Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ(おすすめch紹介)

Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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How to make “Emerald marine Chocolate mint tart”

How to make "Emerald marine Chocolate mint tart"  (c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ

(c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ Jelly & chocolate tart series | Forget-me-not Chocolate & Jelly Tart Honeycomb Honey & Lemon Jelly …

みなさんカカオ!∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪チョコミントっぽくないけど、誰が何と言おうとチョコミントだぞコレワー!(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾清涼感が無いので作る人はペパーミントエッセンスをガナッシュかゼリーに加えると良いかもよ( ^ω^ )

The fact there is no music makes this all better, so thanks for that.

You know food has reached Art status when you look at it and ask yourself “Is this edible?”

So simple yet one of the most beautiful tarts I’ve ever seen. It looks like an ocean and with that chocolate on the bottom looking like mountain ranges on the ocean floor. Amazing!

Not in million years I could have imagined someone making an art piece like this 🤩

Brave man, making a cake with a slime that close. He could attack any second.

It’s not a tart, it’s art

Okay eu queria fazer isso, isso me deu água na boca 😍

I didn’t know I needed this in my life. So pretty and looks delicious too!

I would give this tart a nickname like “call of the midnight” because of the resemblance of the midnight sky the gelatin has.You’re a living artist that chose to be a chef/baker, i appreciate your work man!Because of this, i have dreamed about being a chef or a baker. I also subscribed to your channel 🙂

Как же я обожаю такие видео, где нет музыки и слов а только желест муки и звуки кухни…Ещё и пирог прекрасный ;-;Идеально

I’m never going to make this, but oh boy was this satisfying to watch

The “final-coca-touch” ritual is awesome! 🔥 Awesome work of art.

This feels like watching an art film and I love it.

This is absolutely show-stopping. It’s so beautiful that I almost don’t want to eat it. (But I would eat the entire tart if I could, wwwww)

This is why i wanna become a chef or something close the amount of beautiful things you can make with your bare hands and some ingredients is insane

I wouldn’t even eat this, It looks too good

The presentation is amazing. What a beautiful piece of food. Chocolate lovers heaven I imagine.

This looks amazing, well done! Have you ever tried using spirulina powder in desserts? It gives a beautiful blue-green colour and is tasty too, I love it in yogurt and icecream and it’s also highly nutritious. Lidl sell it now at a very reasonable price and it’s organic.

Imagine the “Gem Stone desserts” this concept can inspire

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How to make Supreme Chocolate Tart

How to make Supreme Chocolate Tart  (c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ

(c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ We have launched a new channel! Cat Chocolat 猫のショコラ …

美味しんぼを参考に「至高 vs 究極」で対決するかも♪( ´θ`)ノ

This man is so incredibly chill while cooking. Me when cooking is a whirlwind of mess, confusion, stress and enough swearing to make a sailor blush


El cierre del video es simplemente sensacional. Al principio pens� que solo estaba en su lengua y en ingl�s por lo que agradezco los subt�tulos en espa�ol. Luego parec�a muy serio, pero desde el cacao espolvoreado y la despedida, me conquist�, ojal� lo veamos con mucha frecuencia.

I made this for a picnic I made for my girlfriend the day I confessed my feelings for her, she was so impressed by it and loved the tart. 🙂 Thanks Cacao sensei! I have been following you for more than a year and look at where you at right now!! so many views 😀

Excelente receta el paso a paso muy bien explicado y el que venga subtitulado en espa�ol me motiva a suscribirme gracias por su consideraci�n para quienes no hablamos ingl�s, saludos desde la Ciudad de Mexico.


Your videos are a pure delight to watch and to listen – everything is done so tidily and the sounds are so crisp and clear against a silent background noise, that the videos are really worth to watch after an exhausting day. Keep on with your perfect work!

This video is so soothing and so is the ‘p�tissier’. Can watch him bake for hours. Also, that is quite an awesome sprinkling technique he has there for the cacao, it is funny and I just loved it.

This recipe is truly amazing. I’ve done it over 5 times and I love it!

I baked the tart twice and it came out wonderful and delightful, but I didn‘t use rum instead i used a little bit of vanilla extract and a little bit of sugar for the sweetness, at the end i decorated my tart with berry varieties and luster dust in gold. My family and friends were really amazed ✨✨✨It‘s the best tart recipe I know so far, I followed the instructions exactly how he showed. I will also try his lemon cake recipe. 🍋

“It’s so delicious I want to make it again.” BRO, BRO YOU GOT A WHOLE TART RIGHT THERE

Hola soy de Venezuela, hice tu receta para celebrar el D�a del Padre hoy y me encant�, solo modifique la costra porque la hice con galletas molidas, era m�s f�cil para m� jeje! el relleno quedo divino! Prometo hacerla completa en otra oportunidad! Adoro tus publicaciones, eres genial!

