meow meow(おすすめch紹介)

meow meow(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Mom cat talking to her kittens

Mom cat talking to her kittens  (c) meow meow

(c) meow meow Bu videoyu YouTube Video Düzenleyici ile oluşturdum ( Mother Cat talking to her Funny Meowing Kittens , mama cat calling for …

The kittens eyes are like *im staring into your soul*

Cats are so powerful they can just be like “meow” and get millions of views. I’m not criticising of course, this is the way it should be.

Can we appreciate how beautiful the mama’s hair colour is?

This is the most gentle and softest conversation I ve heard 😇❤️

No apologies- cats & dogs are a gift from the Universe.

“Mom cat talking to her kittens”16 million people :*intresting*

Entre m�s conozco a la gente, m�s amo a mis animalitos.Que hermosos …

that’s gotta be the sweetest “meow” ever from the mommy cat…

“Baby kittens are so cute” – Elmer Fudd

Mother cat: “breeanggww”kittens: “weeeehw”

Que hermosa familia. Los Michis 😼reducen el estrés te sacan una sonrisa y ternura. De lo mejor como compañía ♥️♥️👍

Cute cats aside, let’s take a second to appreciate the fact that there’s an actual brand of something that comes in cardboard boxes with turquoise logos on them, and it’s called “Turquality”.

Sometimes, I’m amazed at videos like this that bind the YT community together. 17.7 million views as of 7.19.21. 🐈 👍

У котенка глазки прелесть, мордочка и сам взгляд чудо! Всех бы забрала к себе таких пушистиков! А голосочек у них какой!😽😽😽

I would just stay there and watch them the whole day.

The mother shows a lot of love, that is the voice when she shows love!

Cats don’t meow to each other. She’s saying hey bring me my babies!

mi parte favorita fue cuando le dijo “mew”

For those who don’t speak cat language, I’ll translate…”CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM OR YOU’RE GOING TO BED WITHOUT DINNER !!!”

I like to listen to mother cats communicate with their kittens. It’s really neat to watch and listen to.

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Orange and white cat says, thank you for food and love

Orange and white cat says, thank you for food and love  (c) meow meow

(c) meow meow Orange and white cat says, thank you for food and affection.

Awww, poor homeless kitties. Thank you for feeing them and giving them some love!

This is why I want to go to Turkey, to be met with tons and tons of cats

That cat is so fluffy I wish I would be in Turkey

4:47 the cat say : thank you sir, i’ll see you soon, if not here we Will meet again in Haven, i’ll make sure that God give you a nice place

1:39 Cat goes away to pee instead of peeing aroud them.*HOW RESPECTFULLLL*

These cats are so sweet and loving this is melting my heart ❤️

A week ago my kitten died and she is buried in front of my home I always sees her picture and cry That made me love cats even more and now I’m living with a lot of cats

I’m more of a dog person, but this warmed my heart

God Bless The People who love and protect Cats.

BLESSINGS to ALL these good hearted people who are helping these lovely animals.

cant believe turkish people get to have free therapy by just walking outside, lucky people

When I touch my cat head to tail she bites or scratch or literally slap my hand when these cats are just enjoying how lovely ❤️

The way u just love every cat is so amazing I hope u keep making amazing videos like these and keep taking good care of cats

cats really are something else 🥺❤️

The person who owns this channel is an absolute legend.

Cats are so beautiful to look at. I don’t know why some people dislike them.

3:28 when the cat starts acting like the pallet is a scratching post for a second 😍😍😍

All of the cats are like:You came?! Now pet me !

All of those cats were stray domestics, they warmed up to you so quickly and mewed for pets.It’s sad but adorable

Feels nice watching cats after saving my cat being stuck at the roof for half an hour😺

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Grey cat meowing unbelievably cute

Grey cat meowing unbelievably cute  (c) meow meow

(c) meow meow Lovely grey and white cat meowing unbelievably cute.

People who say cats aren’t friendly have never been chosen by a cat

Hiç bir ülkenim sokaklarında bizim kadar hayvan olmadığından yabancılara garip geliyor.Bu tarz tüm kedi köpek videolarının %90ı Türkiyede hep.

Take him home, he has chosen you

Awwww she is a sweet kitty !! My cats never let me touch them =..=

Bu kediyi alıcaksın sarılarak uyuyacaksın ya tipe bak yerim:D🦋🦋

me: i need a stress relievercat: mrow meorowme: thank you milord.

Hungry cats need food

My cats:”Don’t fucking touch me!!!”street cats:

The dislikes are the people who don’t know what cuteness is

This..melted my heart

I heard that in Turkey, there’s alot of humans. How kind of the cats to let them live there!

This is Istanbul because it says “kanalizasyon” at the floor “kanalizasyon” means sewer in turkish

Showing alot of affection 😌 adorable. Ours does this when he’s missed us all day….

they protecc..they attacc..but *most importantly* ..THEY MRAP

It’s impossible not to love them! They are angels sent by God to give us love and protection!

Me- “I’m sorry I will be late into work today”Work- “why?”Me- “there’s a fricking adorable little cat which has taken me hostage until I pet it for 3 hours”

My heart is melting slowly. So adorable. I can pet her all day to keep her happy🥰

Cat: MeowsMe: Dies {From cuteness overload}

very cute and very talkative cat, nice coat color also

This is exactly how I adopted all of my cute kitties!

