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I literally recognise every single person in this video. I think I’m a bit too well integrated into the Asian side of YouTube…

How did he get psy to be in his video?

He wasn’t lying when he said he looks exactly like Psy

This getting recommended in 2019 is something I didnt know I needed to see

“oppan byuntae style, korean pervert style, one shot two shot soju make me wild”is this the best lyric or what

It’s even more funnier when you understand the korean words in between 😂

It’s 2020 and I didn’t know this existed for 7 years, where have I been????

I am impressed on how thought out the progression of the story and creativity. Its not lazy like the other parodies. The only thing i dont agree with is the beat selection.�

David with his awesome videography skills should film like a Asian YouTube rewind style video 😀

Oh shit, so many of my favorite people. David (obviously), Can, Arden, Cathy, JkFilms crew, Dumbfoundead, etc. SO MANYYY. But seriously how did you guys get Dumbfoundead like damn.

Is it weird that after watching kdramas and kpop videos I can understand most of the Korean lyrics? 😀

All of you should do another collab of a parody or just a sketch, this is still funny and worth watching and it was made almost two years ago.

I’m so proud I can understand most of the korean parts because of Kpop, variety shows and k-dramas XD

never realized how genius and just how much production must have went into this until now

Watching these throwbacks during stay at home. Thanks for making these when YouTube used to make it worth for this content to be made.

This remix is better than the original!

I wonder if Psy saw this and what he thought of it. 👍😆😂

This dude was twerking before it was cool!

This will always be my fav song parody! The pepper scene was life, dumbfounded committed to it lol. The behind the scenes are funnier.

in addition to the humor, david’s singing is actually amazing.

The Last Resort

The Last Resort  (c) DavidSo

(c) DavidSo The homies Wongfu did a dope ass skit which really hits a playahs heartstrings. BUT, I started to wonder, if the roles were reversed and I was on the other end, …

I feel like this is the realistic version of Wongfu’s “the last” lol

I swear going back to old YouTube and seeing ogs like Jaypark and dumbfounded kicking it with wongfu and the jk crew is something oddly nostalgic

Closer to reality then WongFu’s The Last.

I like how David (4:37) lives in the same apartment as the teacher (1:52) lol.

Holy Crap was that really Jay Park and Dumbfoundead?

She was the perfect actress for this part!

I like to think this is the realistic version of how the question “How many were there before me?” would go.

this shit still funny after so many years lol

Coming back to this in 2020 and it still cracks me the hell up XD I remember when this first came out and all my friends thought I had bad taste in entertainment so I dropped them as friends. Best decision ever. That was actually a really good year for me XD

I saw this right after the original from wongfu i can�t stop laughing 😀

I been struggling to write this paper for a interpersonal class, and watching this clip sent laughs and ideas flying. The class is we have to watch a clip she provides, or one of our own choices, and explain the chapter using three points. I choose initiating, experimenting, and termination. This was so hilarious and amazing that I was able to laugh and write a decent paper. Thanks for the laughs David, and hopefully good score lol.


Her voice + the music was so soothing.

Lmaooooo. The title literally killed it the most for me.

My God, words CANNOT explain how much I love David So! He’s so funny! God bless his soul. Watching his videos makes me laugh everyday. Thank you so much, David! You’re super duper legit!

Jay Parks emotions sometimes make me laugh. xD

#RealLifeDoe Hahaha

I love this!! I love rewatching David so sketches!!

Did anyone fangirled when jaypark came out ? LOL�

Man i miss when david did this stuff brings back memories.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost  (c) DavidSo

(c) DavidSo Watch till the end… To know a little bit more about the crew and skit check out: http://davidsocomedyblog.tumblr.com/ Written/Co-directed/Produced: David So …

Why do ghosts always wear white? For once I’d like to see a brother in a purple suit with some Jay’s on.

Lol all I could think was “Stop flirting with Geo! She’s married!”

The scariest thing is how David can keep his eyes open while washing his face

If you don’t watch the entire video, you probably can’t sleep tonight! LOL

i am literally hiding in the comments right now.

In my mind I was like ” run as fast as you can!” But I was also like “how are you going to shoot a ghost?”

i felt awkward because its david and geo… o.o

I couldn’t take it seriously when I saw Geo and David flirting lol

I’m going full screen mode with headphones in the dark, wish me luck boys

As soon as that first jump scare happened I ALMOST SHIT MYSELF. I ran upstairs and tripped on the way, the cord of my headphones brushed against my leg and I THOUGHT IT WAS SOMEONES HAND. I screamed so loud I think the house at the end of the street heard me. The scariest part was when I got to my room I saw someone in my room and it was…. MY FUCKING REFLECTION!!!😂😂😂 I’m never watching a Davidsocomedy video in the dark anymore😊😊

I was laughing throughout it, especially when the ghost was crawling… then I realised people were finding it scary & I started questioning if I should be laughing or not 😹

Literally the funniest plot twist

Wow, Geo and David being nice to each other? That’s a first…

Me: This isn’t scary! I’m not scared, I can DO THIS! *Jumps 10 feet in the air in the first 35 seconds of the video*

just realised that geo is dead too so shouldnt she be a ghost also

I couldn’t even stay after the fist scare……. I’m such a pussy

Damnnnn geo looked insane in this. Go Bart.

