーズオムレツの 失敗しない裏技です!





こんにちはー 普通のオムレツの作り方を教えて頂いた内木です。先生の教えていただいたとうりに練習し今では10回作ったら10回くらいはお陰様で成功します。教え方が優しいので人柄がわかります。ありがとうございます。







As they say, “the Japanese are the best at everything!”



I love your show, I am going to try this after I buy cheese .

料理が苦痛な私ですがチキチキさんの動画を見ていると料理が楽しくなりそうで料理するのが楽しみになってきます!! ありがとうございます!!


That’s looks so delicious. Sugoi