Cats Meowing Loudly | Make your Cat or Dog Go Crazy

Cats Meowing Loudly | Make your Cat or Dog Go Crazy  (c) meow meow

(c) meow meow Bu videoyu YouTube Video Düzenleyici ile oluşturdum ( Cat sounds, cat noises to attract cats or other pets. Play this sound for …

imagine a parallel universe where cats randomly play recordings of human voices and scare the hell out of us

I played this and my cats staring at me with the most horrific look on his face. I think I’m going to die

I think my cat’s going to kill me now, she won’t stop starring at me…WITHOUT BLINKING

As soon as I started watching this (I was in my room) my cats came to the doorway and just stood there and stared at me, then came into the room and started looking around, it was so cute


It breaks my heart to see the homeless kitties fighting. Survival on the streets is very hard. Looking for food, fighting other kitties, the risk of disease, etc.

My pregnant cat is growling and won’t break eye contact. Am currently petting asking for forgiveness 🤣

This video is perfect if you have 1 cat and are thinking about getting another. Your decision will be made depending on your cat’s reaction.😂

Me : playing this video to tease my cat …My cat : SO YOU HAVE CHOOSE DEATH .

i’m playing this with my cat sitting on my bed. He could not care less…

0:21-0:54 The cats running in circles trying to find where the other “cat” is at. 😂😂😂 I think that’s a distress call

Oliver, my cat, started freaking out when he heard the kittens 😂 I felt so bad bc he started looking in all his favorite spots looking for the babies. He was like “mom I know you’ve hidden them where are they???”

My dog is so confused rn. He keeps looking from me in one room to my oldest son in the room across the hall & trying 2 figure out exactly wtf is going on & if we’re just fkn with him. Ok. As I finished this, Frito(the doggo) literally just rolled his eyes at me & walked away

Aww it’s so cute when the cats cry :3

My cat just looked at me and was like “I’m not stupid” and walked away

Damn, this is the first thing I’ve ever seen make Buttercream hiss or growl. And she was a stray we captured in a laundry basket!

My cat literally followed me😂 thinking I have her kittys

My cat literally starts looking around as if someone told him to save some kittens! 😂 I feel bad

Somewhere, in an alternate universe: Human talking to make your human go crazy!

My cat was staring at me thinking “when did you become a cat?”

Two male cats reject same female cat in heat ( Opposite World )

Two male cats reject same female cat in heat  ( Opposite World )  (c) meow meow

(c) meow meow Two male cat rejecting same female cat in heat but female cat doesn’t give up, she try to catch them.

Female cat: “I need you to give me that D”Male cats: “you need Jesus”

The first cat had a constant look of “just stop, you’re embarrassing yourself”

I love when she touches him he immediately cleans himself off from the desperation 😂

Shane Dawson comes out of the shadows“I got you girl”

This that sigma male grindset everyone is talking about

“Look, it’s not gonna happen, okay?! You have the same color patterns as my sister! It’s weird!”

They’re like “Awh hell it’s Brenda again…”

Male cats: me trying to watch a movie for freeFemale cat: H0RNY SINGLES IN YOUR AREA ads

Female: *Flirts* Males: Hey we don’t do that hereFemale: Not understandable get slapped

Omg the males didn’t even try to attack her for so long, they just tried to run away. I feel bad for them

“OH you don’t like me?”*slaps*

The male cats were clearly in their post-nut clarity period

“Notice me! Notice me!””You’re like 12 in cat years!”

That first cat a classy gentleman, he even cleaned himself after that hit

When your ex shows up at your door, drunk as fuck, begging to be taken back, but you been Workin on yourself

The most anti-simp act the world has ever witnessed

She was like “C’mon guys f**k me”And they were like “Sorry, but we don’t have the balls, literally, our Karens made us that”

Everyone’s talking about the rejections and I’m here enjoying that cat loaf at 1:59 😂

This anime looks so real. I wonder who drew the characters.

“From the streets she came, and to the streets she shall return.”

Mom cat cleaning her kitten by force

Mom cat cleaning her kitten by force  (c) meow meow

(c) meow meow Mom cat cleaning her kitten by force.

The other kitten is just playing with his mom’s tail.

Kitten: bites mother cat Mother cat: So you have chosen *bath*

I love how the second kitten is just playing with his moms tail while watching his brother/sister suffer.

*kitten:* I’m not a baby anymore!!!, _mom you’re embarrassing me in front of the camera !!!!_

Meanwhile the other sibling is casually munching on mom’s tail

When he bit her you can just tell she stops and just prays for patience

Better parenting skills than many people could ever possess!

“I am a big grown up cat now!””Whatever you say, son.””You are denying my autonomy, Mom!””Whatever you say, son..”

Mom Cat : “Bath”Lil Cat : “No”Mom Cat : “Why you lit-!”

“Don’t embarrass me in front of my servant.” – mom

“Its bathtime!”“noooo mom! i dont wanna!”“well it wasnt a question! BATHTIME!”

Kitten: Hey Mom, let’s play. No, I don’t want a bath. I want to play.

When he rolled down and the mother was like: “Get back here!”

I had a similar thing happen to me…When I was a kid, I refused to take a bath. My mom threw me into the bathtub, fully clothed LOL!

This is actually just so sweet, bles that mama cat – she’s a good mum!

I like how she used her tail to keep the other kitty occupied while she was cleaning the other kitty.

Котейка просто хотел играть)) А маме не до игр – надо следить за порядком, умыть деток))

What a gorgeous cat she is.

All mothers and toddlers can relate to this.

This is roughly equivalent to the series of “get in the bath, Calvin” strips from Calvin and Hobbes.