ME ENCANTA, es un asmr excelente y aveces lo ocupo para dormir (◡ ω ◡)

I actually went and made this myself using this recipe. Can confirm, it tastes amazing! Anyone watching this should definitely give it a try!

I made this tart for a friend’s birthday, this is the most delicious thing i ever made, thank you so much!

The way he sprinkled cacao at the end… I think I’m in love.

Vaya parece que la perfección sí existe. Gracias por tan brillante receta y tan buen vídeo 😍

Deseo ver mas recetas con subtítulos en español… me cautivó con esos detalles en sus recetas 😍, saludos desde México 🇲🇽🙋🏻‍♀️😘


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コーヒーキャラメル生チョコの作り方/手作りバレンタインチョコ  (c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ

(c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ 新しいチャンネルができました! Cat Chocolat 猫のショコラ カカオ !

Cacao ! ∴∵ゞ(´ω`*)♪ Gracias a los que vinieron de la página de video de Poco de TODO.Hay otros videos de mis deliciosas golosinas de chocolate, así que por favor tomen su tiempo para verlos.

The chef seems pretty fit for a guy who makes chocolate every single video

When he says “nice cacao!” and does that arm movement, it’s so pure

I tend to watch baking videos when I’m upset or stressed or even overwhelmed, and he’s usually the channel I turn to in these times of need. And honestly they’re amazing! So relaxing but when he breathed cacao, it immediately brought my mood up!I don’t usually leave this kind of comment but like, I felt the need to here, even though he’ll never see it lol

Que asmr bom…❤️


No se si sabes lo que digo pero amo todo tus recetas y el como las presentas con un amor, paciencia y calma, en verdad me encanta. Me alegras el d�a <3

This seems pretty easy and I have the ingredients so I’m thinking of making a crepe base and chocolate on the top to make it a dessert uwu

Rarely do ASMR videos trigger me but that sound of chocolate crunching under the sharp knife….. it caresses each and every single brain cell. Thank you, Cacao-san! ❤

Amo como cocinas,sin electrónicos, solo a mano y me relaja mucho, sigue asi❤❤


🤤🍫 chocolate+café= tudo de bom 😊

I made that recipe few days ago, and my parents loved it. I failed the caramel the first time, however… when I added cream, all the sugar became instantly like a big rock floating in warm cream… second time, somehow I manage to make the caramel, but it was more difficult than expected! But the hardest part is cutting nice squares with clean edges. But these chocolates were for my family, so we don’t care too much about the look, more about the taste – and they were gorgeous in the mouth!

Love the way you make the videos!! I’m definetly trying this one tonight , i was looking for a bitter chocolat recipe and i found it ! Thank youu


Hablo español pero no vine por UPDT ;_; Esto está en mis recomendaciones, me gusta ver estas cosas Cuando cortas el chocolate es tan ASMR, me encanta 😔💕 Y fue muy cute cuando tosiste todo el cacao xd

Omg..! You are such a perfectionist..! And you make some amazing chocolate recipe videos…! I love your videos..!! Hoping more and more chocolatier recipes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

All of your delicious chocolate recipes are the Best! It’s such a Joy to sit and watch how patient and how careful you are with all that you do! Love your little friends on your table, love your “Cocoa Attack,” with your arms out like weapons!Wish you weren’t around on the other side of the World! But give thanks for your Marvelous videos!!!All this, and bilingual also, what an accomplished man!!Much Good Luck to You!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀Your friend in Kansas City, Tom 🇺🇸♥️⭐🌹🎉

Omo! So that’s how you elegantly open a chocolate bar !!! You learn something new everyday ^_^

Cacao: *coughs bc of too much cocoa powder*Me: *flashbacks to the cinnamon challenge*

How to make Chocolate ice cream recipe

How to make Chocolate ice cream recipe  (c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ

(c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ [SNS] Twitter : instagram : niconico …

オヌヌメ音チョコ刻む 1:38バニラビーンズ 2:05卵と砂糖混ぜる 2:48牛乳沸かす 3:08コーティング割る 5:09 5:20 5:40アイス取る 5:48

Just an English comment conveying that I enjoyed both the recipe and asmr.