‘ur teeth are dirty and I’m a ghost, my teeth are white’ 😂😂

This is by far the best horror film ever

How to kick a ghosts ass..

Kim Jong Illah #1 Husband Ft. Arden Cho

Kim Jong Illah #1 Husband Ft. Arden Cho  (c) DavidSo

(c) DavidSo Apparel: http://goforbrokeapparel.com KJI #1 ROCKER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H76VrgDJTCQ PREVIOUS VLOG: …

내꺼야… LOL love it.. good times!! Hope you guys all enjoy the video, thanks for watching!!!

lost my shit when he was like “DIS A JUS A GHOST”

This is my first time listening to Arden speaking Korean 😄 She should totally be in a K-drama <3

LOL!!! �Like a Tiger. �Tiger WOOD!!!

1. She is really pretty.2. David So, honestly, you make the best skits.

It feels like I’m watching a K-Drama hahahahah

That’s ironic that youtube is recommending me this Since the whole North Korean surgeon thing

She’s did an awesome job. I like her.

Wow. If Arden is really Korean-American, her Korean is REALLY good, much better than David’s.

1:10 probably one of the most unexpected funny moments of my life, I’m dying right now.

They should have cast you in interview then that movie would be funny as fuck! not just some lame childish cliche jokes xD

give this guy maybe a year or two. he’s gonna be dangerously funny. he’s already bitingly funny. chappelle went through the same growth.

I swear to god I can see her star in a kdrama and David star on a korean variety show.

such a peaceful ending for such murderous intent o.o

“And take off those damn sunglasses. You’re not PSY.” ROFL!

This is even more hilarious to watch if you are Korean…

I came back from David’s podcast with Mariel. I wanted to see the part where he says he first met her. 😍

watching Korean-born American speak Korean is so interesting

That’s even more hilarious when you can actually speak korean

watching this in the Uni Library while I’m waiting for my next class to start..Wife: oh my god.. honey you’re not dead”Kim Jong Illah: “it’s just a dreeeaaaammm”Wife: pulls out gun and shootsOh man I’m trying so hard to hold it in, that my laughing sounded like I was half crying half choking.lol The girl next to me looked so damn worried koz I looked like I was about to die with my face going purple.hahahahahahahaOH David So, you never fail to make me laugh.lol

PSA: Don’t be a fool…

PSA: Don't be a fool...  (c) DavidSo

(c) DavidSo Sometimes people need help to get a message across… Sorry about the eyes it was a side effect of the lasik surgery I got.. CREEPY I KNOW! Written/Directed: …

David’s got some undeveloped Sharingan goin on…

Julie: Oh David… You were fat before your pregnancy.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

They should show this in a teens health class lmao

david so should have more than 10 mil. subs

Oh shit!! Lol. David pregnancy surprised the hell out of me lol. Hilarious

You know David, you could’ve just had a C section.

“PHYSICALLY… I don’t know know where the baby’s coming out from…… DO YOU?” DYING

1:57 “are you gay” *david straight face* “bitch” im dying right now

“David… you were fat before your pregnancy” LOL

“It’s not small.. *it will do the job just fine!”*

she’s a pretty good actress

this is the scariest sh*t I’ve seen in my entire life

“it’ll do the job just fine” lol i cried so hard…

“Horny little geisha” lmao im dead😂😂😂

OMG David is like a big marshmallow

This took the turn I was not expecting.

gender reversals, hilarious as always

How is she so unbelievably beautiful?

Your going to leave your pregnant BOYFRIEND 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

” DAVID you were fat before your pregnancy”😨😨 “you know what? WATH EVERRR” 😣 😂😂😂

Dating Game: The Break Up

Dating Game: The Break Up  (c) DavidSo

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this is back when David looked like an apple store employee

“That doesn’t make sense, because didn’t you have dinner… yesterday?” LOL WHAT XD

“Didn’t you have dinner yesterday” ahahah!!!!

I literally died when he was like “if someone pooped on the floor right now she’d be like “well that’s the circle of life^_^” I don’t know why but that was sooooooo funny to me!!!! XD

Holy shit Ally would make an awesome voice actress.�

“i’ll have her assissinated” Omg. Laughed so hard. 4:04

Man i love these love series. They make laugh every time. You got make more of them.

‘what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is ours!’ I like that 😉

Mathew Santoro’s relationship with Nicole Arbour

Anything with Ally in it is hilarious.

omg when he walked into his room that whole part i was laughing so hard to the point of tears. i needed that

He just keeps getting better and better!! Love this video.

These interview type videos are GOLD, David. Gold.

“Lemme tell you somethin” xD I love it when David screams lmao

She does a perfect job playing the psycho girlfriend that is every dude’s worst nightmare…

*walk walk walk*”OH!””Where are you going?””How did you .. I didn’t give you a key!”LOL best part

LMAO this is so awesome and I can really relate to this!

Ally is hilarious ! I couldn’t stop laughing

After watching a few videos I had to sub, you’re hilarious!

please do a part 2 of this. its so good!