Uto Ch. 天使うと(おすすめch紹介)

Uto Ch. 天使うと(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Angel With A Shotgun covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚

Angel With A Shotgun covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚  (c) Uto Ch. 天使うと

(c) Uto Ch. 天使うと I love shotguns!!! 私の初めての英語のカバー曲です。温かく見守ってください。 It’s my first cover in English song! Please listen warmly! original : The Cab Angel With …


I find it amazing how a JP vtuber that barelly speaks english found so much success with the western audience. Like 90% of her comments and chat is in english. I guess cuteness is a universal language

Angel with a Shotgun sings Angel with a ShotgunTenshiii

This song: “exist”Depression: I’m die thank you forever

Moe Shotgun

I no longer need the Nightcore version. Cause Tenshi has done it.

Congrats 1 Million 🎉👏👏❤Proud to know alot of people love our battle song ❤🔥

1:01 “i’ll throw away my beyblade just to keep you safe.” CUTEE

Whenever you feel down, listening to this song can make your mood better, thank you angel! 💙💙💙気分が落ち込んでいるときはいつでも、この曲を聴くと気分が良くなります、ありがとう天使!💙💙💙

I guess you can say that Tenshi, shotgun and this song is a match made in heaven

What an absolute throwback holy moly

I played this and the original at the exact same time, and Tenshi didn’t miss a single note or beat the entire time. Everything was perfectly in sync and it sounded like a duet lol.

My old edgy days came back to me when I would play this song on repeat.

This is will forever be a masterpiece

“..You better know what you’re fighting for”I fight for this Tenshi!

I love how she accidentally meme’d herself into singing this song.

Congrats on another 1 million! Love this cover so much

I don’t need EN Vocaloid and En UTAU because I have English Tenshii

“Get out your gun, battle’s begun, are you a saint or a sinner”Her pronunciation in Katakana is adorable. 💙 Hope she keeps her accent even after mastering english.

Not gonna lie. Your English is amazing and your singing in English is just as good. Really enjoyed hearing this 💕

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Kanaria – KING covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚

Kanaria - KING covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚  (c) Uto Ch. 天使うと

(c) Uto Ch. 天使うと pumpking. Original : Kanaria 様 https://youtu.be/cm-l2h6GB8Q Vocal : uto @amatsukauto Original : Kanaria 様 https://youtu.be/cm-l2h6GB8Q Mix : ハム 様 …


What a way to come back!

Finally our sugar is back from heaven

The hype is like “last online 5yrs ago” to “active”. I’m glad

This is the cutest King cover I’ve ever heard lol

*Tenshi:* “You are king”*Me: No**Tenshin: “YOU ARE KING”**Me: Fine*

What a comeback for the lovely tenshi KING ❤️

Everyone: looks like evil Amatsuka: we don’t do that here

Description: “pumpking”Everyone: “They’re speaking the language of the gods…”

Her Return Is A Calling for Us,A Lot more People Around The World will Join in to Protect Her 🛡💖⚔🔥Hope We Wont Fail Again This Time

Tenshei: You are King!Me: 💀Already deadMy soul: Yes queen~

Congratulations to 1M views!!!🎉🎉🎉Thank you for making such a great cover! I am excited to get the other cover songs to 1M too!Also,I really look forward to more and more and more covers in the future!

Congrats on a MILLION views おめでとう!! Next goal is 2 MILLION

Congrats on the million! It was an amazing comeback!I’m looking forward to many more blessed covers. Love your voice and singing

Out of all the cover’s of this song, this one has got to be my favourite. It just feels….. different from all the other ones. Maybe its because of her angelic voice or that angelic smile in the background or probably both. Either way, i am happy that she is back. And im pretty sure that all of us are in the same boat in this one 🙂

I knew you would come back, I just didn’t know when ^-^ All hail our Sugar -queen- King! She has returned to rule!!


Uto’s cover song King is reaching 1000K views now! Congratulations Tenshi!!! And then let’s look forward 500K subscribers and Angel With A Shotgun 1000K views~

I don’t know why but everything about this is cute from the fanart down to her voice

This so beautiful, I’ve listened to this for 1000 times now🥺

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ダダダダ天使 covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚

ダダダダ天使 covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚  (c) Uto Ch. 天使うと

(c) Uto Ch. 天使うと Tenshi dadadada!!! Original : ナナヲアカリ 様 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANp0qch3XVM Vocal : uto inst: 水瀬れいん 様 https://www.youtube.com/watch?

DA DA DA DA DA DA DA \\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////


Therapist: “Smug Tenshi can’t hurt you, she’s not real.”Smug Tenshi in the thumbnail:

Huge respect for the person that added subtitles


ENG SUB CAPTION IS FINALLY HEREE 😍💖Really meaningful lyrics for her & us 🤧💖

Possibly the cutest Dadadada Tenshi cover sung by one of the cutest tenshis

Me : (look at the tittle)Brain : “Da da da da, Dio da!”Video : (full of cuteness)I’m die, thank you❤️

I’ve been playing this on repeat for at least 100 times now, and I never het tired of hearing it~


0:03 Just leave my doya button alone…

I like that the auto-generated subtitles are just “foreign [music]”.

After doing a lot of research, the translation of the whole song is *[Music]*

i dont really know her but that “doya!” …instant subbed 😇

Things I learned today: Uto’s ahoge is actually her halo.

Amazing cover by our Tenshi!