I just love these Asian cooking channels, they have this calming and wholesome type of aesthetic to their content. I mean, look at the captions and asmr in their videos..

Acho incr�vel o seu talento! Tenho 16 anos quando eu for maior quero ter o mesmo talento q o seu

I love the sound you make when you chop the chocolate

Tried this recipe yesterday! The thing is, my eggs started cooking and separating into little bits when I cooked it with milk mixture even though the mix wasn’t thick enough yet. What to do to prevent it?Also, I found the chocolate flavor very intense. I think I should use milk chocolate next time instead of dark chocolate, or reduce the amount of chocolate overall.It turned out okay in the end though, thank you for this recipe!

Don’t know why I’ve never bothered to comment on a single one of your awesome videos, but I’d like to say thanks for always showing up with the greatest gourmet recipes I’ve ever seen on YouTube. I’ve tried my hand at more than a dozen and I must say that you Sir… are a legend. Have a nice day.

Can I just say, those chocolate pellets are so pretty!

I’m not into ASMR but wow, you have a great handling with sweets, I’m looking forward to test your recipes, thanks a lot!


This channel is my new go to for binge watching. This person makes some real works of art! The desserts are so beautiful looking. And they seem easy to make🍻

5:40 I liked the crunch when he ate it 😍😍😍 thanks for the recipe

En este video agradeces los 25000 subs, y hoy día son aproximadamente 1’600.000… bravoooo! !!💪👏👏❤ felicitaciones!! Gracias a ti empecé a amar más el chocolate 😍

I love how he cooks like its the last meal he’s ever gonna eat

I feel like we don’t appreciate the amazing cinematography of these videos as much as we need to.

Love these videos. This guy is great! The food looks amazing and I really like the quiet zen-like video production. Simply shot and beautiful too 🙂 I am inspired.

The moment i saw the first clip i was droowling and wanted to make this also i love how we can relax by the asmr and learn from the video …

Please add English subtitles as much as possible . Btw Recipe is awesome 👌🏻

Woah the sound of the frozen chocolate was so satisfying it makes me wanna eat chocolate-covered ice-cream 🙂

はちみつレモンタルト Honey & Lemon Jelly Tart cake

はちみつレモンタルト Honey & Lemon Jelly Tart cake  (c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ

(c) Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ Jelly & chocolate tart series | 水中花菓〜忘れな草チョコのタルト Forget-me-not Chocolate & Jelly Tart …

I made this recipe, it is delicious. Took me two days but it was worth it! For the honey lemon drink (It does not ship to my country) I mixed lemon lemonade (23 gr) with honey (7 gr) and it tasted exactly like I thought it was supposed to. Good luck to anyone else trying this! If you take your time, the result will be amazing 🙂

I was doing this back in the early 90’s when I was a pastry chef in NY. I called my version “Glass Tart”.

Imagine having him as a neighbour and always smelling these fantastic little pies 😅😅😅

I just love the way honey colored things look! It’s like a cheat code to making me want to try deserts lol. I even bought soap because of it 😂

The most impressive part of this whole thing was how clean that tear was on the plastic wrap, never seen a pull that perfect

This is the only channel in which all the communities can come together in peace to see the cacao man

Every single thing this man makes is an absolute work of art

The fact that this is all from scratch just amazes me, it’s so too calming. Love you man this made my day.

This was absolutely genius I cannot get past this it’s blown my mind

Your creations are always so aesthetically pleasing and sound delicious. I never get tired of watching your videos!

That looks so good! Can’t wait to try making it!

“Que el cacao te acompa�e” nunca nadie se habia preocupado tanto por mi XD Excelente tarta, tengo muchas ganas de intentar hacerla! Gracias!

Wooooow que delicia, mañana empezaré a comprar todos los materiales para hacerlo. Por cierto me encanto tu forma de espolvorear el cacao, sigue así 👍, ya tienes un nuevo sub 😄

This man is a full- time chef and part-time Ginyu Force member.

Gosh this looks so delicious, my taste buds are watering 🤤

I can practically smell it It looks amazingEdit: ok so actually my sister was baking lemon tarts in the other room

the way he used bubble wrap to make it look like honeycomb is so awesome! What a great idea!

suntory hachimitsu lemon is my favorite drink from japan, thats the main reason i started watching this video. to see you using it in the recipe makes me soooo happy

Adding this into my recipe playlist even though I fully know that I’ll never be able to make this.

You’re a cooking master. It looks so good!