This is a truly blessed cover! Uto’s heavenly voice is nothing short of divine and really matches the same upbeat atmosphere of the original alongside the movie itself! The song’s theme is one fitting for the angel who blissfully graces our hearts! 💙


I’ve seen a few covers of this, but this was the one that made me really fall in love with the song.

this song is officially tenshimp anthem

グッバイ宣言 covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚

グッバイ宣言 covered by amatsukauto ໒꒱· ゚  (c) Uto Ch. 天使うと

(c) Uto Ch. 天使うと Sayonara!!!!!! Half a million and a half year anniversary!Arigato~!!!!!! original : Chinozo 様 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHXC_ahjtEE Vocal : uto …

Tenshi never fails to deliver the cutest covers.

And for just two minutes and fifty five seconds, everything was right in the world

Tenshi: “One two!”Me: **Dies from cuteness*

Tenshi: “One, Two”Tensimpers: “Die instantly”

This is the type of music where buff dudes on a gym listen to.

Out of all the covers this song has, yours is my favorite. Your soothing voice really helps reduce the stress in people. I hope to see you grow more. がんばってください。 😀

I love how soft tenshi’s voice is in this cover. I can’t handle how she is!!!

Its so cuteeee, Uto’s “one two” is really sounds like aqua’s too

That thumbnail can give you diabetes and then Uto’s voice will heal you.

Already dead when she said “One two”

Nice, the Gods has given us 175 seconds of pure happiness by sending their best ever Angel to perform one of the best covers humanity has ever heard.*N I C E . . .*

I can’t stop listening to this! U my singing idol owo

I discovered this song like a month and a half ago, this is a really good cover

Adding this to my “When my homies are around” playlist

Truely Tenshi voice, can’t get enough of Uto’s cover


i understand that she has to lower the key of the music but hitting the high note at the end chorus (2:31), it never fails to impress me, good job tenshiedit: 2:50 as well

Uto’s voice is so soothing

Uto’s songs are always the best and her singing is also very cute

This cover is really beautiful! Even Uto’s cute voice cures and warm everyone’s heart, especially her appearance which is so damn diabetically cute.

インドア系ならトラックメイカー covered by Uto & Nabi

インドア系ならトラックメイカー covered by Uto & Nabi  (c) Uto Ch. 天使うと

(c) Uto Ch. 天使うと I sang with my mom! Vocal Aoi nabi https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzKkwB84Y0ql0EvyOWRSkEw @nab0i Amatsuka uto …

Very blessed collab, mother and daughter combo

Their voices are so similar that I couldn’t even hear who was singing which part

cuteness aside, this song is actually one hell of a bop

This song has always been so catchy, love the cover

If this is not the cutest song, I’ve heard. Idk what is

Their voices mesh perfectly together. Absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t know what it is about a20’s illustration’s but they’re so satisfying to look at.It’s like my eyes get healed the longer I look. Radiates pure seiso energy.And the synergy between Nabi-mama and Uto’s voices bumps the relaxation by a huge margin.

I’m glad that she stayed strong, her wholesome energy and her happiness must not ever trample again by those antis

this reminds me of Aqua covering trackmakerTHEY’RE ALL SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEE

So this is what Drugmaker sounds like with angels singing it.

Its happening everybody stay calm

TenQ 💖 Heaven finally bless us with both sweet angels beautiful cute singing 💖 Will loop this song & the other beautiful cover songs in playlist until Million ❤🔥 & Almost 500K subs 🔥

their voices are actually both so calm and soothing to hear, it’s so nice to hear them both singing together as they both harmonize very easily! Hope to see more collabs .w.

I particularly remember this song when Aqua covered it and everyone was going crazy with the Discord, LINE and other soundeffects used in the song.



their voices are so soft and sweet, hope they sing more together in the future

everything is 10/10 from voice to illustration XD

I never knew two people could harmonize, synchronize, and mesh their voices so perfectly.

can we take a moment to appreciate that Tenshi has nearly hit the big 500k, finally getting the attention best angel deserves



(c) Uto Ch. 天使うと asmrの使い道がわからない I don’t know how to use ASMR.

Literally everyone after watching this:*I’m die, thank you forever*

Left ear: Omae wa mouRight ear: ShindeiruMy nose: Nani?!My heart: **BOOM*

Me in the public but my earpods are broke so i turn down my volume:“Why…. is there no sound?”


Me in heaven: Am I alive?Her:Me: Oh I’m already dead…

To all people new to this channel…Some drama happened and the angel is taking her time off and will probably wait for the drama to die off,until then she won’t be streaming or uploading for a while if things go right she may come back in a few months-desk kunEdit:The overlord has returned

Doctor: There’s good news and bad newsPatient: whats the good news?Doctor: you have 1 day left to livePatient: what about the bad news?Doctor: i forgot to tell you yesterdayDeath: 0:02

I love how happy she looks after saying it.

I miss her please comeback we all miss you badly, ;-;

When you’ve arrived at heaven:

This is by far the cutest version of an Omae wa Mou Shindeiru I have ever heard

I wouldn’t mind being dead after hearing this.This was the cutest threat ever.

i didnt know it could be said in such a welcoming way, i can finally sleep rn lol

The best thing to be heard for the first time in heaven

This is the thing we didn’t know we Needed

No matter how long it takes, here’s to keep on the wait for uto’s return

POV: you actually died and this angel was there to tell you about it

Damn, I can’t believe that she said the most deadliest thing ever, in the most softest, kindest, and calming voice ever.

The Cutest “Omae ha mou Shindeiru” i’ve ever heard in my entire life

My Depression: NANI?!!!!!_*Get’s obliterated into pieces_